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Promotions Policy

Instead of a standard ad network, the "ad" section at the bottom of the site consists of posts and links submitted by ko-fi supporters. This space can be used for a number of different things: links to your own creative projects (an etsy or print-on-demand page, your commissions portfolio site, a book or comic you made, etc.), pictures of your cats or fun art you made, or even silly "fake ads".

If you'd like to submit something for this section, please visit the ko-fi requests page and make your order there. Be sure you have read the rules before you pay.


The price point for a featured image (with optional featured link) is $4 for each image. Each additional 30 days will cost an additional $3.

Featured Post Rules


- Images must be PNG files.

- Images must be no more than 900px wide and 200px tall. There is no minimum size. An image must be included, but a link is optional.

- Links can be to the pictured thing in question or they can be a source link to your profile, social media page, website, etc. "Clickbait" links that seem to go somewhere unrelated to the image are not allowed (yes, that means no rickrolls).

- All images and linked content must follow the Community Guidelines

- All images and linked content must contain only things that you have the IP/rights to use. Meaning, dont use art or images from someone else or another game unless that art or image is public domain or free to use. Use of Pixel Cat's End IP (scenes, cats, image edits, lore, and so on) is allowed.

- Make sure that what you're advertising is not time sensitive. Sponsored posts may not be one-time deals that will stop being relevant before the 30 days is up. Essentially, it's okay to boost your in-game art thread or your commissions page, but don't submit things like in-game cat or item sales as these will stop being relevant once the thing in question has sold.

Things that are Allowed

- Advertising your own creative works, such as your art commisions (for real currency or Pixel Cat's End currency), etsy page or print-on-demand shop, a comic or video you made, a book you wrote, etc.

- Real world products that you are affiliated with are okay. If you have a small online business selling something, or so on, it's okay to link that!

- Anything random you want other people to see, like a piece of art you drew, a friendly psa, a collage of pictures of your cat, Cat's End memes, or even Brain Josh roleplay.

- In-game threads, such as your in-game art shop, roleplay thread, cat share game, or giveaway (but only if the giveaway in question does not end before the 30 days is up). In-game item and cat sales are not allowed.

If you have any questions about whether or not your idea for a promotion is allowed, please feel free to reach out via email.


While I do plan to do a brief look into everything linked here, I cannot 100% verify the validity of everything advertised. Please feel free to send an email if you see something on the site that looks to violate Community Guidelines or is a scam of some kind.

~ Featured Images and Links ~

It is safe to unblock ads on this site as we do not use an ad network. All content for this section was submitted by ko-fi supporters!
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