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TOPIC | Oh No oh No oh NO oh

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Jan 19, 2023 23:39:57
Thank you for your hard work, Squid! Please take a break you deserve it hug

very very glad most of my playing is done very quickly
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user rank 6

Jan 19, 2023 23:54:59

What a day. Sure has been one of the days ever…I think. I’m sure this will have no ramifications on my not-cats’ sanity.

Seriously though, thank you.
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New Amarna


user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 0:07:17
cozy that's a buckwild amount of work you got done! please rest, you've more than earned it. thank you for all you do.
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Lunch Break


user rank 7

Jan 20, 2023 0:18:22
Thank you for all your work and effort squid! Ultimate chaos happened in the land of not cats and you sorted it out in a timely manner! Ty!! hug
buying art lore thread
sig art by Rapirisu
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user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 0:19:39
Thank you so much for all your hard work today, and every other day! I'm glad there wasn't very much lost.
shorthair ginger tor classicwhiteness: 5danger eyesPan StreamersLightwood Bark ShieldLightwood Bark Flagaaaaaaaaaarainbow moustache




user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 0:31:46
thank you for sharing all your hard work and aaaaa with us screaming feels
writingtitian's tiny RPG classes - unique classes for your cats!rally
Titian with TWO 'i's! Please double check my name when pinging me! Thank you!!
longhair choco pat brokenwhiteness: 0neutral eyesSummer Leaf CloakLight Footprint NecklaceGreen Noodle Tailrainbow moustache


New Home

(any pronouns)

user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 0:44:19
Thank you for going through the no doubt intense effort of saving so many cats, Squid. You didn’t need to do that, but it’s really, really appreciated that you did. Please get lots of rest and I’m sorry about this happening.
longhair beige pat mackerelwhiteness: 5squint eyesUncut Emerald AnkletsWoven Grass HatSummer Leaf CloakCatmint Garlandrainbow moustache



user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 1:12:18
Thank you so much for your hard work! cryinghug
shorthair silver pat solidwhiteness: 4squint eyesrainbow moustache



user rank 6

Jan 20, 2023 1:23:05
I do appreciate your ability to integrate this into the lore lol

PCE server time -3 (PST/PDT)
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Twig Village


user rank 5

Jan 20, 2023 1:33:40
Squid, thank you so so much for all your hard work with fixing this and restoring everyone's cats, it's much appreciated!!! hug And also thank you for the aaaaaaaa item, it's amazing laughing I'm so glad my kitty Queen is okay, they're basically a dream cat and I would've been so sad to lose them, so thank you so much again for restoring everyone's cats!! That must've been a lot of work to do, I hope you get a good rest after all this chaos!! <3

I will say, wild as this all was, it does give me some pretty cool lore ideas, so at least there's that :'D I also love Queen's new ID (92669), it's way cooler then the old one haha!
-- Last edited on Jan 20, 2023 1:42:07

Sedge | they/its
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