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About Forum Helpers

What is a forum helper?

Forum helpers are volunteers responsible for supervising the forums. They serve as friendly and welcoming community members who primarily answer questions, keep things organized, and redirect content to the appropriate place.

Forum helpers are able to:
  1. Pin important threads
  2. Lock threads that get out of hand or otherwise break the rules
  3. Enforce thread title rules
  4. Move threads to the appropriate categories
  5. Delete or hide threads with rule-breaking content such as callouts, drama, or sensitive information
  6. Delete inappropriate responses from threads
  7. Alert moderators to anything that would require a warning or account action

Forum helpers are NOT able to:
  1. Take account actions such as warnings or penalties
  2. View moderation info about a user's account actions
  3. Enforce content outside of the forums (for example: cat biographies, profile comments, etc.)
  4. Close accounts
  5. Investigate and enforce TOS violations
  6. View gameplay information such as inventories, sales history, or logins
  7. View personal information such as IPs or emails

Requirements for the Role

Forum helpers must be at least 18 years of age and have been playing for at least 2 months (this time will increase when the site gets a little older). They should have a very good understanding of the site's mechanics and community guidelines and be somewhat familiar with the dev plan and reported bug/qol fix list.

Forum helpers need to be active and responsive on discord as all communication will take place via the private development server. They should also be active and responsive on the site's forums with an established history of answering questions, building guides, etc.

How to Apply to be a Forum Helper

If you are interested in being a forum helper, please send an email via the Contact Us form to answer the following questions:

- What times (in server time) are you typically available and around on site during the week?

- Do you have any experience with the moderation of large online communities? Alternately/additionally, any real world experience with customer support especially in an online or email-based format?

- What is your experience with other petsites/browser-based games like this? Which games have you played and have you been active in the community on those games?

- Why do you want to be a forum helper on Cat's End?

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