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Support FAQ

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions to the support email and some of their answers.

hi Account Help

I didn't get my sign-up confirmation email.

Please send in a support ticket if you do not see your confirmation email within an hour or two. Note that you will be unable to receive emails if your address is using any of the below domains. If this is true, please provide an alternate email when sending in your ticket:

- Any GMX-affiliated email (gmx.de, gmx.com, gmx.co.uk, etc.)
- mail.com

When sending in a support ticket, you should receive an automated email confirmation of your ticket. If this didn't happen, your email is likely unable to receive emails from the site. It is helpful if you send a follow-up email with an alternative email contact if you notice that this seems to be true.

I misspelled my email when signing up and now I can't get the confirmation email.

Please send in a support ticket with your corrected email and the username you used to sign up.

Important: Do not create a second account if this happens. Please instead wait for your existing one to be recovered.

I have a sibling/partner/friend who wants to play, but we share an IP. Is that allowed?

It's totally fine to share an IP with other players. Lots of people play with other users in their household and trade things and such. As long as both of you are playing separately, it won't be a problem.

Examples of when it would become a problem include:
- The other user only logs in to send you all of the items/cats they get gathering each day, such that their account essentially only exists to give you free bonus items
- They gift you a bunch of cats from their starter squad and then never log in again, such that the account was really only existing for free bonus cats

As long as the gifting is somewhat balanced and neither account exists only for the benefit of the other, you'll be totally fine.

I accidentally made two accounts. What can I do?

If one of the accounts has never been used or confirmed (for example, if you thought the sign-up form didn't go through and double-submitted), please send an email ticket in with the usernames of both accounts. The unused account will simply be locked and you are free to go on your way.

Is it possible for me to reset my account or make a new account and start over?

Unfortunately, no, this is not possible.

I want to lock or delete my account. Can that be done?

Yes, accounts can be locked or deleted by choice.

For a locked account, everything will be left as is, but you will no longer be able to log in and access the site. Locked accounts can be unlocked at a future date via email request.

For a deleted account, the account ID itself will remain, but content on it will either be cleared, removed, or anonymized depending on the specific request. It is important to note that if your account is deleted, you are not able to return or make a new one if you change your mind in the future. Accounts may not be deleted for the purpose of starting over or getting a fresh start and can be deleted only in cases where a user is permanently quitting the site. For this reason, users are highly discouraged from doing this if there is even the slightest chance they may change their mind.

To have your account deleted, please send in a support ticket and you will be asked to confirm via email that you are 100% sure you would like to delete your account. Account deletion cannot be undone and content that is removed cannot be recovered. You will need to provide an explanation for why you are looking to delete your account as this will impact what kinds of things we remove/anonymize and what kinds of things we leave. (For example, if you are making a request that falls under GDPR or CCPA.)

panic Mistakes

I accidentally assigned a kitten or bean to the wrong parent at the Meeting Grounds. Can it be changed?

Possibly. This can be done if both of the following are true:
  • The new parent you want to swap the kitten to has no other family and no partners.
  • The old parent that the kitten was previously assigned to has no more than 1 family member or partner.
If the new parent has any other relatives or the old parent has more than just one or two, it gets too complicated for me to update by hand.

Please send in a support email to get your kitten swapped if all of these things are true.

I accidentally sent a cat to the city. Can it be returned?

Possibly. This can be done if all of the following are true:
  • You are the person who sent the cat to the city.
  • The cat was sent to the city within the last week.
  • There is an unopened Packaged Gift in your inventory.
Please send in a support email to get your cat returned if all of these things are true.

I accidentally deleted a forum thread. Can that be recovered?

Assuming you deleted an entire forum post or thread and the post or thread was deleted in the last couple of days, yes. Please send in an email ticket and it can be restored.

If the content was removed in an "edit" instead of a deletion or was in a field outside of the forums (such as a profile or cat bio), there is no way for us to restore it.

boop Rules

My friends and I really like to send each other gifts. Is this going to get us in trouble?

As long as the trades are balanced in direction and each of you is playing on your own, this won't be an issue. However, if all of you are sending items to the same person repeatedly, and that person is not sending a generally equal amount of items back, that could get you flagged for funneling behavior, which is against the Terms of Service. Here are some examples:
  • You trade cats back and forth a lot for fun so they show up in each others' scenarios. (This is okay!)
  • You gift your friends cats and they generally gift cats back. (This is okay!)
  • Your friends all gift you cats and you never gift anything back to them. They also don't gift anything to each other. (This starts to look like funneling.)
  • Your friends create accounts, send you the cats in their starter squad, especially high value cats, and then never play the game again. (This is funneling and violates the TOS.)

