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TOPIC | [Adventuring] The Heart of the Woods

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The Not-Village



Oct 2, 2022 18:33:36
adventuring update banner

The forest stirs... and reports of beasts and ancient treasures are rapidly making their way across Not-Earth. Not-cat villages throughout Nestor's Wood have begun to explore the deepest part of the old forest and, with it, they've started to get just a taste of their history on Not-Earth.

Yes, it's finally here: The Adventuring Update!

Read more about this update
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Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Oct 2, 2022 18:34:10
You may need to clear your cache before embarking on your first adventure. boop

First Adventuring Location

The first adventuring location, "The Heart of the Woods", is now available! This is the first location, geared towards players who have just started and ranges in difficulty from level 1-2 cats.

As explained in the pre-adventuring update, not-cats will be capped at a maximum level 4 until the next location to prevent you from getting too far ahead (and to save you from the temptation to grind to the higher levels at painfully slow rates.) What this means is that there are many features implemented into adventuring that won't show up just yet. Class abilities are designed and implemented up to level 13, so you can think of this as just a taste of what's yet to come.

Since this is beta, it's likely we may continue to tweak monster stats/groups, drop rates, etc.

Adventuring Tips

beans2 Keyboard Controls
Adventuring should work via mouse/mobile touch or using key controls. I personally use exclusively key controls to get through adventuring. The relevant buttons will auto-highlight as you go, so much of the time you can just hit enter, but you can also tab (or shift-tab to go backwards) between the options and spaces.

muscle Difficulty Level
This location is just the first location, so the first portion of it can be quite easy. The second portion becomes more manageable once your cats reach level 2 and unlock some of the level 2 abilities (or once you add in a small supply of items or even just a single friendship). My first playthrough of the location was on a fresh/brand new account and it took me three attempts to get to the end and defeat the boss. With individual variance, I would expect it to take you 2-5 times to get through.

There also seems to be some individual variation in how fast people move through adventuring. For example, it took me a week to finish a single run, but another person to test it got through in a single day.

If you are an established player with a lot of resources and relationships, you will likely fly through the location on the first go, though the last zone will still pose some challenges. If you're looking for a more challenging experience, feel free to try a few no-item runs as if you were brand new to the game.

decision Classes
Some classes are more entry level than others for a variety of reasons. Some classes have a higher start-up cost of items, and others have fairly core mechanics to them that will only show up later on. Some examples are below:

- Ranger and medic require a healthy stock of items to be functional. Getting yourself a supply of crossbow bolts and bandages is essentially a pre-requisite to these classes.

- Bards, while still useful enough, do not unlock their core feature before level 4 (being able to attack and deal damage with spite against bravery). They still have some good stuff, but they will become much more of a threat later on.

tree1 Skills
Some skills are much more useful than others in certain areas, so there is a definite learning curve to figuring out which ones you really want. Don't be afraid to give all of your cats the same few ones if you find some are particularly vital.

hmm Something Looks Off
If anything ever looks particularly odd or like it's not working right, try refreshing the page. That tends to help sync everything up. We've worked out most of the major quirks now though, so hopefully it will not be too necessary.

1note The Economy
With the introduction of resource grinding, the pace of the game may shift and the values of items will very likely change. This is normal and expected. Additional money sinks are also going to be coming somewhat soon.

snowflakes Shifting Seasons
Winter weather makes melee attacks a little weaker, and the rest of the year's bad weather primarily affects range attacks. Fortunately, most of you are fairly established and well-resourced now, so it shouldn't pose too much trouble for you. Since the weather effects impact monsters as well, get your crossbows ready to do some damage.

Adventuring Changes

- After some testing, a Harmony Cap has been implemented, meaning your cats are capped to a harmony of their highest level + 1. This prevents you from running in with a group of four littermates and dealing like 170 million damage a hit at level 1.

Known Adventuring Bugs

- The line of sight system still has some... "quirks" that need to be worked out. It's not always as intuitive as it could be, and there is a certain amount of "seeing through solid walls" allowed (it thinks you can see through the line between two blocked squares. This visually feels okay for monsters, but it feels Really weird when you're seeing through a huge solid wall. I'm still trying to work out why this is happening.

- The timing of die rolls / buttons hiding and unhiding / movement of health bars is still... off. Every time I fix some of it, something else gets messed up. tired

- Apostrophes in ability descriptions display as html code instead of apostrophes

Upcoming Changes

- Currently it is not possible to open the level-up bundles you get. A revamped box-opening system is coming in the next update to remedy this.

- At some point I would like to recolor the dice and ability/skill icons. They're very bright on darkmode. I have disliked them since I made them, but I made a pact with myself to not redraw them again until after adventuring was done (because I'd already wasted weeks doing it multiple times). Adventuring is now done, so I will probably get around to this eventually.

