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The Not-Village



Jan 19, 2023 19:41:15
kitties huddled in a storm, featuring a meme "who would win: a computer program with millions of lines of code or one curly boy in the wrong spot"

The storm sweeps across Not-Earth overnight, devastating buildings and small towns. The villages hope to rebuild, but it will be difficult and it will take time.

You may have noticed we've been down for roughly 12-24 hours now. A bug that occurred late last night cause cat duplication and unleashed chaos upon the site. The damage was pretty significant, and I have had to roll the site back to the status it was in on January 18th at 16:00 server time. I have, however, spent the last few hours painstakingly attempting to save all of your cats that you've gotten since then.

-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 20:45:49
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Jan 19, 2023 19:57:48

What happened?

One little curly boy got accidentally added to one of the core files, presumably as I was closing out of working last night before bed. Because of the timing, nobody was around to do anything about it for a very long time (at least not until Naja was up and able to put the emergency brakes on).

In the hours that followed, dozens of copies of the same cats were added to the site, those cats were used to produce a landslide of broken items/currency, and it was impossible to unravel what else might have occurred.

The restoration has only taken me about 4 hours, but since January is by far the busiest/most stressful month for me at my irl job, I wasn't able to even start until 16:30 today.

What was lost?

For the most part, everything that occurred since 16:00 yesterday is gone. There are exceptions and, since I do have all of the data, there are ways to recover it. It's just that these ways are limited to what I can do as one person and some sections of it are so messed up from broken interactions that I can't use it.

Please see below for more information:


Cats created up until ID# 92543 have been recovered. All of them have been placed in your traveling slots so as not to put anyone above the capacity.

Unique Nestor cats after that ID have been recovered, however, because cat relationships could not be saved and the IDs of cats after this point changed, all kittens Nestor gave after that point had to be aged to adults.

If you had a cat in the above categories that still is missing, please visit the thread linked below on how to report that.

Beans conceived after that ID have been lost. Because the relationship information was never created and people could make litters of dozens of kittens, there was no way for me to automate figuring out who the beans' parents were supposed to be and which beans were/were not valid.

If you lost beans, you have been gifted with a free Catmint Tea so you can re-tea the parents.

All cat bios on cats with an ID past #92486 have been lost. Some of the things in the bios were causing my attempts to restore data to fail (likely specific symbols and line breaks), and I had to wipe them in order to save the cats. I still have these bios though, so if you wrote a lot in there, there's a way for me to get that back to you.

Cat Relationships

Relationships have been saved except for relationships involving cats past the ID #92543. There's a chance some of them might be broken though, there's more on how to report that later.

Items, Currency, Adventuring Progress, Sales/Trades

All of this is gone, unfortunately. sigh

Please take this new item as an apology for your suffering. I made it while trying to think about how to handle all of this:


I know it's likely not worth nearly as much as the hours of your time adventuring that you may have spent, but at least it might help us express our emotions. laughingcrying

Forum Posts, Messages, Profile Comments

I have this information, but it's really late, I'm so very tired and haven't had a break since I got up, and I have decided that it is more work to restore than it is probably worth. If you had something important you need restored, please see the information below on specific restoration requests.


I have so very many emails. So very many. I will not be able to respond to them, there are too many. Your questions should be answered here, though. panic

Restoration Requests
Wait, help, I lost something important!

I'm taking requests to restore specific kinds of data and look into particular issues. Please be conservative with your requests because I have to, unfortunately, go through it by hand and it takes time.

Here is a list of what you can report:

- Something is wrong and I'm missing a cat!
- Something is wrong and my cat has a broken relationship
- Request to recover long text (bio section of any part of the site, forum post, etc.)

If you have any other specific request or question, please post it in the thread below.

Go Here To Request Something

I won't be looking through these requests until tomorrow, because for now I need a break.

I'm terribly sorry about this whole ordeal, it truly is a testament to how incredibly fragile websites really are. weary
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 20:43:59
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Jan 19, 2023 20:48:44
Thank you for all your tireless work today, Squid. hug
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user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 20:49:31
it’s alive again !!!!!! sparkles
bless you, squid. curse semicolons
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 20:50:11

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forum helper

Jan 19, 2023 20:50:16
Certified naptime. Thank you for your hard work as always cozy
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Mewniversity of Gardenhome


user rank 7

Jan 19, 2023 20:50:47
Thank you so much for working on this Squid - take a break, you hella deserve it after this!
alt text required
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user rank 7

Jan 19, 2023 20:51:11
Thank you squid hug

Koji +0
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shen ye

user rank 7

Jan 19, 2023 20:52:25
thank u for your work squid hug
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user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 20:52:44
Thank you so much for working so hard to fix things and for saving as much as possible!
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Tomato Town


user rank 7

Jan 19, 2023 20:53:19
Thank you so much hug
alt text required

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