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Welcome to the Cat's End Community Forums! Make sure to read over the Community Guidelines before you post.

Information & Help

Stay up to date with the latest updates, announcements, and other news!
Topics: 53
Dev Corner
This is a hub for suggestions and feedback regarding current and upcoming features.
Topics: 468
Bug Reports
Please report any bugs, glitches, errors, or otherwise unintended happenings here.
Topics: 509
Help & Q/A
Need help or have questions about the site? Come here for answers!
Topics: 608
Find tutorials and other helpful threads for game strategy, resources, and more.
Topics: 82


Pixel Cat Discussion
Discuss all things pixel cat here.
Topics: 421
Cat & Village Share
Show off your cats, village scenes, and more!
Topics: 417
Off-Topic Discussion
Feel free to discuss anything here, so long as it follows the rules!
Topics: 95
IRL Kitty Appreciation
Post pictures of your real-world cats (and not-cats) here. I want to see them....
Topics: 95
This is a place for art, writing, and anything else creative.
Topics: 316
In-Character & Roleplay
This category is for all in-character threads, conversations, and roleplays.
Topics: 36

Sales & Trades

Cat Sales & Trades
All sales, trades, and seeking threads for cats belong here! Bumping is enabled.
Topics: 945
Item Sales & Trades
All sales, trades, and seeking threads for in-game items belong here! Bumping is enabled.
Topics: 416
Raffles and Giveaways
All raffles and giveaways of cats or in-game items belong here! Bumping is enabled.
Topics: 110
Art Sales
Negotiate sales and trades of art, writing, or other creative services here! Bumping is enabled.
Topics: 483

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