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TOPIC | Tea and Cookies

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The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 11:28:54
image of post office bake sale

This update brings a back-end recode of package opening, cat names, and an assortment of new teas and snacks.

Upcoming Registration Window
We will be having an uncapped Open Registration Weekend from Friday, November 18th at 18:00 Server Time to Sunday, November 20th at 18:00 Server Time.

-- Last edited on Oct 23, 2022 13:58:38
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 11:30:24
sparkles Next Registration Window

Now that adventuring is out, we can finally open up the site to new players. Gather your friends and family, because the next welcome weekend will be held from Friday, November 18th at 18:00 server time to Sunday, November 20th at 18:00 server time. This is the very end of Winter/start of Spring, so new players can start their journey when the weather starts to get a little nicer.

Sometime in the next few weeks, the site's server will be getting an increased hosting plan as this will be necessary before I increase the userbase size. You all have been doing so much adventuring! teehee

writing Miscellaneous Changes

The majority of this update consists of backend reworks and some pretty involved bug fixes. Some of the ones of interest are below:

- The cat name database has been moved to an actual database instead of handwritten into the cat generation page. This means it is much easier for me to add/remove cat names without running the risk of breaking cat generation.

- The chest/box opening system has been completely rewritten.

- The "Daily Activities" category in the menubar has been changed to "Village Activities" to more accurately describe its contents.

- The pattern names in the cat sandbox have been updated to match how the pattern names display on cat pages.

tealgift Packaged Gift Changes

The packaged gift you get when you send cats to the city has had its contents modified slightly when transitioning it to the new system. These now contain:
  • x10 Common Resources
    Red Meat #119, Poultry #120, Bones #124, Feathers #125, Sticks #269, Rocks #270, Large Leaves #271, Mixed Seeds #272, Large Autumn Leaves #274, Crickets #277, Wildflowers #287, Clay #400, Graphite #401, Iron Ore #402, Fish #413, Freshwater Mussels #414, Crayfish #415, Sand #416, Cotton #901, Rice #902, Catbage #903, Catrots #904, Cat-tatoes #905, Caulimeower #906, Sweet Cat-tatoes #907, Broccatli #908, Watermeowlon #909, Bantam Eggs #910, Mini-Pig Cheese #911, Mini-Pig Milk #912, Woolly Bun Wool #913, Large Crunchy Leaves #1162, Snow Ants #1300

  • x5 Less Common Resources
    Fur Hide #121, Paper Bark #276, Button Mushrooms #278, Tree Sap #279, Rosemary #280, Thyme #281, Licorice #282, Parsley #283, Dandelion #284, Catmint #285, Chamomile #286, Uncut Ruby #403, Uncut Emerald #404, Uncut Diamond #405, Uncut Amethyst #406, Uncut Sapphire #407, Uncut Quartz #408, Uncut Rose Quartz #409, Gold Ore #410, Silver Ore #411, Copper Ore #412, Scales #417, Lakeweed #418, Fireflies #637, Silver Fireflies #638, Silkworm Cocoon #639, Honeycomb #640, Oil #641, Snowdrops #642, Red Carnations #643, Tiger Lilies #644, Sunflowers #645, Green Dianthus #646, Periwinkle #647, Violets #648, Black Tulips #649, Bleeding Hearts #650, Daisies #1161, Snowcap Mushrooms #1475, Starfruit #1476, Snowspider Silk #1477, Wintermint #1478, Cobalt Ore #1791, Sulfur #1792, Tin #1793, Chromite #1794, Nickel Ore #1795, Poisonous Mushrooms #1966, Limestone #2045, Fallen Meteorite #2162, Crocus #2163, Not-Holly #2164, Forget-me-Not #2165, Snowpeas #2166, Snowmeowtoes #2167, Silverseal #2168, Walnuts #2254