- I'd like to add the ability to rearrange/reorder your abilities. Right now leveling up and adding new abilities has no respect for your muscle memory.

How to Block Certain Monsters

While my art style leans fairly "cute", the game still does have some soft horror aesthetics and themes (Nothing too extreme, at least not much more intense than Nestor themselves). If there are items, monsters, etc. that bother you, below are some instructions on how to use an adblocker to block images in adventuring and on cats/in scenes/in the inventory. I've also provided the urls of some of the monsters that I know might fall into this category for some.

Squid said
First you'll need an adblocker, then you can right click and inspect element on the image of the cat:


You should see something like this. Copy the url of the item you'd like to block in question, so as an example we could choose https://www.pixelcatsend.com/images/clothing/scythe.png

Depending on the adblocker, you should in the settings have a place to add a custom filter, it might be under advanced settings. You can then copy the url into there. If you'd like to block both the icon and the image as it shows on cats, you can even add just "/clothing/scythe.png" so you don't have to grab both urls, but I won't promise it might not ever interfere with another site if some other site happens to have an image with that path end.


Cats or scenes will then show up per usual without that item. You may need to do a hard refresh for the change to take effect after adding it to your adblocker (hit ctrl while hitting f5).

If you don't want to open up inspect element, you can also go to the item database. This bit of text under the item's name is the filename of the image. You can just add "/images/clothing/imagename.png" and "/item_icons/clothing/imagename.png".


Spider Monsters

Snake Monsters

Creatures with Plants/Mushrooms on them

Creatures with Many Eyes


Update continues in the next post
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Oct 2, 2022 18:34:27
Revealed Items

Lots of new items can now be obtained in the Heart of the Woods...

resourcesGlowing Mushroom
resourcesTree Bark
resourcesSnake Shed
resourcesNightgloom Flowers
resourcesFrostdew Flowers

collectablesAncient Silver Coins
collectablesAncient Gold Coins
collectablesStone Bolt Tips
collectablesPottery Shards
collectablesLost Rusty Buttons
collectablesBroken Clay Bowl
collectablesOld Stone Frog Figurine
collectablesOld Stone Cat Figurine
collectablesBroken Clay Vase
collectablesOld Cat Pendant
collectablesEtched Glass Marbles
collectablesStrange Rusted Gears
collectablesLost Copper Wiring
collectablesSmashed Electrical Device
collectablesOld Silver Box
collectablesUnusual Silver Amulet
collectablesEngraved Rings
collectablesUndecipherable Stone Tablet
collectablesNull Aspect Box
collectablesEngraved Metal Plate

Creature Decor/Buildings*
*I accidentally drew some of them too big and rather than change it, I just made them buildings...
decorBrown Toothy Rat
decorSilver Toothy Rat
decorGold Toothy Rat
decorAutumn Leaf Mite
decorSummer Leaf Mite
decorRainbow Leaf Mite
decorJuvenile Red Leaf Dragon
decorJuvenile Green Leaf Dragon
decorJuvenile Plum Leaf Dragon
decorCommon Rock Sprite
decorRiverbed Rock Sprite
decorCave Rock Sprite
decorBlack Spiny Squirrel
decorBrown Spiny Squirrel
decorPaperbark Spiny Squirrel
decorGreen Vine Snake
decorBrown Vine Snake
decorObsidian Vine Snake
decorCommon Spitting Toad
decorMossy Spitting Toad
decorBurgundy Spitting Toad
decorBrown Acorn-Cap Lamb
decorMurky Acorn-Cap Lamb
decorPaintbrush Acorn-Cap Lamb
decorLavender Flower Fairy
decorButtercup Flower Fairy
decorBlack Flower Fairy
decorBrown Forest Hawk
decorGrey Forest Hawk
decorBlue Forest Hawk
decorBrown Trapdoor Spider
decorBlack Trapdoor Spider
decorPlum Trapdoor Spider
decorEnchanted Rat Skeleton
decorCursed Rat Skeleton
decorDazzling Rat Skeleton
decorCommon Grapevine Deer
decorDusky Grapevine Deer
decorGilded Grapevine Deer
decorGrey Forest Hound
decorBlack Forest Hound
decorSnow Forest Hound
decorCommon Ember Wisp
decorHaunted Ember Wisp
decorToxic Ember Wisp
decorCommon Rubble Sprite
decorDark Rubble Sprite
decorToxic Rubble Sprite
decorBrown Woodland Viper
decorGreen Woodland Viper
decorBlue Woodland Viper
decorJuvenile Common Corrupted Maple
decorJuvenile Dark Corrupted Maple
decorJuvenile Paperbark Corrupted Maple
buildingsGiant Brown Tree Owl
buildingsGiant Silver Tree Owl
buildingsGiant Gilded Tree Owl
buildingsGrey Fungus Pup
buildingsBlack Fungus Pup
buildingsSnow Fungus Pup

