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TOPIC | Pattern Clothes & Forum Fix-up

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The Not-Village



Mar 6, 2022 10:52:02
pattern shop update banner

This update brings a new store to Gardenhome, as well as a bunch of QOL tweaks.

Read more about this update
-- Last edited on Mar 6, 2022 11:31:44
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Mar 6, 2022 10:59:58
You need to clear your cache for the site to look reasonable. boop

Forum & Messaging Changes

- Thread subscriptions are here! You can also manage your existing subscriptions in your account settings.

- The reply box has been moved to the same page as the thread. No longer must we suffer opening everything up in 15 different tabs just to reply to someone and also remember their username at the same time.

- The reply box on PMs has also been moved to the bottom of the page.

- You can now generate a link to a specific post.

- Almost guaranteed these systems have bugs and may or may not 100% work as intended, so I'll be watching throughout the day.

New Arrow Key Functions

- You can now use arrow keys to page between scenes and cats in your village!

Special Options

There is a new "gameplay options" page in Account Settings. Currently there are two options there:

1) You can turn off Nestor's extra eyes. He is polite and will close them for you if you wish. This will also cancel all other spooky eyes to appear on the site in the future. nestor

2) You can enable the wind/personality/aspect icons to appear on the main cats page of villages. I'd like to redo these icons at some point to match them up a little better (they're one of the oldest image assets on site), but this is.... very low priority.


Peppa's Patterned Fabrics

Peppa, a tiny little mink kitty, has been hard at work making pretty patterns for your cats to wear (and a notes sink since there otherwise won't really be any big ones until Village Lodge). She is also working on some matching decor, but hasn't gotten it finished yet.

New clothing options below:
clothingRed Geometric Leg Wraps
clothingRed Geometric Tail Wrap
clothingBlue Geometric Leg Wraps
clothingBlue Geometric Tail Wrap
clothingGrey Geometric Leg Wraps
clothingGrey Geometric Tail Wrap
clothingBlue Polkadot Leg Wraps
clothingBlue Polkadot Tail Wrap
clothingRed Polkadot Leg Wraps
clothingRed Polkadot Tail Wrap
clothingPink Polkadot Leg Wraps
clothingPink Polkadot Tail Wrap
clothingYellow Heart Leg Wraps
clothingYellow Heart Tail Wrap
clothingBurgundy Heart Leg Wraps
clothingBurgundy Heart Tail Wrap
clothingGreen Floral Leg Wraps
clothingGreen Floral Tail Wrap
clothingLavender Floral Leg Wraps
clothingLavender Floral Tail Wrap
clothingTan Floral Leg Wraps
clothingTan Floral Tail Wrap
clothingBlue Striped Leg Wraps
clothingBlue Striped Tail Wrap
clothingBlack Striped Leg Wraps
clothingBlack Striped Tail Wrap
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Leg Wraps
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Tail Wrap
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Leg Wraps
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Tail Wrap
clothingRed Geometric Head Wrap
clothingRed Geometric Hat
clothingRed Geometric Waist Wrap
clothingBlue Geometric Head Wrap
clothingBlue Geometric Hat
clothingBlue Geometric Waist Wrap
clothingGrey Geometric Head Wrap
clothingGrey Geometric Hat
clothingGrey Geometric Waist Wrap
clothingBlue Polkadot Head Wrap
clothingBlue Polkadot Hat
clothingBlue Polkadot Waist Wrap
clothingRed Polkadot Head Wrap
clothingRed Polkadot Hat
clothingRed Polkadot Waist Wrap
clothingPink Polkadot Head Wrap
clothingPink Polkadot Hat
clothingPink Polkadot Waist Wrap
clothingYellow Heart Head Wrap
clothingYellow Heart Hat
clothingYellow Heart Waist Wrap
clothingBurgundy Heart Head Wrap
clothingBurgundy Heart Hat
clothingBurgundy Heart Waist Wrap
clothingGreen Floral Head Wrap
clothingGreen Floral Hat
clothingGreen Floral Waist Wrap
clothingLavender Floral Head Wrap
clothingLavender Floral Hat
clothingLavender Floral Waist Wrap
clothingTan Floral Head Wrap
clothingTan Floral Hat
clothingTan Floral Waist Wrap
clothingBlue Striped Head Wrap
clothingBlue Striped Hat
clothingBlue Striped Waist Wrap
clothingBlack Striped Head Wrap
clothingBlack Striped Hat
clothingBlack Striped Waist Wrap
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Head Wrap
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Hat
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Waist Wrap
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Head Wrap
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Hat
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Waist Wrap
clothingRed Geometric Scarf
clothingRed Geometric Shawl
clothingBlue Geometric Scarf
clothingBlue Geometric Shawl
clothingGrey Geometric Scarf
clothingGrey Geometric Shawl
clothingBlue Polkadot Scarf
clothingBlue Polkadot Shawl
clothingRed Polkadot Scarf
clothingRed Polkadot Shawl
clothingPink Polkadot Scarf
clothingPink Polkadot Shawl
clothingYellow Heart Scarf
clothingYellow Heart Shawl
clothingBurgundy Heart Scarf
clothingBurgundy Heart Shawl
clothingGreen Floral Scarf
clothingGreen Floral Shawl
clothingLavender Floral Scarf
clothingLavender Floral Shawl
clothingTan Floral Scarf
clothingTan Floral Shawl
clothingBlue Striped Scarf
clothingBlue Striped Shawl
clothingBlack Striped Scarf
clothingBlack Striped Shawl
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Scarf
clothingPastel Tie-Dye Shawl
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Scarf
clothingCamo Tie-Dye Shawl