  • x5 Crafting Currency Resources
    Tea Leaves #914, Spool of Thread #915, Black Ink #916, Paints #917, Iron Bars #918, Sticky Glue #919, Wooden Planks #920, Bricks #921, Bug Flour #922, Bolt of Cloth #1177, Empty Book #1511, Crossbow Bolt #1854, Cloth Bandage #1855

  • x1 Postcard
    Pines Postcard #1636, Volcano Postcard #1637, Peaks Postcard #1638, Beach Postcard #1639, Gardenhome Postcard #1640, Friends Postcard #1641, Flowers Postcard #1642, Nestor Postcard #1643, Canyon Postcard #1644, Night Postcard #1645, Dunes Postcard #1646, Cave Postcard #1647, Thorns Postcard #1648, Arctic Postcard #1649, Lake Postcard #1650, Underwater Postcard #1651, Falls Postcard #1652, Autumn Postcard #1653, Island Storm Postcard #1654, Plains Postcard #1796

  • 150 Paper Notes

  • 1 Essence Fragment

goldgift Level-up Bundles

The Denim Traveler's Packs you get from leveling up in adventuring can now be opened! These each contain:
  • x15 Bolts or Bandages
    Crossbow Bolt #1854, Cloth Bandage #1855

  • x1 Craftable Gear for Skill Challenges
    Medic's Pouch #1932, Rope #1933, Tile Game #1934, Frightening Mask #1935, Wildlife Field Guide #1936, False Mustache #1937, Botany Field Guide #1938, Running Shoes #1939, Spyglass #1940, Camouflage Cloak #1941, Sound Amplifier #1942, Supremely Sneaky Boots #1943, Magnifying Glass #1944, Compass #1945, Vaulting Pole #1946, Mineral Field Guide #1947, Flippers #1948, Climbing Spikes #1949, Multi-Tool #1950, Mage's Compendium #1951, Pocket Knife #1952, Crowbar #1953

  • x1 of the new assortment of Tasty Cookie Snack Items
    Kitty Cookies #2743, Pawprint Cookies #2744, Crunchy Cricket Cookies #2745, Rosemary Swirl Cookies #2746, Rainberry Cheesecake Cookies #2747, Fishie Cookies #2748, Jelly Drop Cookies #2749

    gearKitty Cookies
    gearPawprint Cookies
    gearCrunchy Cricket Cookies
    gearRosemary Swirl Cookies
    gearRainberry Cheesecake Cookies
    gearFishie Cookies
    gearJelly Drop Cookies

  • x1 of the new assortment of Fancy Tea Battle Items
    Coneflower Tea #2750, Calendula Tea #2751, Mixed Fruit Tea #2752, Herbal Blend Tea #2753, Spiced Blend Tea #2754, Nestor's Favorite Tea #2755

    gearConeflower Tea
    gearCalendula Tea
    gearMixed Fruit Tea
    gearHerbal Blend Tea
    gearSpiced Blend Tea
    gearNestor's Favorite Tea

  • New Trinket or Collectable
    Fighter's Medallion #2756, Thief's Medallion #2757, Guardian's Medallion #2758, Ranger's Medallion #2759, Medic's Medallion #2760, Scout's Medallion #2761, Bard's Medallion #2762, Traveler's Ribbon #2763, Explorer's Ribbon #2764, Adventurer's Ribbon #2765, Hero's Ribbon #2766, Adventurer's Journal #2767, Raw Essence Crystal #2768, Address Book #2769, Sky Aspect Pin #2770, Sea Aspect Pin #2771, Flora Aspect Pin #2772, Growth Aspect Pin #2773, Frost Aspect Pin #2774, Stone Aspect Pin #2775, Magma Aspect Pin #2776, Moon Aspect Pin #2777, Sun Aspect Pin #2778, Essence Aspect Pin #2779, North Wind Pin #2780, South Wind Pin #2781, Trade Wind Pin #2782, Null Wind Pin #2783, Undiscovered Pin #2784, Pawprint Pin #2785, Eyes of Nestor Pin #2786, Heart Pin #2787, Rainbow Sparkles Pin #2788, Gateway Pin #2789

