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TOPIC | Oh No oh No oh NO oh

shorthair cream st classicwhiteness: 4left eyesSpring Leaf CloakBlue Worm BuddiesLight Rock NecklaceRock TailpieceStarfruit Crown


The Old Tree


user rank 7

Jan 20, 2023 12:14:08
Oh wow I completely missed this but I love that my cats can now screamingscreamingscreaming too.

These things happen and there have certainly been sites with bigger rollbacks laughing Hopefully those semicolons will behave in the future!
shorthair red tor rosettewhiteness: 0danger eyesWoven Grass CrownFalling Spring LeavesObsidian GlitterdustDark Noodle Tailaaaaaaaaaa



user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 14:12:00
thank you squid!! and naja too. stuff happens, y'all handled this amazingly considering, imo.
i really love the new aaa outfit item screaming
alt text required
shorthair charc st mackerelwhiteness: 2squint eyesLight Sheathed KnifeSilver CuffsGrey Geometric ShawlSquare GlassesForget-me-not NecklaceSilver Tail RingsRight Forget-me-not HeadpieceRainbow Confetti



(any pronouns)

user rank 7

Jan 20, 2023 14:29:46
Thank you for your hard work Squid hug I hope you had a good rest, it's well deserved.
And the aaaaaa item is perfect omg screaming
-- Last edited on Jan 20, 2023 14:30:14
shorthair almond tor classicwhiteness: 5sleepy eyesWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Butterfly on HeadBlue Lakeweed Mantle



user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 16:35:49
Thank you! Honestly going through and trying to restore anything at all out of this tangled mess instead of just leaving it is a whole step above and beyond, major kudos to you!
shorthair albino  whiteness: 10sad eyesSilver SmokePan ScarfRed Heart PendantBlue Cotton MantleLight Tail ScarsaaaaaaaaaaSquare Sunglasses


The Hideaway


user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 20:02:56
I drew you something
A drawing of a tree that has been lit on fire during the storm, the leaves have been practically blown off and the fire and lightning are very bright. Squid's not-cat Snowball, who a void cat with white eyes, smoke, and a blue flower crown (simplified from the canon art) is in the top of the tree, looking down at the flames in distress. Notably, the flames and the smoke coming off of the flames vaguely look like semicolons, and Snowball has some barely visible strings of capital A's around them. The bottom of the drawing has a badly drawn white label with "XVI. THE TOWER" written in black.
longhair choco st brokenwhiteness: 5neutral eyesPink Wildflower CrownGreen Lakeweed Mantle




user rank 6

Jan 21, 2023 12:58:45
Thank you for working so hard Squid, here's to hating semicolons
bird4Avi || they/themleaf1
snail-2 Server Time fish1
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