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TOPIC | Oh No oh No oh NO oh

longhair almond st cloudpointwhiteness: 2content eyesRunestone TangleLight Ammonite NecklaceCrown of Catmintrainbow moustache


City of Dis


user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 5:10:21
Thank you for your hard work!
longhair brown pat lynxpointwhiteness: 1content eyesTasty StickFallen Grass ScarfTan Snailshell Necklacerainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 5:36:55
Thank you so much for all the time and energy and screaming you put into this!!hug
This is an adventure our not-cats won't remember having had, and hopefully you'll now get(/have gotten) a reward of sleepy

Extra thanks from yesterday's Nestor bean Elixir, who's now an Elixir of not-youth!
leaf1She/her leaf2 ~ snail Site time +6 leaf3 ~ exclamation Pun enthusiast hug
longhair albino  whiteness: 10uwu eyesUnnatural Emerald PendantDark ScytheDark Noodle HatGold Worm on Headrainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 5:39:38
thanks for doing what you can squid!!
ill update this with links soon
longhair buff tor colorpointwhiteness: 8right eyesrainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 5:43:43
Thank you so much for getting the site back up and restoring as much as you did <33
shorthair choco st spottedwhiteness: 6left eyesrainbow moustache


Haven Hollow


user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 6:54:24
thank u for your hard work squid, we all super appreciate it , hoping u can get some good rest soon o7 <3
The SWAGINATOR 9000 is up and runnin'!!
longhair snow st minkwhiteness: 1content eyesUncut Amethyst NecklaceaaaaaaaaaaTan Noodle Tailrainbow moustache



user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 8:02:51
thonkeyesThank you for all the work you are doing here. Tbh didn't think I was so attached to these not cats until I couldn't get to them. thonkeyes
shorthair black st mackerelwhiteness: 1content eyesLight Back ScarsRound Yellow-Tinted GlassesYellow Bead NecklaceYellow Cotton Socksrainbow moustache


The Stickyfingers


user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 8:08:25
Squid you are an angel flowers we will survive this storm and grow stronger :333
sparkleknifeCaterwaul Chaos - an art shopsparkleknife
Open to roleplays! :D
longhair buff pat rosettewhiteness: 0sleepy eyesHardwood Bark Bucketaaaaaaaaaarainbow moustache




user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 8:11:04
Squid, you are amazing hug
Thank you :)
-- Last edited on Jan 20, 2023 8:11:24
Wanna join an open slightly crazy roleplay? Then DO NOT CLICK THIS

shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0neutral eyesWoven Grass CrownTasty Pink WildflowerSapphire Smokerainbow moustache




user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 8:33:56
Thanks for your hard work Squid! Coding is hard especially when you’re tired, so hope you get to relax!

Ah I do have a question, I had gotten a business card from Nestor but it looks like it was after the backup so I lost it in the restore since I didn’t use it to make a cat :’) is it possible to restore the card?
-- Last edited on Jan 20, 2023 10:20:44
longhair orange st cloudpointwhiteness: 3content eyesBeetlesZebra Isopod BuddiesYellow Wildflower NecklacePink Worm on Headrainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 10:48:47
Thank you Squid!! And no worries, things happen--and hey, at least it happened in beta! screaming
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