Incoming Ad

Annnnnd now for the un-QOL update. I've begun the process of signing up to have ads display on the site. They're not currently working, but they will be showing up eventually. I've decided to just do one (1) for now and put it in baby jail at the very bottom of the page. You can see its little baby jail there now! stare

They call it Adsense... but maybe it is more like Sadsense. weary As you can see I really do not like ads..... However... maybe with over 800k pageviews a week, I can buy the cats a single hamburger... or a salad.... maybe more like... saLadsense????? to buy the not-cats a salad? leaf1 but now I'm thinking of Ladsense.... get the cats.... a date with their Boyfriends. prideflag ANYWAY.

So that's a thing now. I did hear a report from two people about their adblocker blocking the site banner for some reason... so I've renamed the div and Maybe it won't think it's an ad so that when you re-enable your adblocker it doesn't yeet the images again.

Bug Fixes

-inhales- flames

- Clothing sort order hopefully less weird when you first submit the form / on new items

- Nestor no longer lets traveling or cats in the city adopt babies.

- Images should no longer blur when you zoom in and out or view at unusual resolutions. This may result in the images appearing a little bit different than before, and you may see some "crunch" at odd resolutions. However! This means if you want a better look at your cats, you can zoom in to 200% or such and see all the pixels in great delicious detail.

- Letters from noone should no longer appear, and similarly the mail checking should no longer break, as babies are no longer attempting to send mail

- The content and title of your post should no longer disappear if you try to make a post with a title that's too long

- The stores should no longer let you buy more than you can afford, thrusting you into crippling cat debt

- Scene rearrange page no longer redirects to blank page after submission

- Accidentally including trailing commas when adding words to the language filter no longer censors every word on the entire site

- User-uploaded images are now exempt from the pixel resizing, so we shouldn't have any more 'crumchy cat pictures'

- The scenery link on the getting started page is no longer broken

- The breadcrumbs on the rearrange scenes page are no longer broken

- Reset password link should now always display if you have in fact forgotten your password

- Invite link should hopefully no longer break and trick you into thinking the registration went through if you have a particularly long email as the character limit has been incrased

- World map links have been added/updated for the city and adventuring locations

- Gift accepted link no longer bounces to a broken recruit history page (and other redirects on the various trades-related pages are also fixed)

- There is no longer a visible button prompting you to post on profiles with comments disabled

- There are no longer visible Send Message links to users who have disabled messages (both profile and forums)

- When changing scenery background, the image now updates immediately instead of requiring another page refresh after

- Columns code insert button is no longer inserting the OLD no longer valid columns code

- Random number in the top left corner of adventuring is now visible only to admins so as not to cause confusion

- Columns in the forums are no longer cut off on mobile and instead wrap around

- Posting unborn beans in the forums no longer reveals their appearance

- Posting newborn beans on the first day they're born no longer shows them as an adult

- The username change page now lets you change your username's capitalization freely

- Genetics wasn't working as intended at all, but is now fixed! This will cause substantial changes to bean offspring appearance possibilities, and also means that null cats should... be plausible.

