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TOPIC | Beta End Event - June 2-15, 2024

Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



May 12, 2024 10:56:10
ripples in the ocean with swirling snow

snowflakes End of Beta Event nestor
We now have dates for the official end of beta: June 2-15, 2024!

beans2 End of Beta Event Timeline

End of Beta: On June 2nd at 10:00 server time, the site will go down briefly for an update. The resulting story event will run from June 2nd at 10:00 to June 9th at 10:00.

Beginning of Full Release: On June 9th at 10:00, the site will go down for a more extended period of time for another update. Mercats will release at this time.

Open Registration: The site will be open for new player registration from June 2nd at 10:00 to June 16th at 10:00.

beans1 What will change with the Full Release?

To be honest, not much, given that essence fragment sales are already live! It's more the official milestone of deciding to call beta over and move into the next phase of development.

The biggest difference will be that registration windows will be scheduled to occur at a regular interval, rather than the sporadic and inconsistent openings we have had during beta. The site will be open for registration during the 6th week of every season, and all of these dates will be permanently posted to the front page. The regular schedule will begin in Spring of In-Game-Year 10.

For more information about what's next on the schedule as far as development goes, you can check out the Long Term Development Plan.

eyes Anything else to know to prepare for the event?

You may wish to hold off on quick-selling too much until the event starts. winking

Remember also that, as previously stated, Mercats will cost 100 essence fragments - though it is possible that one copy of the transformation item may be given to each player for free during the story event.
-- Last edited on May 12, 2024 11:09:46
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black broken longhair coatchoco broken trade markingsear tips white markings uwu eyes. Black Wool ScarfRound SunglassesBlack Bead Tail Band[Custom] Moonlight Magic



(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

May 12, 2024 11:14:05
!!!!! Excited!!!!
trinketsHandmade Compass
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Not-cat with a snow cloudpoint longhair coatlocket & toes white markings content eyes. [Custom] Sunflower Field[Custom] Sunflower Petal FurTasty SunflowerSunflower CrownSunflower Tail CorsageScytheSunflower Petal WhirlButtercup Cloud of HeartsButtercup Floating Heart





May 12, 2024 11:14:11
mercats real eyes
Not-cat with a grey solid shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings sleepy eyes. Silver PizzazzLight Spear[Custom] Icy Starcatcher CapeBlue Silk Bowtie




account age 5/9

May 12, 2024 11:14:40
yay!!! i'm so excited for the story event hug congrats on this fun little site coming so far, it's really one of my favorite things to check in on every day! really happy to be around for the end of beta!

now, will i be able to avoid the quick sell calling...? that remains to be seen...
-- Last edited on May 12, 2024 11:15:35
alt text requiredgarfield style drawing of a gray not-cat
Not-cat with a cream mackerel longhair coatspotted piebald / C7 white markings stern eyes. [Custom] Cream Mackerel and White WingsDark Hunter's BootsRed Carnation Tail CorsageCrocus Tail CorsageRed Cotton MantlePlain Wool ScarfTan Floral ShawlRed Carnation NecklaceDark Sheathed SwordRed Carnation CrownLeft Crocus HeadpieceRight Violet Headpiece


Cyber City


account age 7/9

May 12, 2024 11:15:00
an eevee whose coloration is split down the middle. his normal coloration is on the left and his shiny coloration is on the right. his eyes are light blue and his inner ears and tail bow are dark teal. the eevee has some more stylization in the form of low white present on his legs and mink-like point markings.

eevee / louie
pce time -1

alt text required
Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino / C10 white markings right eyes. Gold CuffsGold Tail RingsGold Necklace


Honeyfield Village

account age 6/9

May 12, 2024 11:15:19
alt text required
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings sleepy eyes. Dark Left Eye ScarHeavy Yellow Wool ScarfDark Hunter's HatKnife



account age 5/9

May 12, 2024 11:15:20
ooo how exciting!

hello. if your username is named after a car brand, please friend me ?blushing i think it be neat to have speedy
car cat friends.
Not-cat with a snow broken shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings sleepy eyes. Uncut Quartz PendantsLight Hunter's ScarfLight Hunter's Tail CozyLight Hunter's HatUncut Quartz AnkletsTasty Winter LeafFalling Winter Leaves




account age 6/9

May 12, 2024 11:15:26
Not-cat with a albino  shorthair coatalbino / C10 white markings neutral eyes. [Custom] Background - Vaporwave[Custom] Glitched[Custom] RGB Keyboard and Mouse


Junction Felis

(any pronouns)

account age 6/9

May 12, 2024 11:15:50
woohooo yeahhhh exclamation
Not-cat with a snow mink shorthair coatbib, ears, & belly white markings content eyes. [Custom] Fancy Bright Yellow Bowtie[Custom] -V- Comedic Honey Globs n Wig[Custom] Honeybee Friends[Custom] Yellow Tiny Blush[Custom] Dipped in Honey[Custom] V24 - Sunny Sweetheart Tail Ribbons



(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

May 12, 2024 11:16:13
omg eyes

[Custom] Butterfly Koi Mantle

[Custom] Silver Celestial Jewelry

[Custom] Gold Butterfly Mantle
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