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TOPIC | G1 Cat Data Needed!

longhair cream pat lynxpointwhiteness: 5neutral eyesCrocus Tail CorsageLight Feather BeltOldwood Bark ShieldCrocus NecklaceTasty CrocusKnifeCrocus Crown


Longtail Beach


user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 16:52:23
Hello there! I'm interested in looking into the chances of obtaining cats from Nestor with particular traits! All we know at the moment is that the chance for traits isn't evenly distributed - and I want to find out what that distribution is.

So what's the best way to find out? Numbers. I need data!

So, there are a few caveats here to make sure I'm getting the best, most unbiased data possible:

  • No custom cats - these are custom-made! no randomisation here.

  • No Starter Squad cats - as you can reroll these guys infinitely until you get cats you like, I'm gonna say that these guys don't count as totally random.

  • No G2+ cats - I'm looking purely for G1 migrated cats obtained via Nestor!

  • The NN0 Glitch - cats born before the fix of the NN0 glitch (anything under the ID #11358) will go into a separate dataset, as this glitch would have definitely skewed the numbers a little! It might be interesting to see how they skewed them, however, so I still want to see all sorts of IDs!

  • The Mink Glitch - cats born before... We don't actually have the cut-off number yet but. Until August 15 there was a glitch in how Point cats were generating which lead to: 1. Fewer Points cats generating, and 2. Mink cats generating at all. You can read the posts about it here. Anyway since this was identified and fixed after the start of my data collection, it means that I'm going to have to move all the data given so far into a pre-Mink Glitch list, and start a new dataset for the new cats!

Other than that, no other restrictions on cats! Any age, any Wind, anything whatsoever goes. If a cat already has a Family Tree applied then that makes it easier, but I'm more than happy to beanbox a cat until I've worked out its genes if not.

Now, Null Wind cats are tricky for beanboxing, so the only real way to determine the genes hidden under Snow would be the Family Trees, but again I'm happy to take unchecked Nulls for the data that they can provide!

All you need to do, is post your Nestor cats here so that I can add them to The Spreadsheet. It's a little barebones at the time I'm posting it, but hopefully with your contributions to Science, we can fill it up!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer.
-- Last edited on Aug 15, 2022 18:16:26
purpleheartPixel art of my Custom cat inside a glass bottle.purpleheart
longhair charc tor cloudpointwhiteness: 0squint eyesGreen Cotton MantleGreen Feather PendantsLeather Satchel BagGreen Bead CircletRight Tiger Lily Headpiece


Whispering Shade


user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 16:57:54
Fun! I love data. So far I only have nestor cats, but with the two I've traded for I'm not sure if they are from start squads or not so I won't include them. So that leaves:

shorthair buff pat mackerelwhiteness: 0neutral eyesUncut Rose Quartz AnkletsCrown of WintermintSpring Leaf CloakRose Quartz Geode Necklace

as my guaranteed, totally random Nestor cat! I put their (likely) genetics in their bio already.
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longhair cream pat lynxpointwhiteness: 5neutral eyesCrocus Tail CorsageLight Feather BeltOldwood Bark ShieldCrocus NecklaceTasty CrocusKnifeCrocus Crown


Longtail Beach


user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 17:00:36

Aw, what a cutie! Added! ^^
purpleheartPixel art of my Custom cat inside a glass bottle.purpleheart
longhair silver st classicwhiteness: 0content eyesSapphire Geode NecklaceUncut Sapphire AnkletsSapphire Geode Crown


Cairnstone Rest


user rank 6

Aug 3, 2022 17:02:17
These are my Nestor cats that were not part of my starting lineup:

Actually. I just realized, some of these are traded. So I don't know if they were part of someone's start squad or not.
-- Last edited on Aug 3, 2022 17:03:33
longhair aprico tor classicwhiteness: 4neutral eyes




user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 17:03:31
Here are my current G1 Nestor cats, not from the Starter squad. I've also included their genetics to the best of my knowledge.
(Format: Cat link first, Personality second, gene sequence third)

shorthair black pat mackerelwhiteness: 2uwu eyesTan Noodle TailBrown Hunter's Hat

Dramatic: Trade Wind
C N|S S|L B|B F|F 4 Y|Y T|T Y|N 2 C

shorthair choco st spottedwhiteness: 2content eyesBrown Hunter's Tail Cozy

Curious: South Wind
C S|O S|L B|B F|D 3 Y|N S|S Y|N 2 C

shorthair almond st mackerelwhiteness: 1neutral eyesHeavy Orange Wool ScarfTasty Violet Bouquet

