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TOPIC | Crystacat Lore Dump

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Dec 29, 2022 18:52:04
Hi! If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what a Crystacat is!
Crystacats are a species on Not-Earth similar to notcats. More info below!

Crystal Skeleton idea credited to Frozenova from her Nullwing species
Part of the lore is also influenced by Frozenova (she helped write bits)

Crystacats are a species very similar to notcats in many ways. They are mostly feline builds adorned in every kind of crystal imaginable. Each Crystacat has at least one type of jewel, rarely two. Crystacats are usually bigger cats, the biggest being King Castleton, an emerald tiger. Crystacats’ bones are made of the same gemstone as on their outside. Their blood is also interesting shades, usually matching their gem. Crystacats do not have Winds like notcats, but do have a similar magical essence that allows for a shard to be created. The term shard is used to describe an offspring that has just been magicked into existence. Once the offspring develops in the egg-like shard, then it becomes a kit.
Crystacat guards have been selectively chosen for hedgehog-like quills of gem on their backs and bodies. They lace the quills with a medicinal sedative and have thus grown an immunity to it. Their quills can be shot out at blinding speeds. The traits for quills and sedative-immunity are genetically dominant, so there is usually a wide pool of guards to be selected from.

Crystacats are led by monarchy, following the line of King Castleton and Queen Catalina (pictures below). Their only child Falcon is in line for the throne.
There is no patriarchy or matriarchy in the society. The ruler is whoever the eldest kit of the past ruler is.
If a child of the current leader refuses the role, the leader can chose a suitable replacement. The child is not held accountable for the responsibility if they do not wish.

Crystacats typically live in large families, all as one. Cats can be introduced to a family and leave their own when being courted and gaining a mate, or the families can combine. Usually the latter. They will go as far as death to protect their family, either biological or introduced. Crystacats have a dire importance to their crystals. Many cats have hurt greatly from the crystals being ripped out of their bodies. The crystals are crucial to their defense. There is a tedious, laborious, and expensive ritual that can restore a cat’s crystals but it more than often fails and harms all involved in the process. Crystacats are very open to new ideas within their own group but are untrusting of others (such as being welcoming to a non-quilled guard but not trusting notcats). Their greatest tolerance is King Castleton’s collection of Baby Leaf Dragon pets since he is king.
Crystacats long ago had an alliance with shapeshifters, known as the Everchanging Ones to them, in which the Everchanging would help them get resources from notcat society and the Crystacats would share their magic and strength.
The Crystacats are said to have coexisted with notcats and the Everchanging Ones since the dawn of Not-Earth, learning to mimic the day jobs of notcats. They have lost contact with the other inhabitants of Not-Earth over time and have grown hostile and protective of their own, staying reclusive to their paradise territory. Though, while mining deeper and deeper underground, they have had run-ins with notcats that have led to rumors being sprouted in notcat communities.

Crystacats are supposedly told to live deep in burrows underground but it is the opposite. The idea they live underground comes from the few sightings of them being miners and mothers being stumbled upon. Crystacats indeed spend some but not at all most time underground. Their time underground is either mining crystals to eat or when a mother is burrowing to make a nest for her kits. Crystacats live out in the open where their gems can shine in the light. Their strength has allowed them to protect their borders and prevent notcats and other creatures from disturbing their paradise.
They sleep in dens dug out from small hills but usually are outside said dens to bathe in sunshine.

TL;DR —> Magical big cats that have crystals on them!
Some questions you might ask…
Can I make a Crystacat oc? Yes, you can! Just please follow the rules after this section <3
Can I have a scene with Crystacat territory as well? Yes, but please credit me if you do that.
Are you saying my cat with crystals is automatically a Crystacat?! Not at all! Your cat with crystals can be just that! It’s only a Crystacat if you wish for it to be!
Can my Crystacat be related to (insert canonical Crystacat here)? If it is the royal family, I’m sorry but no. They are mine alone, please respect that. Otherwise, yes!
Creating a Crystacat
The rules are very simple!
1. Must have at least 1 gemstone/crystal accessory
2. Cannot be related to royal family
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Dec 29, 2022 18:57:19
Certified crystacat moment uwu
(Also yes I did approve them taking tidbits of lore/physical attributes from some of my creations)
cloud Don't Forget.
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Not-cat with a red solid longhair coatblack solid trade markingsnose, bib & boots white markings content eyes. Plain Glittersilk SashesLeft Red Carnation HeadpieceRed Wool ScarfPlain Cotton SocksGold NecklacePlain Glittersilk Tail SilksRed Carnation NecklaceRed Carnation Tail CorsageRuby BubblesDark Leather ShoesGold Cuffs




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Jan 12, 2023 15:43:25
Frozen Fury:

Crystacats have several ideas of their existence and one of the most common myths told, especially when the frost begins, is the tale of the Frozen Fury. (Unsure of name, suggestions welcome!)

Long ago, before the cats of crystal had risen from the depths of the earth, roamed their ancestors. They were more alike to notcat, being bigger. But both feared the winter’s wrath, a beast of snow and horror. Their paws lumbered slowly and made drifts fall from trees. They were a giant alike no other. While not bigger than Nestor himself, the creature of legend was a formidable foe. With ice spikes sharp enough to pierce even steel armor, they were not to be taken lightly. The cats feared his arrival and found themselves hidden away when the leaves changed. Even Nestor’s comfort was no avail to their terror. All but a curious kitten lay in their dens, even still burrowing deeper and deeper into earth and rock. The child had snuck away, wishing to see snow that his friends had told of. And glorious was the snow… he danced and played, his shrieks of joy not alerting him to the sound of trees rumbling and the earth shaking. It was only until he felt the air shift to a degree that made him shiver did he look up to see not a cat but a.. a monster. A beard of icicles hung from his face, almost poised to fall on the kitten. The child was frozen in fear. The legends had been true! He was to perish here, without his family. He closed his eyes and waited but no jaws snapped around him. The creature of old picked up the kitten as light as a feather, and led him to where the burrows had been built. The child knew now he was not going to be harmed, and so he asked the ‘monster’, “Why do we fear? If you are so kind?” They could only make a rumble back. “I don’t want to leave you… let’s play! In the snow! I haven’t seen snow.” The creature paused, then gently set the kitten upon his back and he trotted into the flurries. For hours they raced and played, the old tiger happy to have company. When the sun had set though, the two returned to the burrows and the old creature nudged the child into his safety. “Goodbye! I hope we see one another when the sun rises!” And then he scurried into the den. The tiger smiled briefly, then returned to stalking the forest, protecting their kin as they had for the centuries before.

Almost none have seen the Fury since the story’s creation, but the few who have claim that they are still as warm and kind as they are told to be.
Rumor has it that the Fury is the ancestor to all Crystacats, their crystals forming similarly to their ice spikes.
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