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Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint longhair coatbib & boots white markings content eyes. [Custom] Emerald SkiesWhite Butterfly SwarmSilver Spiked CrownPink Wildflower Crown



(any pronouns)

account age 8/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:32:45
I Hope the Semi-Pocalypse will never rear it’s stressful head again, sympathy for your suffering.
Thank you squid!
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 22:40:32
Not-cat with a buff classic shorthair coatnose, bib & boots white markings danger eyes. [Custom] Lanternkeeper's Starscape[Custom] ShrimpleIsopod BuddiesOrange Heartfruit on HeadPow! Explosions!Exclamation Bubble




account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:32:49
Thank you, Squid!
Rest in pieces my Jarreds, you will be remembered flames

EDIT: I checked my traveling cats and there they were. THE Jarreds!! They have morphed into one body

If you guys got a cat yesterday/today before the setback, I suggest checking your traveling cats :>
-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 22:49:50
https://64.media.tumblr.com/fd6749bf7e0cbea93c6f67f722a54e47/fcf471523430b6d4-61/s250x400/1c3bec6fe1ef17bfb2d23246eea756bcefaac0a7.png Do you have any games on your phone?
Not-cat with a tan broken shorthair coatsnow broken trade markingsspotted piebald / C7 white markings uwu eyes. Nonbinary ScarfDark Sheathed SwordRound Violet-Tinted Glasses


Crestfallen Lake


account age 8/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:38:18
I can’t even be mad at this because overwhelmed I could NOT imagine having to try and fix this myself.. props to you for wrangling it in as much as you could!

While I did lose many items and a new scene from this rollback, I’d much rather that than lose a new cat who’d just arrived sigh may the site behave and the minipocalypse never return!
transflag The world will always be a little better for having you in it.
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Not-cat with a brown classic shorthair coatorange classic trade markingsvan / C9 white markings sad eyes. Shined Iron HelmetShined Iron Claws of ClawingViolet CrownShined Iron KneepadsPastel Tie-Dye ShawlLight Sheathed SwordNonbinary ScarfRound Glasses


The Moss-stone Cairn


account age 8/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:53:00
thank you for fixing this! hug
 the image is a drawing of a paint pallet with blobs of each color in the rainbow, over which a paintbrush with orange paint on it paints a streak of orange. under the paintbrush and behind the pallet are three saguaro cacti.

writingchaotic artist and bird enthusiast, pleased to meet ya!tea
Not-cat with a red broken shorthair coatlocket white markings sad eyes. aaaaaaaaaaGrey Chicken on Head


La Villa Strangi-gato


account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:57:02
Oh nooo Squid, I'm sorry! What a catastrophe screaming (that I wish I could say was a not-catastrophe, ack)
Thank you for your hard work! orangeheart I hope you're able to get some good rest now - and best of luck with your busytimes at your job
Not-cat with a choco rosette shorthair coattrue piebald white markings uwu eyes. aaaaaaaaaaHeart BubbleFabulous Red AuraEvil Imaginary Rain


- ✦ Stagcrest ✦ -


account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 22:59:50
Oh my what a mess! I'm glad it's all accounted for now! laughing (as much as it can be, anyway!) Thank you for your hard work and please remember to take breaks and hydrate!
Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino white markings uwu eyes. [Custom] Silver Celestial Comets[Custom] Extra Crunchy JPEG[Custom] Sorrowful Tears[Custom] Silver Laurel Set[Custom] Sky Flower Deer Antlers Headband[Custom] SP24 - Winter Witch Dress[Custom] Falling Snowflake Whirl[Custom] SP24 - Winter Floral Border


ɴᴇꜱᴛᴏʀ'ꜱ ᴡᴏᴏᴅ


account age 8/9

Jan 19, 2023 23:03:53
Huge fan of aaaaaaaaaa apparel >:D
Discord hosting gone sadge
Not-cat with a ginger mink shorthair coatorange mink trade markingsno white markings sleepy eyes. Tasty Autumn LeafFalling Autumn LeavesOrange BubblesDark Orange Pumpkit on Head




account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 23:08:20
Yikes, that sounds like a huge pain to fix even to me, and I don't know anything about coding. That item is hilarious tho, 10/10 beta souvenir.
Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino white markings right eyes.




account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 23:13:46
Thank you so much, Squid! Take care of yourself hug
Not-cat with a red broken longhair coatvan / C9 white markings sleepy eyes. Violet Tail CorsageDarkwood Bark ShieldLight Footprint NecklaceTasty CrocusPurple Wool HatRainbow Confetti


Glittering Cascade


account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 23:14:57
oh my goodness. I will never see semicolons in the same way again.
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