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* An Introduction to Pixel Cat's End

Welcome to the World of Not-Earth

In this game, players follow a village of not-cats as they slowly work together to go from a small group of friends living in the woods to a bustling town with dozens of residents. While the journey is long and full of challenges, the village will grow and grow over the course of several months of gameplay.

Time Commitment: This is a casual-paced game that fits easily into a busy schedule. Daily activities take roughly 15 minutes a day, and that's all you need to build your not-cats the village of their dreams. While things may feel slow at first, the older your village gets, the faster it will grow.

You can estimate that it will take around 3-5 months of brief, regular check-ins for your village to become fully established.

Story Focus: This game is about the stories of the not-cats in your village. Watch them interact, make friends, fall in love, and even start families of their own. Some players choose to have a more passive approach, letting the not-cats make all of their own decisions, while others take a more active role in the village, steering their not-cats in more specific directions.

After beta ends, updates will largely be tied to a world story that every village can help to shape together.

Keyboard Controls: The site can be entirely navigated via keyboard. Most pages, including adventuring, use standard browser keyboard controls (tab, shift-tab, enter). Additionally, on any page with pagination, you can use the arrow keys to navigate between pages.


There are a number of different activities you can participate in as part of your journey on Not-Earth. Below are some of the basics:

Collect Cat-like Creatures: At least once a week (but typically more), Nestor will bring your village a new friend! Each not-cat has a unique combination of colors, patterns, personality, and stats which shapes how it fits in with the rest of the village. Eventually, there will be multiple different species of not-cats, such as mermaid kitties and more that are yet to be seen!

Learn about Not-Cat Appearances, Not-Cat Personalities & Stats, and Life Stages

Build and Decorate your Village: Under your scenes, you can place down buildings and gardens and fill them with furniture, paintings, flowers, and cozy knickknacks. Create a scene with your not-cats sitting around the campfire telling stories, a family of newborn beans curled up in blankets by the fireplace, or even an action shot of your not-cats in battle with a scary monster! Since you are free to place items wherever you choose, the creative possibilities are limitless.

Give your Not-Cats Occupations: Every not-cat can be assigned to one of 18 unlockable occupations to gather a small array of resources each day. By managing your not-cats and resources wisely, you can craft all kinds of clothing and decorations and feast on delicious fancy luncheons.

Learn about Gathering Resources

Watch as they Make Friends and Start Families: Every day, you can go through short choose-your-own-adventure style scenarios to see what your not-cats are up to. Sometimes they'll find bonus items, sometimes they'll make friends (or rivals), and sometimes they'll fall in love or even ask to start a new family of their own. Litters of kittens grow slowly over the course of several months, going through a variety of different stages along the way.

Learn about Daily Scenarios

Take them on Tabletop-Inspired Adventures: Those who are looking for more active gameplay can take their not-cats on tabletop-inspired mini-adventures for bonus loot and resources. Adventures include brief text-based skill challenges and more involved top-down battles based on the d6 combat systems common to board games and miniatures games. Adventuring features an array of classes and unlockable abilities to choose from based on each not-cat's skills and abilities, and, with the power of a friendship-based harmony system, the closer your not-cats become to each other, the stronger they'll get!

Learn about Adventuring

Write your own Story: The world of Not-Earth is filled with lore and history to discover. This game provides a wide open space for you to imagine your own stories for your village of not-cats. Some users like to write about or illustrate the situations their cats get themselves into. Others choose to simply give all of their not-cats silly names and ridiculous backstories.

By the end of beta, users will be able to design usermade clothing and decorations to add a unique touch to their villages and share their art with others.

Learn about Not-Earth's Lore, ask Worldbuilding Questions, and check out what Other Creative Users are Making

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