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TOPIC | [Tool] Village Genome Search

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Feb 8, 2023 18:02:02
If you've ever wanted to search among your village's genes to more easily pair up your cats..
this sheet is for you!

[ S P R E A D S H E E T ]
blank copy - make a copy in order to fill out your cats!

What this sheet provides:
  • An easy and color-coded overview of all your cats and their genetics

  • Ability to paste in your cat's gene string (in either the new or old format) and have it automatically parsed out into the display

  • Search among the genotypes (gene string) or phenotypes (actual appearance) of all cats

  • Compare a cat against the cats in a search for easy pairing help

  • Option to highlight current partners in the search results

  • A tab of quicklinks for genetics help

Spreadsheet Preview

Spreadsheet preview, showing the cat input tab. Column F lets you paste in your cats' gene strings. Column C lets you exclude certain cats (like cats that are currently too young for partners) from the search. All columns after column F are automated- no need to input anything! Columns AK and beyond (scroll right) may be optionally edited to make little notes or mark a cat's partner(s). These will show up on the search tab for your convenience!

Recessive and carried genes are highlighted for convenience. This color-coding can be turned off by unchecking the checkboxes at the top of the relevant column. This goes for the Search tab as well.

Spreadsheet preview, showing the cat input tab.

An example of genotype searching is the next image. Here, a cat is selected at the very top to have their genes compared against the cats in the search results. Their current partner is highlighted. Notes made on the input tab will appear along the right side.

The genotype and phenotype searches can also be minimized to just focus on the search results. The image below shows the phenotype search minimized in order to focus on the genotype search.

An example of genotype searching

If anything is confusing or doesn't appear to be working correctly, let me know! feels
-- Last edited on Feb 21, 2023 18:24:46
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the velvet underground


account age 7/9

Feb 10, 2023 0:16:11
super excited to start playing with this, thank you for sharing!
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