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TOPIC | The Pre-Adventuring Update

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The Not-Village



Sep 18, 2022 11:05:39
pre-adventuring update banner

As of this update, adventuring has been loaded into the live site and will be undergoing live admin-only testing. It is accompanied by a pile of cute little birdies and some new gear!

Read more about this update
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Sep 18, 2022 11:15:39
Adventuring and the Near Future

As of writing, adventuring is now loaded into the site. Naja and I will be doing extensive tests to make sure that everything is working as intended on the live site and to rebalance monsters as needed. This will likely take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Essentially, this means that adventuring is near fully complete. The only active development remaining is that I still have some writing to finish up and there are some lingering bugs/issues I'd like to work out.

This has been a significant undertaking, and it is unlikely that any feature in the future will ever require this level of work without being able to be broken up into smaller portions. After the adventuring update, we will go back to our regular updates (meaning, you can expect to go back to downtime and updates once or twice a month on Sundays per prior to the big dive into adventuring).

My timeline for the coming months is as follows:

- Finish Adventuring
- Catch up on long overdue bug and small qol fixes
- - - This will include a rewrite of the box opening system. For this reason, adventuring will launch with the inability to open the level-up bundles. The box opening system likely won't take very long though, so it will follow soon after.
- The Village Lodge will then roll out in several phases
- - - New scene unlocks and village leaders
- - - Additional leadership roles
- - - Teachers and students
- - - - - - As part of the teachers/students portion, there will be a lore-prioritizing solution (specifics not yet decided on) to the kitten lockdown problem, where users are getting trapped with all kittens and parents, unable to actually do anything or free themselves from being buried in little babies. Babies are cute, but being stuck under them is not an ideal fate.

Adventuring Changes

I've started working on the adventuring guide again. It's still in a basic (and possibly difficult to understand) form, but I'll be tweaking it throughout the pre-adventuring period.

Some notable changes you might spot in the party edit area and here:

- Reduced die have been changed to only have a standard success, no critical success.

- Weather effects have been changed. These will affect range or melee, but not both, meaning you can strategize based on season as to what kinds of classes to take along with you.

- Movement speeds have all been raised by 1, so cats now move up to a number of tiles equal to their agility dice + 1.

- It is now possible to disable all adventuring-related animations in the gameplay settings page in user settings. Adventuring is not animation-heavy, but this will turn off the die-roll animation, the sliding of cats and monsters on the map, and the text-typing animation. Timed hiding and unhiding of text boxes will remain.

Secret Items

Those of you with high perception stats (or extra luck) might have spotted that there are a number of items implemented on the site, but can't be seen in the item database. These are adventuring drops! It's okay if you spot them here and there. They're largely hidden so that those who don't want spoilers about the first location can avoid them.

New Gear and Crafts!

Some new snacks are hitting the snack market! Your bakers can start crafting these, with the exception of the muffins (which require an adventuring drop), today! feels

gearHoney Lollies
gearHerbal Lollies
gearCobweb Candy
gearBrambleberry Muffins
gearWinterberry Muffins

There are also a few special gear items you can find under apothecary. Sweet Dandelion Tea will cure the afraid condition in battle, and fireworks will startle the enemies!

gearSweet Dandelion Tea

In order to craft one of these, nitratine now can be found rarely by miners:


Fantail Pigeons

You've probably been wondering where all those colorful piles of feathers are coming from! Well now you can bury your villages in them and also make them your BFFs. Lots of new bird items have been added to the Hunter's Very Rare pool.

Bird Buddy Lore
Fantail pigeons come in a large variety of colors and live in large flocks numbering up to 100 birds or more. These tiny birds will eat most anything, but have the strongest preference for berries and stolen vegetables from not-cats' gardens. Their name comes from their fancy tails. Fantail pigeons molt their long tail feathers when nesting so that they can use the feathers for building a warm place to keep their eggs. Since it's common for feathers to fall outside of the nest, not-cats frequently gather them up to be used in crafting.

