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TOPIC | Tea and Cookies

longhair ginger pat lynxpointwhiteness: 3neutral eyesRight Tiger Lily HeadpieceTiger Lily Petal Whirl




user rank 6

Oct 23, 2022 13:11:57
lost opportunity to make a nestors heart pin teehee loving these friends so far tho hug
baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean devil ray by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean baton by allynabean
tea PCE-2 time tea
longhair silver pat classicwhiteness: 5danger eyesLight Knife




user rank 6

Oct 23, 2022 13:14:46
couldn't resist the lure of opening them all immediately.. thanks rng for two dupe pins teehee
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting
sparkleknife doodle shop candle ych/adopts dab
a drawing of a silver cat in an orange cup with only the head and tail visible. a brown bunny is behind him
shorthair buff tor mackerelwhiteness: 5neutral eyesGay ScarfPurple Butterfly on Head


The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 14:00:12
And I'm done! tea

Enjoy your teas and cookies :3
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
longhair cream pat lynxpointwhiteness: 0content eyesButtercup Cloud of HeartsLeft Sunflower HeadpieceSunflower Necklace


The Sunlit Glade


user rank 5

Oct 23, 2022 14:08:09
Ooh, good update!! These items are all super cute feels n' lots of rewards from the packs!!
shorthair red tor cloudedwhiteness: 6content eyesWhite Butterfly on HeadDaisy Petal WhirlTasty White WildflowerWhite Wildflower Necklace




user rank 5

Oct 23, 2022 14:24:17
yippie! this is lovely!!!
You'll never take me alive,
shorthair orange st mackerelwhiteness: 4neutral eyesBlue Feather AnkletsBrown Hunter's Scarf




user rank 5

Oct 23, 2022 16:22:31
time to get more friends into this. And the next opening is when the new Pokemon games come out! Play Pokemon and get into a not cat game x3
Storm aka Tangle or Vivie
Trying out male pronouns
Pings are okay
shorthair smoke pat rosettewhiteness: 2content eyesForget-me-not Tail CorsageUncut Diamond AnkletsSilver BeltSilver AmuletBlue Geometric Head WrapSapphire GlitterdustLeft Forget-me-not Headpiece


Squad Squad Ready!


user rank 6

Oct 23, 2022 16:26:10
omg lmao @mayanaz pointed out Pumpkin looks almost exactly like my cat Pumpkin that i got a couple weeks ago teehee even got the name from nestor lol

longhair ginger st mackerelwhiteness: 4content eyesGreen Feather ScarfCrown of LicoriceCatbage on Head

but also ty for all the updates!! :D lots of awesome new stuff and great fixes! <3
-- Last edited on Oct 23, 2022 16:26:58
help i'm stuck in a signature overwhelmed
longhair charc tor solidwhiteness: 0uwu eyesOrange GlitterdustCrown of ThymeObsidian SmokeTiger Lily CrownParsley GarlandTiger Lily Necklace



user rank 6

Oct 23, 2022 16:50:00

now to go commit robbery in the adventuring zone and get all those new trinkets eyes
longhair orange tor colorpointwhiteness: 6danger eyesPan StreamersSquare GlassesLight KnifeGolden Beetle Shell NecklaceRainbow SmokeIridescent BeetlesCrown of CatmintLeft Light Fantail Pigeon Friend




user rank 6

Oct 23, 2022 17:35:22
This game just gets cuter and cuter all the time, I love it so much hug
Art by RapirisuArt by Rapirisu
+0 Cat Time

Art by Rapirisu
Art by Rapirisu
longhair beige tor minkwhiteness: 5left eyesRight Light Fantail Pigeon FriendUncut Quartz Anklets


Tyrol Creek


user rank 5

Oct 23, 2022 21:05:26
im allergic to cats
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