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TOPIC | [Adventuring] The Heart of the Woods

shorthair albino  whiteness: 10sleepy eyesSkeletal BeadsBirdskull NecklaceDark Noodle ScarfDark Left Eye Scar




user rank 6

Oct 2, 2022 22:03:36
Wow. What a boss fight. I'm surprised I could beat it with only one casualty, first try! It's really up to RNG how that song and dance plays out. Literally. I won't be looking at Rotsen Nestor the same way for a while...

The whole experience was amazing. I can't imagine how hard it must've been to keep all of this quiet!
longhair cream pat rosettewhiteness: 3neutral eyesEmerald Floating HeartOrange Hunter's Tail CozyDark Hunter's BootsSummer Leaf on HeadGreen Dianthus NecklaceSheathed Sword




user rank 6

Oct 2, 2022 23:07:56
shorthair aprico tor cloudpointwhiteness: 3right eyesTan Floral Tail WrapTan Floral ScarfMaroon Fantail Pigeon Buddy


Windy Hollow


user rank 5

Oct 2, 2022 23:24:40
OOOH im so excited to try it out!! It's so cool to see things develop like this.
longhair grey pat cloudpointwhiteness: 6neutral eyesFirefliesIsopod Buddies




user rank 5

Oct 3, 2022 0:34:41
Wooo!! adventure!! sparkleshugsparklepartyflames
longhair orange tor colorpointwhiteness: 6danger eyesPan StreamersSquare GlassesLight KnifeGolden Beetle Shell NecklaceRainbow SmokeIridescent BeetlesCrown of CatmintLeft Light Fantail Pigeon Friend




user rank 6

Oct 3, 2022 0:59:12
Excited excited EXCITED flames
Art by RapirisuArt by Rapirisu
+0 Cat Time

Art by Rapirisu
Art by Rapirisu
shorthair red tor mackerelwhiteness: 7stern eyesLight Tail ScarsGreen Cotton MantleBrown Feather Scarf




user rank 5

Oct 3, 2022 1:07:46
i had a bit of a rough start on my first adventure attempt, but after getting a proper luncheon meal today it's made things doable HAHA
i really love all the lore details and possibilities put into this feature, incredible work getting it all set to go!! i'm excited to see how it evolves in the future!
longhair silver st lynxpointwhiteness: 1neutral eyesGreen Feather NecklaceLeft Black Tulip HeadpieceGreen Feather Pendants




user rank 5

Oct 3, 2022 1:21:04
6 hours ahead game time
Hello! I like to draw and make up stories!
longhair snow st lynxpointwhiteness: 3content eyesSilver Spiked CrownPink Wildflower Crown



(any pronouns)

user rank 6

Oct 3, 2022 1:35:28
Adventure awaits!!rally I’ve been stockpiling adventure items for this daysparkleknife
shorthair tan st mackerelwhiteness: 2stern eyesGold Spiked CrownGold NecklaceGold BeltBerry Glittersilk ScarfBleeding Hearts Tail CorsageBleeding Hearts CrownGold Cuffs


Malanhir - The Bonefall


user rank 5

Oct 3, 2022 1:35:59
So fun!! It took me 2-3 hours, -ish my first time, with my best statted cats and using all 70+ of my crossbow bolts. ...Its going to definitely take me longer without arrows. Are the backpacks going to be openables or gear?
shorthair smoke st cloudpointwhiteness: 0content eyesUncut Quartz PendantsBlack Tulip NecklacePlain Silk BowtieCrown of Chamomile


Sheltered Garden


user rank 6

Oct 3, 2022 1:44:29
Oh wow, I didn't expect this to land yet. Great job, sounds amazing. I'll have to check it out later rally
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