Protective: South Wind
C S|O S|L O|B F|D 1 Y|Y T|T Y|Y 1 C A|A <- growth pattern tentative

shorthair red tor brokenwhiteness: 1danger eyes

Dramatic: Trade Wind
C N|S S|L O|B F|F 4 Y|Y S|T Y|Y 1 C

longhair brown st brokenwhiteness: 3neutral eyesRunestone TangleLight Leaf Fossil Necklace

Protective: South Wind
C S|S L|L B|O F|F 3 Y|Y S|T Y|Y 3 C

shorthair orange pat colorpointwhiteness: 7neutral eyesAutumn Leaf CloakAmmonite Necklace

Protective: Trade Wind
C N|S S|L O|B F|D 2 Y|Y P|P Y|N 7 C
-- Last edited on Aug 3, 2022 17:08:48
shorthair albino  whiteness: 10sleepy eyesSkeletal BeadsBirdskull NecklaceDark Noodle ScarfDark Left Eye Scar




user rank 6

Aug 3, 2022 17:10:03
Affected by NN0 bug.

Affected by NN0 bug.












Likely B|C growth pattern.

edit: checked any cats I've traded for to ensure they weren't close in ID to other cats owned by the same person.
-- Last edited on Aug 3, 2022 17:10:59
shorthair aprico pat mackerelwhiteness: 3content eyesRainbow SmokePastel Tie-Dye Waist WrapUncut Diamond SpinesCopper CuffsCopper Spiked CrownCopper Tail RingsUnnatural Silver Crown


The Circus


user rank 6

Aug 3, 2022 17:39:02
I haven't gened all of them, but most should have their genes in their desc
longhair black st classicwhiteness: 1neutral eyesFloating Obsidian ShardsSilver Glitterdust




user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 17:52:16
datadatadataaaaaa sparkles

here are my lads that Nestor has brought to me! all of them have their estimated genes in their bios ~
shorthair grey st classicwhiteness: 3content eyesWoven Grass Scarf
shorthair ginger st solidwhiteness: 4neutral eyes
shorthair choco st mackerelwhiteness: 5neutral eyes
Lineless pixel art of a simply-put-together scene reminiscent of the Ruins scenery. A long stretch of grass in the center has a large rock with runes on it, and underneath that, in the dirt and rock, is a stone cocoon. There is a smaller patch of grass on either side, both with a couple of trees, rocks, and twigs on them. It is animated to make the cocoon crack open and glow white, as well as the runes.
longhair cream pat lynxpointwhiteness: 5neutral eyesCrocus Tail CorsageLight Feather BeltOldwood Bark ShieldCrocus NecklaceTasty CrocusKnifeCrocus Crown


Longtail Beach


user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 19:06:44
@Mirres @miraphoenix @Untitled @Filigree @absol

All added through here! ^^ Thanks for your contributions!
purpleheartPixel art of my Custom cat inside a glass bottle.purpleheart
shorthair brown tor cloudpointwhiteness: 4content eyesPink Worm BuddiesDark Sheathed SwordPink Wildflower CrownLeft Tiger Lily HeadpieceFalling Spring LeavesLesbian ScarfTiger Lily Necklace


Fernrift Hollow


user rank 5

Aug 3, 2022 19:21:34
shorthair red tor brokenwhiteness: 1neutral eyesAlbino Isopod BuddiesUncut Emerald CrownUncut Emerald PendantsUncut Rose Quartz AnkletsUncut Emerald Necklace
shorthair buff st brokenwhiteness: 2right eyesTan Floral ShawlDandelion GarlandCrown of DandelionTasty Yellow Wildflower
shorthair orange st brokenwhiteness: 3right eyesDried Grass CrownGreen Cotton MantleRight Green Fantail Pigeon FriendTasty SunflowerTan Worm Buddies
shorthair aprico st mackerelwhiteness: 0danger eyesSheathed SwordOldwood Bark CrownLeft Black Tulip HeadpieceBeetle Shell NecklaceAlbino Isopod Buddies
longhair red pat classicwhiteness: 3sleepy eyesSummer Leaf CloakWoven Grass Hat
shorthair red st mackerelwhiteness: 0content eyesLight Ammonite Necklace

shorthair grey st rosettewhiteness: 3left eyesBest Friend Black Woolly BunDark Hunter's CoatBest Friend Grey Mini-PigWhite Wildflower CrownWhite Wildflower Necklace

i believe these are all my kids that fit the rules!!! all of them should have estimated genes in bios
-- Last edited on Aug 3, 2022 19:23:33
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