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shorthair black st mackerelwhiteness: 2neutral eyesFishing NetsRed Fish on Headrainbow moustache


The Green


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:01:37
Hooray, the site is back up!! Thank you so much for sorting all this out!! cryingfeels
shorthair almond st lynxpointwhiteness: 3neutral eyesOldwood Bark LeggingsHardwood SwordEmerald Cloud of HeartsAqua Snail on Headrainbow moustache


Clover Grove


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:02:05
Thank you so much for your hard work!! hug
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 21:02:21
shorthair charc pat lynxpointwhiteness: 3neutral eyesBlue Butterfly Swarmrainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 21:02:33
thank u for doing what u can, when u can! we appreciate u hug
pixel art of a standing lynxpoint siamese cat
Xem. 31. He/him. PCE+0.

Xemriss #44020 on FR!

longhair snow st cloudpointwhiteness: 7left eyesViolet Petal WhirlCrown of Thymerainbow moustache



(any pronouns)

user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:02:36
thank you so much squid
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 21:02:45
shorthair red st mackerelwhiteness: 0sleepy eyesRainbow Moustacherainbow moustache


Foxglove Towne


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:02:48
Oh my god I'm so sorry you went through that cryinghug Thank you Squid for all of your hard work and sorry for the hours you've suffered.
tea I'm Scottie! My pronouns are he/him, berry/berryself, sweet/sweetself, lyric/lyricself and I have many many more. I'm a tea connoisseur. I also love chaos flames (PS: I have ASD, ADHD, and dyscalculia please be patient with me!)
shorthair snow st lynxpointwhiteness: 0content eyesDark Feather Necklaceaaaaaaaaaarainbow moustache


Cobbled Arch


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:03:46
Thank you Squid!!! Your dedication is incredible, thank you for doing your best to save our kitties and data from the Great Rollback. get some rest hug
northrunesouthrunetraderunenullrunealt text requirednullrunetraderunesouthrunenorthrune
shorthair tan pat brokenwhiteness: 0right eyesWalnut Glittersilk ScarfKnifeaaaaaaaaaaFloating Obsidian Shardsrainbow moustache


༼ つ ╹ ╹ ༽つ


user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 21:05:44
Yeahh the site is back up! Thank you for all the effort you put into fixing this feels I’ll cherish the AAAAAs
supposed to be a star that says “I survived the great cat duplication maintenance of 2023
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 21:19:53
alt text required
shorthair charc st cloudedwhiteness: 7content eyesWhite Wildflower CrownRound GlassesIron KneepadsSapphire SmokeDark Sheathed RapierIron Claws of SlicingLight Noodle ScarfSilver Tail Ringsrainbow moustache


Theater Troupe

(any pronouns)

user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 21:06:54
thank you for all your hard work!!! down with the cursed semicolon
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/709823417330696224/1079113377722400888/image1.pngalt text required
longhair aprico pat cloudedwhiteness: 4neutral eyesYellow Wildflower Necklacerainbow moustache


Stray Haven


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:07:32
oh jeez, i can only imagine how stressful it must have been to figure this out. thanks so much for all the hard work (and the new item, i love it so much)! feels
shorthair choco pat minkwhiteness: 9content eyesDark Horned SkullEmerald Cloud of HeartsDark Feather NecklaceBrown Fantail Pigeon CouncilDark Feather BeltDark Feather on Headrainbow moustache




user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:08:14
Thank you Squid!

May the spirit of the clones watch over our not-cats and protect them <3
Or... perhaps they lurk in the shadows
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