- The superscript tags have been corrected and standardized across the site

- The cloth bandage is now sellable

- Unborn babies are no longer able to be put in the beans sandbox, allowing you to deduce some knowledge or preview their offspring

- Login memory has been altered (and maybe it won't log people out as often), but users may need to log out and back in for it to take effect

- Intro sequence personality choice, bars and titles now both line up and don't get cut off at the bottom on mobile

- The sig size has been increased by 2 pixels so that sigs with a catmoji and three lines of text don't have their tails cropped off

- You should no longer see forms getting resubmitted upon hitting refresh, so Whiskers hopefully won't swindle you if you refresh after buying something (you will need to clear your cache for this to work)

- Long item names in the open marketplace shouldn't scoot seller information over anymore and will wrap instead

- Forum sigs no longer have excess padding on bottom, left, and right

- Long words in item names no longer escape the box, but instead wrap

- Baker is no longer un-unlockable if you have already unlocked flockherd

- Whiskers now properly charges out-of-season fees on out-of-season items

- The cat recruit board and item market now no longer allow items to be purchased multiple times or by multiple people

- Selling an item for an incredibly high price no longer eats your item and breaks the page

- The recruit cat button is no longer off-screen on mobile in the cat recruitment board

- The search button no longer clips with the dropdown in the marketplace and cat recruitment board on mobile

- Greyed out links are now much lighter to provide increased contrast around content that you can't interact with

- Adding a new forum category no longer rejects everything as being too long, and no longer yeets all your content upon doing so

- Forum preview should now properly match the width of an actual forum post

- Language filter now properly filters bad language on the forum main page

- Separated partners can no longer start a family with the tea item while in different villages, causing both of them to become trapped eternally separated

- Sort choice no longer getting lost when going to the next page in cat recruit and open market

- Fixed issue where users were able to bypass the email confirmation code

- Fixed extra line break on cats rearrange page for expected beans

- Unborn beans can no longer be set as avatar, which also revealed their hidden name and made the link funky

- Cats in the city can no longer be set as avatar

- Notifications pagination no longer leads to broken page

- You can now comment on your own profile if your profile comments setting is friends only

- Users are no longer able to friend themselves

- Fixed issue where more than 4 buildings could be placed in building at once

- Beans and unborn beans are no longer showing up on list as eligible for friendship or rivalry with young kittens

- Every field is no longer "too long" on the city shop add page

- When you make a new post that goes to the second page, it should now actually go to the second

- Pinging someone to a post that goes to the second page should also now go to the second page

- Faded buttons were added to scenes and cats so the nav buttons don't wigglewaggle

What's next?

- Continued bug fixes and small QOL changes/updates

- Originally I was going to first add the Village Lodge - However, the Village Lodge is a feature for late-game players. It allows you to expand your village so you can have more scenes to decorate and adds special jobs so you can have more cats. It's not very useful for new players, and since pretty much the entire playerbase is in the newbie phase, it made more sense to instead frontload things that would be more useful to new players.

- Therefore, I plan to bury myself in a blanket cave and do another deep dive into adventuring for a bit.
-- Last edited on Mar 6, 2022 11:25:47
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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forum helper

Mar 6, 2022 11:40:47
I love the new clothes, brb going to buy like 8 shawls leafhat
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forum helper

Mar 6, 2022 11:49:36
New clothes!!! I love them cryinghug

also I very much appreciate that new posts are on the thread now....but could it get centered. should I make a thread proper for that. wanna just. nudge it over like a cat knocks a glass off the table
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The Not-Village



Mar 6, 2022 11:53:50
@Nae yes you can make a thread for that. I spent an inordinate amount of time right-aligning it bc I thought it looked Really Weird centered but laughing I'm not opposed to changing it back.
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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forum helper

Mar 6, 2022 11:57:21
I just want you to know that I just cleared my cache and it looks better (idk why I didn't do that first :birdjoy:) so I'll skip the thread! important PSA that cache sure does affect basically everything new
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Totally Legitimate Not-Cats


user rank 7

Mar 6, 2022 12:08:52
lov those clothes!! v good hug
oct | they/she | pct-3
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forum helper

Mar 6, 2022 12:10:11
forum subscription hug

the new clothes look very good eyes
flower1 snowflakes decision glitter flower2

server time +6
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Bumblebee Grove


user rank 7

Mar 6, 2022 12:26:23
The new clothes look so great! feels also yay forum subscriptions!
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(any pronouns)

user rank 7

Mar 6, 2022 12:38:35
The new clothes are gorgeous! And so many qol updates, so many fixes cheer
Thank you for the hard work!
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