  • You gift your friends resources when they need them and they gift you resources back when you need them. (This is okay!)
  • You send your newbie friends lots of free stuff when they join to help get them started. (This is okay!)
  • Your friends all log in and send you everything they get when gathering every day. (This is funneling and violates the TOS.)
The important part is that no accounts exist exclusively for the benefit of another account. As long as everyone is playing for themselves and resource pooling is distributed in a balanced way, you don't have to worry about it.

Can I use the catmojis on site as discord emojis?

Usually it's totally fine to post the site's official art off-site so long as it's credited back to the site with a link wherever it's posted. The Terms of Service states: "Users may repost images or screenshots of the site off-site if they are properly credited and a link back to the site is provided."

However... discord emojis specifically are a little tricky. If someone has nitro and uses the catmojis in a different server where the credit was not readily available to those who would be seeing the emojis, that would not be allowed because they'd be getting used uncredited and would be highly susceptible to art theft. (Discord emoji theft is something I have experienced on numerous occasions and is, unfortunately, nearly impossible to control).

Essentially, anyone who wants to use the catmojis on discord would need to make sure that they were sourcing them correctly anywhere they might use them. You'd need to do something like post a note in your discord bio if using them outside of a Cat's End server where everyone would know what it's from. Since this would be quite impractical and pretty much impossible to enforce on a server level, catmojis, generally speaking, shouldn't be uploaded to discord servers for use as emojis.

All that said, I'll note that I honestly highly doubt catmojis would look at all decent as discord emojis because of the way discord resizes emojis based on device and message type. Pixel art doesn't resize nicely so they'll probably end up looking really crunchy/blurry at best.

My account was closed for Terms of Service or Community Guidelines violations. Am I allowed to make a new account?

Assuming you do not violate the rules of the site in the future and maintain only one account, it is typically okay to return to the site later on. Losing your account and everything on it was the consequence for breaking the rules.

There are exceptions, though, for serious behavioral violations (such as harassment). If this is true, you will be told in your Account Closure email.

(Note: Intentionally engaging in poor behavior to get your account locked so you can start fresh will be considered one of those behavioral violations that will lead to a permanent ban from the site.)

According to the Terms of Service, physical/tangible items cannot be sold for real-world currency. However, it says that digital art commissions are allowed. What does this mean for traditional art commissions? When does something stop being a digital item and become a physical one? Is it okay to sell digital scans of traditional art? And what about mailing a print of a digital work?

This section is specifically written to protect me from other companies trying to make a business of selling PCE-related merchandise, especially by mass-producing things like prints, t-shirts, and so on. I do ask that people do not sell physical items containing the site's IP for real-world currency for that reason.

Physical items here would be defined as anything that you as the seller both produce and provide to the buyer in a non-digital state. Essentially, the format the item is in when it is transferred from seller to buyer is the format it falls within the rules for. If the buyer prints a copy of their commission on their own, that's totally fine. If you produce traditional art and then provide it in a scanned format, that's also fine.

Additionally, I've also said that it is generally okay to ask a buyer to cover shipping if you want to mail a physical item you've produced for in-game currency, such as a plushie or traditional drawing.

Some examples for how this would work:
  • Taking a digital art commission for USD (good!)
  • Taking a digital art commission for USD and allowing the buyer to print it on their own (good!)
  • Taking a digital art commission for USD, printing the art yourself, and then shipping it to the buyer (not allowed)
  • Setting up a print-on-demand page where you sell prints and t-shirts of your digital fan-art of PCE (not allowed)

  • Taking a traditional art commission for USD and providing the buyer with a scanned copy (good!)
  • Taking a traditional art commission for in-game currency, providing the buyer with a scanned copy, and then having the buyer pay USD shipping to receive the original as a bonus (acceptable because the payment for the item was not in real-world currency)
  • Taking a traditional art commission for USD, providing the buyer with a scanned copy, and then having the buyer pay USD shipping to receive the original as a bonus (though it is a grey area, this is not allowed because it would introduce exploitable policy loopholes)
  • Setting up an etsy shop where you exclusively sell traditional fan-art and merch for PCE (not allowed)

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