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Guidelines Update: Cat/Item Sales Boards

Community Guidelines Update: Cat Recruitment Board & Open Marketplace
Posted September 25 2022

This article is a supplementary expansion of the Community Guidelines segment on Cat & Item Sales, quoted below:

walletCat & Item Sales

Pixel Cat's End allows the sale of cats and items via the Cat Recruitment Board and Open Marketplace. All listings and descriptions are expected to abide by the following:
  • Listings must be related to the cat or item being sold. Linking to a sales or trade thread the cat or item is included in is okay, but linking to a thread the cat or item isn't included in is not.
  • You must be willing to sell/trade the cat or item. Listing for extremely high prices to solicit offers and linking to sales/trade threads are okay, but if your only intention is to show the cat or item off or advertise an unrelated thread, that is not allowed.
  • "Flipping" is considered a valid playstyle, however please keep in mind the Bad-Faith Trading & Scamming section above. Scamming or taking advantage of other users' lack of knowledge in order to get cheap cats or items to resell is not allowed.

You must be willing to sell or trade the cat or item being listed. Listing comments must be relevant to the cat or item. Flipping is okay, but scamming other users in order to do so is not.

Here are some quick clarifications on these rules.
You are allowed to use cat/item listings for:
  • Selling cats and items
  • Trading cats or items via any contact method - PM, forum thread, etc.
  • Taking offers on cats or items via any contact method - PM, forum thread, etc.
  • Listing cats or items for high prices and taking offers on them because you're not sure how much to sell them for
  • "Flipping" cats or items - buying low, selling high.

This means that the following, more specific cases should not be reported because they are not against the rules.
  • Cats or items listed for extremely high prices - overpricing is not against the rules, especially if the owner is accepting offers or trades
  • Cats or items with comments that link to trade/offer threads that the cat or item is included in
  • Cats or items that have been purchased by another user and listed for higher than the original price UNLESS there is evidence of scamming.
  • Cats or items with unintentionally incorrect information (for example, someone posted the genetic string for the wrong cat in the wrong listing or misunderstood site terminology). In cases such as these, you are welcome to contact the user directly to help them.

You are not allowed to use these listings for:
  • Showing off cats or items you are not intending to sell or trade
  • Advertising threads the cat or item is not included in
  • Advertising threads that have nothing to do with cat or item sales
  • Any other non-sales purposes

Sniping, Flipping & Scamming
We'd also like to discuss some concerns we've received about flipping cats, though these also apply to items. Before we get started, we'd like to define these terms so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Sniping: Quickly buying an item or cat, often because it's cheap and can be resold for more. Snipers, who are also often flippers, tend to check a sales board frequently so they don't miss a potential item or cat. This is an allowed playstyle.

  • Flipping: In a nutshell, buying low and selling high. Flippers will buy an item or cat for a low price and turn around and sell it for more in order to make a profit. This is an allowed playstyle as long as it does not utilize scamming or bad faith trading.

  • Scamming/Bad Faith Trading: To quote the Community Guidelines section on the matter, in this case we will be discussing scamming as "attempts to trick or deceive users, or otherwise knowingly taking advantage of another user's generosity or lack of knowledge. This includes, but is not limited to, low-balling, fake pity posts, or lying about an item's rarity." This is not allowed and is taken very seriously.

So, what are the concerns, and what is Pixel Cat's End's stance on them?
  • Users are flipping cats. We consider flipping to be a valid playstyle, so this is not against the rules.

  • Users are linking to trading threads with no other info in the description. This is fully within our rules provided the cat or item is included in the thread and the user is willing to part with it. This concern has made up the majority of cat board reports we've received, so please keep in mind that this is not against any rules.

  • Users are sniping cats. There are two sides here - users who do not want their cats to be sniped, and users who are concerned about artificial inflation.

    For the first side, once a user has bought a cat, they have full control over it. They are free to do whatever they wish with it. If a user truly does not want a cat to be flipped, we recommend pricing higher than you think it may be worth. It may still be flipped, but pricing closer to market value makes the listing less appetizing to flippers.

    As for the second side, we have not noticed a significant impact on cat prices due to this behavior. As of writing, the vast majority of cats currently available are in the same price ranges that were common several months ago. Additionally, Pixel Cat's End is in beta. Economic turbulence can be expected as systems change, things become more or less valuable, notes become easier to get, and the community's interests change.

With all this said, there is one last point to discuss, and that is when flipping turns into scamming.

While buying a cat or item from the Cat Recruitment Board or Open Marketplace for its listed price and selling it for more is perfectly acceptable, we have seen a lot of more shady methods of acquiring pets and items to flip on other petsites we've played. We'd like to outline those methods here not to say that they're okay, but to say that we consider the following to be scamming and will take action against users who participate in them.
  • Lowballing: Offering an extremely low price for the cat or item. While we don't expect every user to know the value of every single cat or item, this becomes a problem when a user intentionally lowballs another user in order to take advantage of a lack of knowledge. This is never okay.

  • Lying: This is often when a user lies to another user about their cat's or item's rarity or value. This can work both ways. A user may lie and say something is more common than it is in order to buy it for a lower price, or a user may lie and say something is rarer than it is in order to sell it for a higher price. Neither of these are okay.

  • Bad-Faith Haggling: This is when a user haggles for a lower price in order to sell it for the original price or higher. For example, if a cat is listed for 1,000 notes, you offer 600 notes, then turn around and immediately sell it for 1,000 notes, that's not really in good faith. This is considered taking advantage of the user who sold you the cat and is not okay. If the cat was originally listed for 600 notes and you buy it and sell it for 1,000 notes, that is fine.

We know this is a lot to take in, but please keep these in mind when interacting with the Cat Recruitment Board or Open Marketplace, whether it be buying, selling, or reporting. We hope that this clears up the confusion you may have had over what is allowed, but if you still have questions or concerns, please contact us via email!

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