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TOPIC | Winter Expansion & Kitten Toys

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The Not-Village



Apr 2, 2022 16:56:04
live update banner

This update brings a small expansion of the winter garden-group occupations, as well as a big pile of trinkets and toys for kittens. I've also provided an update on the status of adventuring development.

Visit the thread to see more
-- Last edited on Apr 2, 2022 21:52:24
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Apr 2, 2022 16:56:12
New Winter-Exclusive Items

New plants are appearing at the gardener, farmer, and herbalist occupations! Your cats can soon begin harvesting, wearing, and decorating with Not-Holly, Forget-me-not, Crocus, Goldenseal, Snow Peas, and Snowmeowtoes.

These new winter flowers will be used for an upcoming series of "Winter-dyed" clothes and paintings.


decorSingle Crocus
decorSingle Not-Holly
decorSingle Forget-me-not
decorPatch of Crocuses
decorPatch of Not-Holly
decorPatch of Forget-me-nots
decorNot-Holly Wreath
decorLarge Crocus Planter
decorLarge Not-Holly Planter
decorLarge Forget-me-not Planter
decorClay Crocus Pot
decorClay Not-Holly Pot
decorClay Forget-me-not Pot
decorTiny Crocus Pot
decorTiny Not-Holly Pot
decorTiny Forget-me-not Pot
decorHanging Crocus Pot
decorHanging Not-Holly Pot
decorHanging Forget-me-not Pot

clothingTasty Crocus
clothingLeft Crocus Headpiece
clothingRight Crocus Headpiece
clothingCrocus Necklace
clothingCrocus Crown
clothingCrocus Tail Corsage
clothingCrocus Petal Whirl
clothingTasty Forget-me-not
clothingLeft Forget-me-not Headpiece
clothingRight Forget-me-not Headpiece
clothingForget-me-not Necklace
clothingForget-me-not Crown
clothingForget-me-not Tail Corsage
clothingForget-me-not Petal Whirl
clothingNot-Tasty Not-Holly
clothingLeft Not-Holly Headpiece
clothingRight Not-Holly Headpiece
clothingNot-Holly Necklace
clothingNot-Holly Crown
clothingNot-Holly Tail Corsage
clothingNot-Holly Petal Whirl

The new winter vegetables will be used in an expansion to the luncheon recipes, which adds 8 new possible meals for a variety of seasons!


decorSnowpea Plant
decorSnowmeowto Plant
decorPatch of Snowpeas
decorPatch of Snowmeowtoes
decorCrate of Snowmeowtoes
decorCrate of Snowpeas

clothingSnowpeas Necklace
clothingSnowpeas Crown
clothingSnowmeowto Head Stack
clothingSnowmeowto Tail Twist

The new silverseal herb doesn't have any uses yet, and is not particularly tasty, but it will have a future purpose (and Brian will buy it anyway.)


decorSilverseal Plant
decorPlanter of Silverseal

clothingTasty Silverseal
clothingCrown of Silverseal
clothingSilverseal Mantle

Kitten Toys!

So, yesterday I added the worms off the string to Nestor's very rare pool under the assumption that this would make them long-term obtainable (and not April Fools exclusive), but somewhat rare. The thing is, I forgot Tiny Adventurers pull from Nestor's pool, but can only bring back trinkets and resources (not apparel or decor). Since there aren't many trinkets, this means that the babies had found my secret worm stash and were raiding it at quite high rates.... To compensate, I'm adding a large drop of Nestor/other trinkets, so that the babies have a larger selection of things to find and play with.

The following 29 new toys have been added. These will be very rarely given out by Nestor, brought back on a regular basis by tiny adventurers, and I'm adding some of them here and there as rare scenario or letter drops:

trinketsLeathery Feathery Ball
trinketsLeather Rainbow Ball
trinketsDried Rice Rattlers
trinketsEvil Beanigator
trinketsWooden Cat Dolls
trinketsPurple Kitty Doll
trinketsLittle Hunter Mouse Toy
trinketsToy Boat
trinketsSyllable Blocks
trinketsMysterious Miniature Puzzle Box
trinketsFishing Practice Pole
trinketsWooden Earth Train
trinketsSilky Bunny Doll
trinketsColoring Book and Crayons
trinketsRainbow Springies
trinketsSpringy Sproingy Thingy
trinketsJingly Bells
trinketsBlanket Made with Love
trinketsLong Blue Ribbon
trinketsCollection of Stacking Rocks
trinketsMr. Leafy
trinketsChewy Stick
trinketsCuddly Nestor Doll
trinketsLucky Sock
trinketsDr. Leaferson
trinketsPlush Caterpillar Toys
trinketsRoller Ball Tower
trinketsColorful Bean Bags
trinketsPlump Fox Plushie

Other New Items

The following items are currently unobtainable, but needed to be added for adventuring development:

specialDenim Traveler's Pack
specialEmerald Explorer's Pack
specialGold Adventurer's Pack
specialBurgundy Hero's Pack

Gatherers can now rarely bring back the following Winter-exclusive resource:

resourcesFallen Meteorite

You can now craft the following winter healing item equivalent (for adventuring) at the apothecary:

gearWintermint Tea

Note about the apothecary: Currently there is not a winter recolor, but I do plan to add one before adventuring appears so that you can still craft healing items and such.