    trinketsFighter's Medallion
    trinketsThief's Medallion
    trinketsGuardian's Medallion
    trinketsRanger's Medallion
    trinketsMedic's Medallion
    trinketsScout's Medallion
    trinketsBard's Medallion
    trinketsTraveler's Ribbon
    trinketsExplorer's Ribbon
    trinketsAdventurer's Ribbon
    trinketsHero's Ribbon
    trinketsAdventurer's Journal
    trinketsRaw Essence Crystal
    trinketsAddress Book

    collectablesSky Aspect Pin
    collectablesSea Aspect Pin
    collectablesFlora Aspect Pin
    collectablesGrowth Aspect Pin
    collectablesFrost Aspect Pin
    collectablesStone Aspect Pin
    collectablesMagma Aspect Pin
    collectablesMoon Aspect Pin
    collectablesSun Aspect Pin
    collectablesEssence Aspect Pin
    collectablesNorth Wind Pin
    collectablesSouth Wind Pin
    collectablesTrade Wind Pin
    collectablesNull Wind Pin
    collectablesUndiscovered Pin
    collectablesPawprint Pin
    collectablesEyes of Nestor Pin
    collectablesHeart Pin
    collectablesRainbow Sparkles Pin
    collectablesGateway Pin

  • 50 Paper Notes

  • 1 Essence Fragment


teacup1 Post Office Bake Sale

Mr. Socks (any pronouns, the Executive Director of the Post Office) has devised a new plan to help fund Not-Earth's non-profit postal service's operations by hosting a bake sale! Come on down to your local office to support them and buy some snacks, tea, and supportive buttons.

The bake sale is being worked by Mailcarrier Pumpkin (xe/xem), who is trapped in the post office until xe pays off xyr court-ordered community service hours for robbery.

New items offered include:

Budget teas, for when you really can't afford to miss:
gearComplimentary Tea
gearScathing Hot Tea

Low-cost homemade baked goods!
gearEnvelope Cookies
gearGranola Cookies
gearSnowpeas Pudding
gearStarfruit Pudding
gearPuffed Rice Treats
gearSpringroot Rolls
gearWatermeowlon Donuts
gearHoney Donuts
gearCatrot Cupcakes
gearDandelion Cupcakes
gearSweet Cat-tato Mini-Pies
gearBrambleberry Mini-Pies

A commemorative button (and a custom version by Pumpkin):
trinkets"I Love the Mail" Button
trinkets"I Hate the Mail" Button

tea Bug Fixes

- Wind/symbol tooltips no longer missing on unborn beans

- It's no longer impossible to swap clothing in and out of cat dressing when you are at the maximum number

- Cats with a negative personality stat no longer appear to have full personality bars

- Bottom navigation no longer missing on rearrange cats page

- Page numbers are no longer incorrect on rearrange cats page

- Sleeping/playing pose labels on cat dressing page now match the order in the image

- 1 day old beans no longer say "1 days old"

- Adult cats are no longer locked out of being able to be friends, best friends, and partners with cats of a certain age difference

- Attempting to start a trade with someone who has trades disabled no longer changes their username to their ID in the form field

- Search and page number are no longer being lost when purchasing items from the open market

- Building adventuring drops are no longer unsellable

- Fixed issue where font, color, etc. bbcode tags could not be nested

- Line of sight has been fully wrangled and should make sense now. Especially with regards to creatures that were only one space away horizontally but distant vertically.

- The kick ability can no longer kick creatures off the map (hopefully)

- An attempt has been made to fix the issue where double clicking garbled the typed text. It may still happen on slow devices but I've really struggled to reproduce it since making this change. I may have missed some places, so please point out areas where this is still happening often.

