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Introduction to Gathering Resources

The Basics

Each day, every cat in your village can perform an occupation to help gather resources and craft items for the village. Six occupations are unlocked by default: Gatherer, Hunter, Fisher, Bug Catcher, Builder, and Mason, but there are tons of occupations to discover and unlock as the population of your village grows.

There are two main kinds of occupations: Resource Gathering Occupations (Tier 1) and Crafting Occupations (Tier 2).

Resource Gathering (Tier 1) Occupations send cats out to gather a variety of useful materials which can be used in crafting and luncheon recipes. Each of these occupations also has a large pool of clothing, decor, and trinkets to bring home on rare occasion. Some of these occupations are free to perform, and some of them require a common resource such as seeds.

Starter Tier 1 Occupations:
- Gatherers bring back sticks, leaves, and other general materials.
- Hunters bring back meat, bones, and furs.
- Fishers bring back fish, clay, and sand.
- Bug Catchers bring back a variety of bugs.

Unlockable Tier 1 Occupations:
- Miners bring back rocks, metals, and gemstones.
- Gardeners use seeds to bring back a variety of flowers.
- Herbalists use seeds to bring back a variety of herbs and spices.
- Farmers use seeds to bring back a variety of fruits and vegetables.
- Flockherds use seeds or leaves to bring back eggs, milk, cheese, and wool.

Crafting (Tier 2) Occupations sit cats down to transform a gathered resource into a "crafting currency" item which can be used in all of that occupation's crafts in the Crafting Workshop.

Starter Tier 2 Occupations:
- Builders turn sticks into wood planks to craft buildings (some of which unlock new occupations).
- Masons turn clay into bricks to craft buildings (some of which unlock new occupations).

Unlockable Tier 2 Occupations:
- Bakers turn crickets and ants into flour to craft snack items for adventuring.
- Craftscats turn bones and tree sap into glue to craft decor and crossbow bolts.
- Clothiers turn cotton and wool into thread to craft clothing, decor, and bandages.
- Apothecaries turn chamomile and wintermint into tea leaves to craft various teas for adventuring.
- Scribes turn graphite into ink to craft decor, books, and relationship-starting items.
- Artists turn oil into paint to craft decor.
- Blacksmiths turn iron into iron bars to craft clothing and decor.

Kitten Occupations are special occupations that are only used by young not-cats of a certain age.

Young Kitten Occupations:
- Tiny Adventurers return a single item each day. This item can be any item in Nestor's pool that is not clothing or decor.

Kitten Occupations:
- Leaf Collectors use the Gatherer item pool, but return a smaller number of items than adult cats.
- Cricket Hunters use the Bug Catcher item pool, but return a smaller number of items than adult cats.

Unlockable Kitten Occupations:
- Garden Helpers use the Gardener, Herbalist, and Farmer item pools, but return a smaller number of items than adult cats.
- Crafts Helpers use the Clothier, Scribe, Artist, and Craftscat item pools, but return a smaller number of items than adult cats.

Unlockable Kitten and Adolescent Occupation:
- Students turn ink or paint into low-value homework items, but have a small chance of permanently increasing the not-cat's stats.

Performing an Occupation

Once your cat is assigned a job, you can perform the job under Gather Resources. When the average not-cat performs a job, they will roll a random number between 1 and 20. The higher the resulting number, the more items of each rarity they will get!

The starting number for the roll is modified by the cat's skill in that occupation, which is based on a combination of their stats, personality, and experience in that job. The average cat has a +0 bonus (rolling between 1 & 20), but can commonly range between -5 (rolling between -4 & 20) and +7 (rolling between 8 & 20).

Don't fret if your cat isn't very good at the jobs though! Because bonuses and other modifiers only apply to the bottom of the roll, even the worst cat in the world can roll the maximum value and acquire rare items. Don't be shy about putting cats in occupations where they aren't very good if those are the resources you need that day!

Job Skill & Leveling

A cat's skill in each job is based on the following formula:

[Stat Bonus Modifier] + [Personality Affinity] + [Leveling Bonus]

Every occupation has one attribute and one personality factor it is based on. For example, hunters use the Agility attribute and are good for cats with High Energy.

Stat Bonus Modifiers

The bonus modifier is the number in the lower right of the stat cube on the cat's profile. For example, Snowball (below) has a +2 bonus for Agility.

screencap of the stats on a cat's profile with the +2 under Agility circled
A full table of bonus modifiers is available in the Personality & Stats Article.

Personality Affinity

For jobs requiring a High Personality Stat, the cat gets an additional +2 if the stat is 8 or above and a -2 if the stat is 3 or below.

For jobs requiring a Low Personality Stat, the cat gets an additional +2 if the stat is 3 or below and a -2 if the stat is 8 or above.

Leveling Bonus

While cats can learn and perform any number of occupations throughout the year, the more they perform an occupation, the better they get at it! Occupation levels go up to level 5, which provides a +4 bonus. As you get more and more cats in your village, your cats will likely want to begin specializing in specific tasks.

Other Factors

After the baker is unlocked, you can feed your cats a Luncheon to improve their skills for that day. There are a variety of different meals you can prepare, and each meal has a slightly different impact.

The weather can also impact occupations (if they are performed outside)! During the height of winter, resources become more scarce under the harsh cold. Extreme weather such as storms, fog, and other such things can also slow down your cats from time to time.

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