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Introduction to Daily Scenarios

The Basics

Every day, you can head to the Social Scenarios tab under Daily Activities to go through a number of quick little choose-your-own-adventure style events. You're allowed one interaction for every 3 not-cats in your village.

Interactions will contain a scenario prompt with three different possible responses for you to choose from: two by default, and one secret option that only appears if certain personality conditions are met. Every response has a unique result, which sometimes includes receiving items or being given the opportunity to start a friendship or relationship.

The interactions a not-cat gets, along with who that not-cat chooses to do said interactions with, are all based on their personality traits, the personality traits of the not-cats around them, and how well they know their fellow village members.

The three traits primarily used for this are the following:

Benevolence - Influences whether cats are more likely to choose affectionate, positive interactions or reckless, negative ones.

Energy - Influences whether cats are more likely to choose active, athletic activities or more calm, quiet ones.

Extroversion - Influences whether cats are more likely to choose social activities or solo activities.

Some personality archetypes also have additional modifiers that influence how they interact with other not-cats. These are as follows:

- Pleasant cats never initiate negative activities.
- Mysterious cats do not initiate social activities with cats they don't already know.
- Protective cats do not initiate negative activities with friends and family.
- Rebellious cats do not initiate positive activities with strangers.
- Commanding cats have a decreased chance at forming friendships and relationships.
- Jovial cats have an increased chance at forming friendships and relationships.
- Dramatic cats have an increased chance at forming rivalries.
- Gentle cats have a decreased chance at forming rivalries.


One of the possible results of a social scenario is that the two cats will request to form a relationship of some kind. If you do not want the cats to become friends, partners, etc., you do not have to approve the result. This allows you to maintain some control over how your cats interact with each other, while still allowing you to let relationships to happen naturally.

A list of all relationships is as follows:

Friends - Little pals your not-cat will prefer to interact with over acquaintances.

Best Friends - Your not-cat's closest friends, who they will want to interact with very much! (Not-cats must be friends before they can become best friends).

Partners - Your not-cat's closest friend, but with a chance for (if the two are compatible winds) starting a family of children (beans), or adopting a family if not. Partners will prompt to start a family on occasion during Daily Scenarios. (Not-cats must be friends before they can become partners).

Rivals - Your not-cat's enemy (affectionate). Not-Cats will prefer to stay clear of their rival, unless they're looking for someone to annoy or chase around.

More specifics on the kinds of relationships can be found in the Relationships Article

At first, the only way to get relationships is for them to naturally occur in Daily Scenarios, but after unlocking the Scribe occupation, you can craft items that allow you to manually set them to make your headcanons come to life.


Sometimes scenarios will give you items, based on the type of interaction. You can see what items are in the Item Database under the "Socials" obtainment methods.

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