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TOPIC | Tier 2 Job Expansion I & Misc Updates

shorthair tan pat classicwhiteness: 6content eyesPlain Wool ScarfLittle Plain Silk Bow RightLeft Violet HeadpieceTasty Violet Bouquet




forum helper

Jul 4, 2022 16:52:34
the new collectables eyes this is gonna be great for my +7 finesse cat flames
flower1 snowflakes decision glitter flower2

server time +6
shorthair red tor cloudpointwhiteness: 2neutral eyesGay StreamersUncut Rose Quartz PendantsBlack DragonfliesTasty Pink WildflowerIridescent BeetlesBlack Butterfly Necklace


Howdy Hollow


user rank 5

Jul 4, 2022 17:27:14
great update, ty squid! :3
longhair silver st classicwhiteness: 0content eyesSapphire Geode NecklaceUncut Sapphire AnkletsSapphire Geode Crown


Cairnstone Rest


user rank 5

Jul 4, 2022 17:33:44
Great update! Looking forward to Plushies!
shorthair grey st rosettewhiteness: 8sleepy eyesGay ScarfDark Horned SkullBlack Striped Waist WrapBest Friend Brown BunRight Red Carnation HeadpieceRainbow Cloud of Hearts



forum helper

Jul 4, 2022 17:38:38
This is an amazing update! I love all of the new items cryinghug
shorthair smoke pat rosettewhiteness: 2content eyesForget-me-not Tail CorsageUncut Diamond AnkletsSilver BeltSilver AmuletBlue Geometric Head WrapSapphire Glitterdust


Squad Squad Ready!


user rank 6

Jul 4, 2022 18:42:32
awww these new items are super cute!! :D i appreciate the addition to the tier 2 jobs, that makes them feel a lot more worthwhile <3 (now i feel better about my nat +7 scribe LOL)

and that's a load of bug fixes holy cow panic thank you for being so on top of all this!! sparkleparty especially for a one person job, it's immensely admirable!
help i'm stuck in a signature overwhelmed
shorthair choco st mackerelwhiteness: 5neutral eyesRed Wool ScarfCrossbowRight Green Fantail Pigeon FriendRed Butterfly SwarmBest Friend White Bun




user rank 6

Jul 4, 2022 19:36:03
p l u s h i e s
Cat Time -2
longhair silver pat classicwhiteness: 5danger eyesLight Knife




user rank 6

Jul 4, 2022 19:58:41
collectablesHandmade Seal Plushie
ohhhhh sweet earthshaker he;s so shaped
i'm going to stand ominously outside your window until we can have these as decor/companion clothing /lh
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting
sparkleknife doodle shop candle ych/adopts dab
a drawing of a silver cat in an orange cup with only the head and tail visible. a brown bunny is behind him
longhair red pat minkwhiteness: 4neutral eyesYellow Wildflower Crown



(any pronouns)

user rank 5

Jul 4, 2022 19:59:20
Plushies!! I also love the ability to have comments on market posts, thank you!
longhair aprico st spottedwhiteness: 5neutral eyesTan Floral ShawlWhite Butterfly NecklaceWhite Chicken on HeadYellow Wildflower CrownBest Friend White Chicken


Glaze Haven


user rank 6

Jul 4, 2022 21:49:10
I'm super hyped for adventuring to be released eventually, even if it takes a long time. Already have a perfect team put together in preparation lol. Otherwise the new updates are lovely!

Server time +2
shorthair smoke st mackerelwhiteness: 2content eyesRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendRainbow Cloud of HeartsChamomile Garland




user rank 5

Jul 4, 2022 22:35:33
Plushies, my life is complete cryinghug
a small badge with split coloring, showing the South Wind icon in black on a red background, with labeling in white text on a grey background a small badge with split coloring, showing the Ordinary personality icon in black on a orange background, with labeling in white text on a grey background

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