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TOPIC | Tea and Cookies

Not-cat with a black spotted shorthair coatghost white markings content eyes. Red Fish on HeadRainbow Tulip Petal WhirlRainbow ConfettiWatercolor Daisy Petal Whirl




account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 13:11:57
lost opportunity to make a nestors heart pin teehee loving these friends so far tho hug
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tea PCE-2 time tea
Not-cat with a cream rosette longhair coatgrey rosette trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings neutral eyes. Silver BubblesDark Fantail Pigeon CouncilOrange Silk BowtieRainy Hearts Petal Whirl[Custom] Big Rice Bowl


Seasoning Ohio Japanifornia Tax Evasion


account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 13:14:46
couldn't resist the lure of opening them all immediately.. thanks rng for two dupe pins teehee
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting art shop cozy
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Oct 23, 2022 14:00:12
And I'm done! tea

Enjoy your teas and cookies :3
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a cream lynxpoint longhair coatalmond lynxpoint trade markingsno white markings content eyes. Buttercup GlitterdustSunflower NecklaceLeft Sunflower Headpiece


Sunshine Archipelago


account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 14:08:09
Ooh, good update!! These items are all super cute feels n' lots of rewards from the packs!!

sunny / poe!! <3
ae/he/she pronouns, pce -3
Commission of Sunflower by Luxine #3321
Not-cat with a red clouded shorthair coatblack clouded trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings content eyes. White Butterfly on HeadDaisy Petal WhirlTasty White WildflowerWhite Wildflower Necklace




account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 14:24:17
yippie! this is lovely!!!
You'll never take me alive,
Not-cat with a orange mackerel shorthair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings neutral eyes. Blue Feather AnkletsBrown Hunter's Scarf




account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 16:22:31
time to get more friends into this. And the next opening is when the new Pokemon games come out! Play Pokemon and get into a not cat game x3
Storm aka Tangle or Vivie
Trying out male pronouns
Pings are okay
Not-cat with a smoke rosette shorthair coatsilver rosette trade markingslocket & toes white markings content eyes. Forget-me-not Tail CorsageUncut Diamond AnkletsSilver BeltSilver AmuletBlue Geometric Head WrapLeft Forget-me-not HeadpieceSapphire Glitterdustaaaaaaaaaa


Squad Squad Ready!


account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 16:26:10
omg lmao @mayanaz pointed out Pumpkin looks almost exactly like my cat Pumpkin that i got a couple weeks ago teehee even got the name from nestor lol

longhair ginger mackerel catwhiteness: 4content eyesGreen Feather ScarfCrown of LicoriceCatbage on Head

but also ty for all the updates!! :D lots of awesome new stuff and great fixes! <3
-- Last edited on Oct 23, 2022 16:26:58
help i'm stuck in a signature overwhelmed
Not-cat with a charc solid longhair coatbuff solid trade markingsno white markings uwu eyes. Orange GlitterdustCrown of ThymeObsidian SmokeTiger Lily CrownParsley GarlandTiger Lily Necklace



(no pronouns)

account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 16:50:00

now to go commit robbery in the adventuring zone and get all those new trinkets eyes
Not-cat with a orange colorpoint longhair coatbrown colorpoint trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings danger eyes. Primary RainbowSquare GlassesGolden Beetle Shell NecklacePan StreamersCrown of CatmintRainbow Smoke[Custom] RGB Gamer SetIridescent Beetles[Custom] Tasty Pizza SliceRainbow Moustache




account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 17:35:22
This game just gets cuter and cuter all the time, I love it so much hug
Art by Rapirisu
+0 Cat Time

Art by Rapirisu
Not-cat with a beige mink longhair coatsilver mink trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings left eyes. Right Light Fantail Pigeon FriendUncut Quartz Anklets


Tyrol Creek


account age 8/9

Oct 23, 2022 21:05:26
bird4 im allergic to cats bird3
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