clothingLeft Dark Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Dark Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingDark Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Light Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Light Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingLight Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Brown Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Brown Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingBrown Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Maroon Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Maroon Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingMaroon Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Gold Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Gold Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingGold Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Green Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Green Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingGreen Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingLeft Blue Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingRight Blue Fantail Pigeon Friend
clothingBlue Fantail Pigeon Council
clothingDark Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingDark Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingDark Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingLight Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingLight Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingLight Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingBrown Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingBrown Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingBrown Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingMaroon Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingMaroon Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingMaroon Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingGold Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingGold Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingGold Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingGreen Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingGreen Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingGreen Fantail Pigeon Buddy
clothingBlue Fantail Pigeon on Back
clothingBlue Fantail Pigeon on Tail
clothingBlue Fantail Pigeon Buddy

decorSingle Maroon Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Maroon Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Maroon Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Maroon Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Dark Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Dark Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Dark Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Dark Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Light Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Light Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Light Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Light Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Brown Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Brown Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Brown Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Brown Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Gold Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Gold Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Gold Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Gold Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Green Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Green Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Green Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Green Fantail Pigeons
decorSingle Blue Fantail Pigeon
decorFlock of Blue Fantail Pigeons
decorDiagonally Roosting Blue Fantail Pigeons
decorHorizontally Roosting Blue Fantail Pigeons

You may notice that some of these bird items have been uploaded in the place of some of the previous feather items that sat on the head. A couple of users emailed me this past summer with some concerns about cultural appropriation and use of feather items on the head in games and media. This, of course, was not the intention behind the set of items at all, and so I've chosen to replace them with bird companions.

Due to somewhat similar placement on the body, outfit disruption should be minimal. You just have a surprise buddy now!

Important Note: In my experience, large userbases struggle to have productive and respectful conversations on topics like this, and so we would like to ask that you refrain from commenting on this decision here on the site. Any comments that revolve around this topic will be removed by the mods and forum helpers. Thank you for understanding.

Bug Fixes

Most of the following fixes are very old, but here's what's happened since the last proper update.

Fixes from July

- It's no longer possible for Nestor to let a traveling cat and their partner in a village adopt a child, separating the family

- Quicksale price syncing fixed for tier 2 job collectables

- Cat Recruitment Board no longer reveals the hidden genes/traits of albino cats

- Mods are now able to buy listings in the market and cat board that display below a comment

- Filtering your own listings in open market no longer redirects back to the open market

- It is no longer possible to accidentally skip the wind selection page, trapping you in sign-up sequence unable to submit your custom cat

- Sign-up confirmation code system has been corrected

- Forum pagination at the tops of categories is no longer not displaying despite sufficient pages being reached

- Forum subscription page links have been fixed

- You can now use arrow keys to navigate pages on the cats page of your village

- Pagination has been added to the bottom of village cats pages

- The name of the Cat Recruitment Board has been standardized in various site links

Fixes from August

It seems the opening of the gateway may have disrupted the weather patterns of not-earth leading to more extreme weather than intended. Weather has now been re-balanced some

- Odds of 'outlier' temperatures have been significantly decreased.
- Cloudiness/precipitation is slightly decreased in Autumn and Winter and even more slightly decreased in Summer.
- Wind speeds are slightly increased in Spring and slightly decreased in Autumn.
- Summer weeks 2 and 6 are cooler.
- Winter weeks 2 and 6 are warmer.

- Already assigned adoptive littermates now properly show up in the list if you get another lonely kitten to assign to the same group

- MAJOR cat generation bug that prevented minks from generating and influenced the probabilities to a significant extent has been fixed

- Cat Recruit Board sort is no longer lost when visiting the second page

Fixes from September

- Tiny notes to self no longer using cat-tato plant decor and not paper bark

- Fixed new issue where Nestor was breaking when trying to give out new cats

- Fixed stray pixels on cat white marking layers (cache clear required to see)

- Hay is no longer imported from Earth (color of hay items has been changed slightly, cache clear required to see)

- Consolidated adventuring information in item database as it was duplicating the word "adventuring"
-- Last edited on Sep 18, 2022 12:29:25
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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forum helper

Sep 18, 2022 12:08:58
Thank you for all of your hard work! The new buddies are so cute hug
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Sep 18, 2022 12:10:35
OHH I LOVE THEM!! thank you for all your awesome work hughug
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Sep 18, 2022 12:16:56
Thank you for your hard work! I love the birds hug
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Sep 18, 2022 12:18:29
Cat Time -2
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Sep 18, 2022 12:18:56
I love the little birds so much, they’re so cute cryinghug
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Sep 18, 2022 12:24:50
Super cool work! cheer
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Sep 18, 2022 12:27:29
Thank you for the hard work! hug
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Sep 18, 2022 12:28:29
aaaa the birds are so cute cryinghug thank u
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