- Fixed issue where the right panel of adventuring team edit page getting nudged to the bottom on some browsers

- Broken die no longer displays the wrong side during skill challenges and battles

- Text to say an item has broken is no longer duplicated in battle movement

- The HotW Winter Stream scene images have been corrected

- The board is no longer super messed up at certain zoom levels

- Corrected issue where cats weren't getting the bonus for hiding

- Spamming the enter key should no longer generate error messages and excessive server strain as the continue buttons now disable when they are clicked for the first time. Some of this may still occur on slow devices. I may have missed some spots, so please point out areas where this still occurs.

- The pronounenator has gained new skills and is now able to count the number of cats and appropriately manage words like hats, heads, and tails. New tags not yet added to the scenarios that need them and will be added over the course of the day.

- Cats and monsters can no longer walk off the map and then back on it later to avoid obstacles

- Lingering debugging text has been removed ("Roll: 4x6" and "mambmc")

- Item category tabs in 'return from safekeeping ' movement screen no longer redirect back to safekeeping

- Cat age in years has been corrected (it was rounding up)

- Alt text on albino cats base layer has been corrected to reflect the actual appearance of the cat

- Visiting the bank without including the ID in the url now appropriately redirects to your bank and not to safekeeping

- Quick fix until better solution can be implemented: You can now filter items by currency type by adding a 0 in max value to the type you'd like to exclude

- Forest socials items now properly show up in the item database

- Adventures are no longer trapped in an unending void if you lose and have less than 4 cats on the party

- Item dice no longer display the wrong side

- Skill challenges now disable on input as well

- Trinkets can no longer be changed while cats are actively on expeditions to prevent from using them to acquire multiple turns in a row

- Die roll padding has been reduced to make adventuring top screen a little more compact

- Arrow keys no longer redirect you to change pages when you're typing in a text field

- Status conditions no longer affect all enemies of the same species

- Bard is using thief's information when leveling up

- Logins are no longer getting dropped from the database every few weeks - you shouldn't be prompted to re-login regularly anymore.

- Category is no longer lost when opening bundles

cozy Mini Updates from October 9th

If you saw the last notification in the bug log, none of these are new, but I try to make sure everything in the bug log gets into an update at some time or another.

- Adult cats now display their age in years on the profile

- Maximum decor per scene has been raised to 30

- Nestor can now give out adult cats of any age, though older cats are much more rare

- You can now fast forward the text on mobile by tapping the screen. Any key press should fast forward the text on computers.

- Feathers were added to the adventuring drop pool

- Harmony cap has been lowered to current level

- Unowned snacks no longer show up in the snack screen to prevent future page bloat when adding more snack options

- Scrollbar has been added to between encounter inventory view to prevent it from stretching the page excessively

- A link to the adventuring guide has been added to the bottom of the adventuring page (and the adventuring guide got an update)

- Pagination arrow key controls have been moved to the pagination function, which means arrow keys will work globally everywhere that there is pagination
-- Last edited on Oct 24, 2022 8:59:42
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Seasoning Ohio Japanifornia Tax Evasion


account age 9/9

Oct 23, 2022 11:39:22
i am Looking stare
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting art shop cozy
A pixel button that says About with a black cat https://file.garden/ZRmugT_G0TetIdQ9/art/my_art/pce/moblineup.png
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shen ye

account age 9/9

Oct 23, 2022 11:42:34
oh!!! thank u squid cryinghug
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Mushroom Gorge


account age 9/9

Oct 23, 2022 11:42:45
Oooo looks super cool so far! hugeyes
hugFeel free to message leafcollector PCE +5 gardenhelper Fox enthusiast pleading

(This needs updating lol)
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account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 11:54:54
Excited for the next opening! Hope the rest of the update goes smoothly. flowers
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intersex joy


account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 12:03:43
flower1 intersex rights!
cake open to dms and pings!
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The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 12:21:52
Finished setting up the level-up bundle tea abilities, it's lunch break time before I continue. teacup1 teacup2 tea
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 12:42:43
And... back at it!
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 13:07:47
The level-up bundles can now be opened. I'm going to take a brief moment to fix the bug with it losing your current page when you do so though before getting to the next update part.
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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