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TOPIC | Oh No oh No oh NO oh

shorthair ginger pat classicwhiteness: 5sleepy eyesLightwood Bark Crownrainbow moustache




user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:44:17
Thankyou so much Squid! All your hard work has paid off and we appreciate it! Thankyou for powering through to save as much as possible. Please, take some time to relax after this whole ordeal. You deserve it <3
cryinghug flowers cheer sparkleparty
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user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:44:54
thank u for all ur hard work, pixelcatsend team! especially squid!

>i love you for 365 / sanae#4422
>blake/onion, it/its, adult!
>rwby, kpop ggs, sel, touhou
longhair cream pat rosettewhiteness: 3neutral eyesEmerald Floating HeartOrange Hunter's Tail CozyDark Hunter's BootsSheathed SwordSummer Leaf on HeadGreen Dianthus Necklacerainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 21:53:40
it lives! thank you for your hard work, hopefully you can catch a restful break soon!
shorthair aprico st cloudedwhiteness: 5stern eyesDark Front Leg ScarsRed Carnation Tail CorsageDark Front Leg ScarsBest Friend Brown Woolly BunDark Tail ScarsBest Friend Orange BunBlue Feather NecklacePink Wildflower Crownrainbow moustache



(any pronouns)

user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 21:54:20
Thank you so much for all your hard work! Our not-kitties thank you!
longhair snow st rosettewhiteness: 9neutral eyesBlack Bead Tail BandBlack Bead AnkletsaaaaaaaaaaBlack Striped ScarfDark Left Eye ScarRound SunglassesBlack Butterfly Swarmrainbow moustache


Anatomical Human Skeleton Model


user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 22:03:15
Hope said
Like how could anyone ever be upset when the post is titled Oh no No oh etc?? I sure can’t

this & the new item definitely gave me a good chuckle teehee

jokes aside, thank you squid for getting everything under control again! site upkeep and dealing with big issues like this seems like a nightmare to do mostly solo nervous
i hope the rest of january treats you and the site well so you can get some well-deserved rest cozy
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zephyrus ☀ cat time -3
cat trades | item trades
longhair snow st minkwhiteness: 6stern eyesFallen Grass ScarfRuby Floating HeartDark Feather Necklacerainbow moustache


The Scratching Post


user rank 7

Jan 19, 2023 22:05:58
Thank you, Squid! Thank you for the work to preserve the new kitters too.... I got 2 (unique) new cats during the clone-curse-hours. And one of them has a new white pattern! I am so glad they were not poofed in the roll-back. sparkleparty
longhair aprico tor cloudedwhiteness: 6content eyesSweet Cat-tato HornsStick CrownTiger Lily Petal WhirlCrown of Parsleyrainbow moustache


Fallenleaf Refuge


user rank 5

Jan 19, 2023 22:17:54
Thank you so much for your hard work Squid!!! cryinghughugcryinghughug
alt text required
shorthair smoke st mackerelwhiteness: 2content eyesRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendChamomile GarlandRainbow SmokeRainbow Cloud of Heartsrainbow moustache




user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 22:20:23
Curly bois are the worst to wrangle, thank you so much for your work to fix things! We understand, go get some well deserved rest!! hug
a small badge with split coloring, showing the South Wind icon in black on a red background, with labeling in white text on a grey background a small badge with split coloring, showing the Ordinary personality icon in black on a orange background, with labeling in white text on a grey background

longhair aprico pat solidwhiteness: 4stern eyesBlack Cotton HoodBlack Cotton MantleLightwood SwordUnnatural Rainbow CrownObsidian Floating Heartrainbow moustache


Dewdrop Shores


user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 22:21:48
Thank you Squid!!! hug
cozy Allison/Tabitha or Alli/Tabs | they/them | pce time -1 hr transflag
longhair ginger st cloudpointwhiteness: 7neutral eyesMaroon Feather Pendantsrainbow moustache



user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 22:23:50
Thank you for sorting this out! Curly bois are small but they sure can be terrifying, too.
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