New Luncheon Recipes

Eight new delicious recipes have been added to the luncheon. From left to right: Snowpea Stir Fry, Eggs on Toast, Fish and Chips, Cheese Pizza, Fresh Winter Salad, Spicy Snowmeowto Chili, Crispy Fried Fowl, and Three-Layered Cake.


Status of Adventuring

Adventuring is well underway! Here's a breakdown of where I'm at:

I. Back-End Code-- 100% Complete

II. Front-End Code & UI-- ~75% Complete
- - Party Management and Leveling-- 100% Complete
- - Adventure Progression, Between Encounters, Party Defeat -- 100% Complete
- - Scripted Encounters-- 100% Complete
- - Skill Challenge Encounters-- 98% Complete
- - Combat Encounters-- 0% Complete
- - Boss Battle & End-of-Adventuring Unlocks-- 0% Complete
- - Keyboard Controls-- 0% Complete

III. Writing for First Area-- ~20% Complete
- - Scripted Encounters-- 90% Complete
- - Skill Challenge Encounters-- 20% Complete
- - Combat Blurbs-- 0% Complete

IV. Art for First Area-- ~50% Complete
- - Landscape/Backgrounds-- 80% Complete
- - Top-Down Maps-- 100% Complete
- - Monsters-- 50% Complete
- - Adventuring-Exclusive Drops-- 10% Complete

A Quick Note

The item database got a bit of a clean-up during the most recent downtime!

Bug Fixes

- Kittens should no longer talk to ghosts (for real this time)

- Trinket and dress up links on cats for trade should no longer show up and lead to an error page

- Password reset link on the login page should show up always now

- Crafts helper link properly disables when it is not unlocked

- Multiple buildings can now be added at once without it stopping after the first

- If your custom cat has the Albino white marking, all of the randomized cat previews while rolling your squad will no longer say they have 'pale red' eyes, regardless of if they actually do or not

- Hovertext on icons is no longer black in dark mode (will require clear cache to see change)

- Flockherd image no longer colors in when the garden is unlocked

- Sent PMs pagination is no longer broken

- The inventory pages now show one additional item per page so that the maximum width page doesn't have 1 item less in the last row

- The word "Use" has been removed from the daily scenarios which require a material to prevent Chamomile and Wintermint from escaping

- Catmint tea should no longer put kittens at the front of the village

- If you try to log in with a wrong username it should now tell you that said username doesn't exist

- Sandbox (scene and cat) should no longer break if you enter an item with an apostrophe in the name

- Marketplace no longer forgets your chosen sort when you purchase an item

- Forum subscription button now leaves you on the same page

- Hitting the quote button now leaves you on the same page

- Scenarios now jump down to above the pagination instead of below

- Editing a player's funds as admin to add or remove money no longer overwrites the admins' own funds instead

- Quick sales and inventory no longer has 1 less item in the last row at max width

- Hovertext was added to the formatbar in case the images decide to not

- Adding more than 8 clothes to a cat now properly displays the error message

- Attempting to save a forum sig with too many characters no longer yeets the entire sig's content

- Length of forum sigs has been increased to 5000 characters (up from 1000 characters)

- Pagination has been added to the bottom of the page in the city shop

- Relationship specialty items can now be used on traveling cats as intended

- Catmint Tea item is no longer able to be used on traveling cats

- Letter of New Beginnings item now shows all eligible relationships to clear instead of just prompting a cat to unfriend itself

- It is no longer possible to remove a trinket from a cat without a trinket or add a trinket to a cat that already has one

- Nestor will no longer allow adolescents to adopt kittens

- Level 3 experience required count has been corrected on cat profiles

- Friend request box no longer has an extra space causing it to look like the bottom border is missing

- Reflexive version of xe/xem no longer generates incorrectly

- Search has been fixed in the item database, after breaking post desoupification

- Username change cooldown is now an even 30 days and not precisely 1/12th of a year

- Adding recipes to the database no longer breaks when you only have 2 ingredients

What's next?

- Continued work on adventuring!

- Continued content updates as a treat :3

My current workflow looks a bit like this:
- Working on adventuring on weekends
- Working on bug fixes and additional art/content on weekday evenings when I have the energy for it
-- Last edited on Apr 2, 2022 21:37:16
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Apr 2, 2022 17:02:14
Hello! Since there are a lot of items that will take some time for me to add, this update will be slowly occurring over the course of the evening. sparkles
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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(any pronouns)

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Apr 2, 2022 17:09:00
omg new stuff new stuff eyes
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shen ye

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Apr 2, 2022 17:15:53
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Apr 2, 2022 17:16:10
wow no upside down skydancer? unfollowed unliked reported blocked

just kidding hi these are cool cryinghugeyeseyeseyeseyes
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tea PCE-2 time tea
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Apr 2, 2022 17:18:21
omg!! im so excited eyeseyeseyes

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Tomato Town


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Apr 2, 2022 17:27:24
omg new flowers sparkleparty... guess i have a reason to do some winter gardening now
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Apr 2, 2022 17:29:41
snowball is so talented. very good painting
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A Totally Normal Village


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Apr 2, 2022 17:33:18
aaaaa plamts eyes
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