clothingHardwood Bark Armor
clothingHardwood Bark Shield
clothingHardwood Sword
clothingHardwood Log Cutting Pendant
clothingHardwood Bark Leggings
clothingHardwood Bark Crown
clothingHardwood Bark Bucket
clothingHardwood Bark Flag
clothingOldwood Bark Armor
clothingOldwood Bark Shield
clothingOldwood Sword
clothingOldwood Log Cutting Pendant
clothingOldwood Bark Leggings
clothingOldwood Bark Crown
clothingOldwood Bark Bucket
clothingOldwood Bark Flag
clothingDarkwood Bark Armor
clothingDarkwood Bark Shield
clothingDarkwood Sword
clothingDarkwood Log Cutting Pendant
clothingDarkwood Bark Leggings
clothingDarkwood Bark Crown
clothingDarkwood Bark Bucket
clothingDarkwood Bark Flag
clothingLightwood Bark Armor
clothingLightwood Bark Shield
clothingLightwood Sword
clothingLightwood Log Cutting Pendant
clothingLightwood Bark Leggings
clothingLightwood Bark Crown
clothingLightwood Bark Bucket
clothingLightwood Bark Flag

These are universal to all adventuring locations and not specific to this one.
clothingDark Right Eye Scar
clothingDark Left Eye Scar
clothingDark Front Leg Scars
clothingDark Back Leg Scars
clothingDark Tail Scars
clothingDark Back Scars
clothingDark Ear Scars
clothingLight Right Eye Scar
clothingLight Left Eye Scar
clothingLight Front Leg Scars
clothingLight Back Leg Scars
clothingLight Tail Scars
clothingLight Back Scars
clothingLight Ear Scars

trinketsNorth Runestone Pendant
trinketsSouth Runestone Pendant
trinketsTrade Runestone Pendant
trinketsNull Runestone Pendant
trinketsAncient Lantern
trinketsWeathered Knife
trinketsMossy Moose Figurine
trinketsStrange Metal Star
trinketsForest's Eye Pendant
trinketsLost Keys
trinketsBizarre Cube
trinketsCat Ear Lyre
trinketsLog Cutting Pendant
trinketsDiscarded Alchemical Bottle
trinketsBerry-Picking Bucket
trinketsCarved Bird Whistle
trinketsGiant Gilded Owl Feather
trinketsEngraved Gold Ring
trinketsBlooming Nightgloom
trinketsBlooming Frostdew
trinketsDiscarded Alchemical Bowl
trinketsBroken Mirror
trinketsBroken Clock

buildingsScattered Stone Path
buildingsHuge Weathered Cat Statue
buildingsRuined House
buildingsFallen Tree
buildingsLarge Tree Stump

decorScattered Stones
decorLarge Stone Path Marker
decorSmall Stone Path Marker
decorHardwood Path Marker
decorHardwood Forest Flag
decorLightwood Path Marker
decorLightwood Forest Flag
decorOldwood Path Marker
decorOldwood Forest Flag
decorDarkwood Path Marker
decorDarkwood Forest Flag
decorWeathered Frog Statue
decorMedium Weathered Cat Statue
decorSmall Weathered Cat Statue
decorBrambleberry Bush
decorNightgloom Vine
decorWinterberry Bush
decorFrostdew Vine
decorLarge Bizarre Cube
decorSmall Bizarre Cube
decorSmall Tree Stump


There's a lot here, so it's very possible I've forgotten to mention something. If you have any adventuring questions, feel free to post in the Help Forum! rally

Good luck on your adventures! You have much to learn and discover over the coming weeks.

Bug Fixes

- Arrow keys no longer let you go to page 0, etc. in the village cat pages

- Attempting to search current listings on open market no longer redirects to general market

- [Insert huge number of small backend errors fixed]

What's next?

- Revamped box-opening mechanic and level-up bundles

- Bug Fix Frenzy flames

- Village lodge
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Oct 2, 2022 18:45:00
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Oct 2, 2022 18:46:43
so excited!!
alt text required
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Oct 2, 2022 18:47:02
It’s here flames
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account age 8/9

Oct 2, 2022 18:48:41
I’m so excited to go on adventures. This looks awesome!
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account age 8/9

Oct 2, 2022 18:49:15
Adventure time! Come on grab your friends! laughing
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account age 8/9

Oct 2, 2022 18:52:01
omg!! what a surprise! I'm so excited to check it out! Did not see it coming so soon at all!
Thank you as always for all the hard work you're putting in! hughughug
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Oct 2, 2022 18:54:59
hugOh I'm so excited! Thanks for your hard work hug
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