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TOPIC | Custom Content!

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The Not-Village



Jan 1, 2024 17:47:22
screenshot of new custom content storefront

This update brings the implementation of the custom clothing, decor, and buildings system!

Our next registration window will be from Friday, January 19th at 18:00 to Sunday, January 21st at 18:00
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Jan 1, 2024 18:02:07
paintbrush The Artisan's Market

The Artisan's Market is now available for the creation of custom clothing, decor, and buildings! You'll find a few different tabs here:
  • Shop Search Page: You can browse other users' shops on this page and take a look at what they're offering.
  • Item Search Page: You can browse a listing of all items available on the artisan's market here.
  • Your Own Shop Management: Set up your shop, edit your submitted items, and submit to the queue on this page.
  • Purchase History: View all of your purchase/sales history here.

The updated Custom Content Policy has more information on what the queue/submission process is like. It also details the rules and requirements for custom content, so please read through them if you are planning on submitting.

Artisan's Market Taxes

The submission price for clothing and decor is 25 essence fragments (~$2.50, though it is accessible in-game as purchases aren't available yet.) The price for buildings is 50 essence fragments (~$5.00). This same fee will be taken out of all purchases, placing the fee on the buyer's side to prevent artists from needing to manage complex preorder systems.

My recommended price point is roughly twice that, so 50 essence fragments for clothing/decor and 100 essence fragments for buildings. The essence fragment economy might be a little bit wacky right now because they cannot be purchased, meaning the supply is a lot lower than it will be long-term, but there are still a lot of essence fragments in circulation right now (enough for many thousands of custom items to be approved).

If they turn out to be too difficult to get at that point, I'll start looking into additional methods of acquisition, but for now we're just going to hang tight until we get to the end of beta.

Queue Wait Times

I have no idea what to expect as far as how many items are going to hit the queue in the next week. Wait times might be long because I am going through these alone for now. My hope is that the purchase of essence fragments in the future will allow me to hire someone to help manage this!


Items and shops can each have tags applied to them. When tags are clicked, they'll automatically take you to a search for all items of that tag. When typing in a field that takes tags, it will suggest the most popular ones to you.

The tags suggestions might be a little bit weird for the first few weeks until it gets enough of a sample size to not just include any tag anyone has ever used.

house Other Changes

- You can now search by season and whether an item is an official or custom item in the item database.

- The world map has been updated with new icons and to reflect the development of the new city, Crescent Pier, north of the Meeting Grounds!

- Information about what is worn by the cat added to bottom of cat profile

- Information about who or what is in a scene added to bottom of scene profile

laughing Little Podcast-y Thing

Back in November, Ben from Poppy Seed Pets and I talked about game development for a bit. This is now posted where you can listen to it. Thread with more information is in the Game Chat thread

OSHAapproved Bug Fixes

- Fixed autosort on traveling cats, which was not working after the pop-up was added

- Fixed issue where trades weren't working properly after update

- Fixed issue where all messages seemed to come from staff after update

- Fixed issue where scene sandbox was not working after increase in slots

- Fixed the very very very old issue that was preventing up and down arrows from working in the dropdown boxes that suggest text while you type (sandboxes primarily) (Technically it was working, but the CSS was getting overridden so you couldn't see that you were selecting anything)

- Fixed issue where search for cats in scene decoration doesn't work if you have two cats with the same name

New assets were uploaded for the following clothing items:

- BFF Fuzzy Buns (Bun was cut off on playing pose kittens, had to be switched to the other side to fit)

- BFF Chickens (Chicken was cut off on playing pose kittens, had to be switched to the other side to fit)

- Rainbow Confetti (Went outside the box on sitting shorthair kitten)

- Crystal Pendants (Removed stray pixels)

cozy What's Next?

We are now approaching the very end of beta - a period of time which I'd like to refer to as the "beta wrap-up." I'm going to be working on some small changes and fixes I haven't had time for before this, while also working on finishing up mercats.

Some of these changes include:
  • Ability to buy a few extra cat slots in the lodge for a high price so that you have space for merkitties
  • The health stat mitigates weather penalties in gathering and adventuring
  • Ability for me to add automatic modifiers to abilities so, for example, healing abilities can have an auto +1 appended to the end
  • Adjustments to the less-used abilities (Protect, Rally, etc.)
  • Adjustments to thief class (Currently backstab uses melee attack, which means a fighter is better at the thief skill than the thief is. This just does not make any sense.)
  • Migrating the forums so a search can be added so we can all actually maybe find things

When mercats are ready, beta will end with a big Launch Celebration, accompanied by a 1-week long lore event, at least 2 weeks of open registration, and the ability to purchase essence fragments. (Remember that turning a cat into a mercat is going to cost 100 essence fragments. I do not plan on running a kickstarter, so I am using the mercat release to help fund the site.)

I have no date in mind for this, especially since the next couple of months has a lot of IRL stuff going on for me that will eat up my time, but I do believe we are getting very close now.

It is my hope that our Big Launch will make the site more financially able to sustain itself and the large growth it has seen so that I can make even more lovely kitty things for you all in the future! happy

Thank you all for playing my silly little cat game, it has been wild how many of you have shown up and made Cat's End a part of your personal routine.
-- Last edited on Jan 3, 2024 8:28:54
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Seasoning Ohio Japanifornia Tax Evasion


account age 8/9

Jan 1, 2024 18:42:36
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting art shop cozy
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(any pronouns)

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Jan 1, 2024 18:42:45

[Custom] Butterfly Koi Mantle

[Custom] Silver Celestial Jewelry

[Custom] Gold Butterfly Mantle
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account age 6/9

Jan 1, 2024 18:43:06
a pixel icon of my cat!!! woah!!! isn't she cool?<-- My Lore | Main Cat -->a pixel icon of my cat!!! woah!!! isn't she cool?
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forum helper

Jan 1, 2024 18:43:07
Purchase a cat recently? Consider adding them to the Cat Sales Census!
Artisan's Store
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Jan 1, 2024 18:43:20
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account age 7/9

Jan 1, 2024 18:43:35
I’m so excited for this! cozy
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account age 7/9

Jan 1, 2024 18:44:08
super excited for the update and custom clothing !!! thank you so much squid!!
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go fish game fish1 || clothier dressup giveaway || item shop cheer || sparkleparty cat sales
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Junction Felis

(any pronouns)

account age 6/9

Jan 1, 2024 18:44:09
woohoo !
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