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TOPIC | Clone Day Survival Stamp

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The Edge Of The Universe


account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 21:35:04
did YOU survive the great clone incident? i did too! have a stamp to show that you made it through (not being put in creative since its not really what i consider High Effort Art)

-- Last edited on Jan 19, 2023 21:35:29
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Halloween Town


account age 7/9

Jan 19, 2023 21:59:31
definitely putting this in the bio of the nestor cat i got during this whole thing

didn't actually duplicate aer but i had the choice! definitely a survivor
lucky "halloween" lemonade. feel free to ping. PCE +14
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account age 8/9

Jan 20, 2023 4:06:39
Hehe this is cute, I'm definitely using it, thanks for sharing !

I got a Nestor not-kitten the same day so now I too have a confused, all grown-up not-cat :

(also the site went down at the exact moment I FINALLY had my lodge and was on my way to appoint a mayor laughing I have to redo it)
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account age 7/9

Jan 20, 2023 9:33:43
oh cute! I misses alot cause I was at work but that was crazy!
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Sunrise Peak


account age 7/9

Jan 20, 2023 11:22:53
of course interesting things happen when i don't playsquint
-- Last edited on Jan 20, 2023 11:23:15
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account age 9/9

Jan 20, 2023 11:25:12
This is so silly, i love it :D
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Good Vibes


account age 7/9

Jan 20, 2023 11:29:18

Thank you for making this!
I'll definitely be using this for the Nestor not-cat I received! She got cloned a good five times before I realized what happened screaming

It's been an interesting time for certain.
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account age 8/9

Jan 20, 2023 14:27:05
jellyjam said
of course interesting things happen when i don't playsquint

The equivalent of not going to school and your classmates do pretty much everything cool that day

I didn't get a cat that day so I wasn't able to experience the disaster, I actually didn't even knew what was happening until the site went down lol, but it's funny to imagine people's reactions
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forum helper

Jan 20, 2023 17:50:15
Hi @gender! Creative isn't just limited to "high effort art" but is for threads with free to use graphics and assets, among being a place to share your artistic creations. That being said I am moving your thread over to it flowers
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account age 8/9

Dec 24, 2023 7:05:20
You guys got your cloned cats survived????? confused

Mine didn't sadly crying
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