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All About Not-Cats IV: Relationships

How to Form Relationships

Your not-cats will naturally prompt to form relationships while you go about your daily scenarios. Once you've unlocked the Scribe occupation, you can also craft a variety of items to manually apply relationships if you have specific cats in mind.

Relationship progression goes first to Rivals or Friends, then there is a 50/50 chance of going from Friends to Partners or Best Friends.

Not-Cats are capped to 4 close relationships (partnerships and best friends), but can have any number of friends and rivals. Under "Edit Biographical Information" on your cats' profiles, you can edit your cat's preferences on how many of the close relationships will be partners. The options are "No Partners" (all 4 will be Best Friends), "Limit 1 Partner" (1 Partner and 3 Best Friends), and "No Limit Partners" (a random mix of Partners and Best Friends in any number up to 4).

Not-cats that are partners and of compatible winds have a chance of prompting to start a family of beans. (Or, you can use the Catmint Tea item that can be crafted through the Apothecary).

Close Relationships

There are three types of relationships that are most prized in not-cat culture. Cats who share such bonds are more likely to interact, and will do very well working together in adventuring.

Littermate: Siblings born in the same litter are considered littermates. As described in the life stages chapter, littermates are extremely important to not-cat culture. Cats that do not have littermates by birth may be given adoptive littermates, which are valued on an equal level.

Partner: Partnered cats share a romantic bond. They are close companions, and also may choose to raise biological children together.

Best Friend: Best Friends are treated as equal to a not-cat's partners, and the only difference is that the relationship is more platonic in nature, and best friends will not have biological children together.

Not-cats are limited in-game to four combined partners/best-friends.

Other Non-Familial Relationships

Friend: Not-cats love to have friends! These are good pals that cats prefer to hang around with. There is no limit to the number of friends any one not-cat may have.

Rival: This is a not-cat's mortal enemy (affectionate). Not-Cats will prefer to stay clear of their rival, unless they're looking for someone to throw sticks at or pester. This is not to say that rivals always necessarily hate each other (though sometimes they may), so much as that they have an inherently tumultuous and competitive relationship. There is no limit to the number of rivals as well.

Both of these have effects on adventuring over general acquaintances. Friends work together well, but not as well as close cats in the previous category. Rivals are a toss-up. They only apply bonuses to the team if things are looking pretty dire.

Other Familial Relationships

Not-cat family trees can be kind of complicated, so strap in. The reason for this complexity in terminology is the defined split between siblings and littermates.

Parent (and inverse Child): Parents of a not-cat (and their children).

Sibling: Not-cats that share one or more parents.

Grandparent (and inverse Grandchild): Parents of a not-cat's parents (or children of children). Grandparent named relationships go up to Great Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandchildren before dropping off the list.

Pibling (and inverse Nibling): A "pibling" is a not-cat's parent's sibling. A "nibling" is a not-cat's sibling's child.

Good Pibling (and inverse Good Nibling): Good piblings and niblings are the same as piblings and niblings, but they correspond to littermates rather than siblings.

Cousins: Parent's sibling's children.

Good Cousins: Parent's littermate's children.

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