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TOPIC | New Buildings & Beans Fix-up

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The Not-Village



Apr 24, 2022 10:52:43
beans and buildings update banner

This update brings a variety of new craftable decor and buildings, a huge clean-up of the beans and aging systems, and.... the announcement of our next registration opening!

Upcoming Registration Window
We will be having an uncapped Open Registration Weekend from Friday, May 6th at 18:00 Server Time to Sunday, May 8th at 18:00 Server Time.

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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Apr 24, 2022 11:20:34
You need to clear your cache for everything to look as intended. boop

Beans and Aging Changes

Back before the implementation of the Catmint Tea, it didn't really matter too much when the cooldowns ended and when cats grew up, because they more or less were confined to their mysterious ways.... However, now that we have these powers, you all have been wondering "when do cats age?" "when can they have beans again?"

Because of how it was coded, you didn't know the answer to this, even I didn't know the answer to this. I went digging and found out it didn't work how I intended either. Because aging was housed on... almost every page, I had to go in and clean-up most of the site. But rest easy, because all of the aging and cooldowns have now been standardized to make them more approachable and comprehensible.


Cats now actually grow up on every 4 week mark. This will happen on days 28, 56, 84, and 112 for Young Kittens, Kittens, Adolescents, and Adults respectively. The number of days old a young cat is is now displayed on the cat's page next to the age. (The date number disappears after adulthood).

I have done the math about 170 million times, so hopefully all of this works as intended now, but there's still a chance I'm off. In which case, let me know so I can change it again. As part of the clean-up, I made it easier for me to fix these kinds of issues by converging the aging checker into a single location.

So how should aging work? If you open up a calendar and look at your cat's date of birth, and jump down 4 weeks exactly, that should be the date it hits the next stage (and so on).

Example above: Where a cat born on May 2nd becomes a young kitten on May 30th


The previous 'cooldown' for when partners can have beans again used to be incredibly unapproachable and complex. When digging into it, it used to be:

a) Existing kids grown up + b) Not the same in-game calendar year

But, it was using the old growth values, so it was actually checking for 140 days (to adulthood before adolescence was decreased in time), instead of what I assumed would be 84 days (to adolescence).

I've basically eliminated all of that, and now the cooldown is a flat and simple 84 days (when the existing kittens reach adolescence). This should have you doing less secret rituals and divining in an attempt to understand when your cats can have beans again.

The cooldown is now listed on the bottom of the relationships section of the cat's page for the owner of the cat only.

Bean Stat/Growth Rate Changes

I've tweaked the growth patterns, so your kittens, adolescents, etc. will have different sizes and stats now. My goal was to standardize these into more easy to understand rates with flat 25%, 50%, and 75% averages. I've also made them a little more similar to each other, so none of the babies should be as dramatically different.

The new table for sizes and stats is as follows:

Growth Pattern
Very Early
Very Late


Young Kittens




New Pronouns for Cats

Cats now have new built-in pronoun options on the edit biographical information page. I needed to add it/its for the monsters in adventuring, so I figured "hey, while I'm in The Pronounenator, I might as well add some other stuff too."

New Options include: it/its, he/they, she/they, they/he, and they/she

For the double pairs (he/they, etc.), cats will choose one of the two each day. The one that is listed first will be chosen twice as often as the one that is listed second. It's based on the irl day of the month. I needed it to be something that wouldn't change throughout the day so that it wouldn't use different pronouns for the same cat in the same sentence which, while valid, caused problems because it would mean they would use different conjugations as well. This ended in things like "He go to the store and gets themselves some milk" instead of "He goes to the store and gets himself some milk."

New Craftable Buildings and Decor

Winter paintings are here! As well as windowless version of the mason buildings, some spicy recolors, and the terracotta buildings I've had drafted for ages. Shoutout to all the vampire cats that wanted a goth castle... I got u.

buildingsLight Apothecary's Workstation
buildingsSmall Brick House No Windows
buildingsLarge Brick House No Windows
buildingsSmall Contrasting Brick House
buildingsSmall Contrasting Brick House No Windows
buildingsLarge Contrasting Brick House
buildingsLarge Contrasting Brick House No Windows
buildingsSmall Stone Fort No Windows
buildingsLarge Stone Fort No Windows
buildingsSmall Dark Fort
buildingsLarge Dark Fort
buildingsSmall Dark Fort No Windows
buildingsLarge Dark Fort No Windows
buildingsRed Terracotta House
buildingsBrown Terracotta house
buildingsOrange Terracotta House
buildingsGold Terracotta House
buildingsGreen Terracotta House
buildingsIndigo Terracotta House
buildingsCream Terracotta House

decorSnowy Mountains Painting
decorPortrait of Nestor Painting
decorThe Awakening Painting
decorSon of the Sea Painting
decorThe Before-Beans Painting
decorAscended Cat Portrait Painting
decorOverturned Calico Painting
decorButterflies of Not-Earth Painting
decorSeasons Greasons Painting
decorMedium Warm Painting
decorFamily Portrait Painting
decorFox in the Snow Painting
decorSmall Snowflakes Painting
decorBlackbird Painting
decorSmall Red and Green Painting
decorNot-Holly Wreath Painting

New Gatherable Resource

Walnuts are here! They can be found in the Autumn and Winter with the Gatherer and Herbalist occupations, and are used as a darker dye color for Winter stuff :3


Registration Window

And the exciting part! Winter has just nyoomed by, which means that the weekend that will transition Winter to Spring, we'll be celebrating Cat's End New Year's Eve & New Year's with new players! The site will be open for 48 hours from Friday, May 6th at 18:00 to Sunday, May 8th at 18:00 and will not have a cap to the number of users.

So gather your friends, family, rivals, and sworn enemies and bring them down to make some cats.

Bug Fixes

- Decor (once again) should show up on the scene sandbox

- Category is no longer lost when navigating to the second page of the item database

- Trinkets now display the bonus properly on kittens of all ages

- Bean cooldowns are no longer incomprehensible

What's next?

- Continued work on adventuring!

- Continued content updates as a treat :3

My current workflow looks a bit like this:
- Working on adventuring on weekends
- Working on bug fixes and additional art/content on weekday evenings when I have the energy for it
-- Last edited on Apr 24, 2022 16:12:03
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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shen ye

account age 9/9

Apr 24, 2022 11:37:16
:o thank you for the update and all of your hard work!
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The Not-Village



Apr 24, 2022 11:41:09
For those curious, stat aging now looks like this:

(Might want to open in new tab for full size).
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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(any pronouns)

account age 9/9

Apr 24, 2022 11:56:59
Woaaaa, so much new stuff!! They all look great cheer
Thank you for your hard work cryinghug
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forum helper

Apr 24, 2022 12:00:05
Oh nice, the antler beans painting got added!

Now if only I decorated ever.
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Snowsquall Tundra


account age 8/9

Apr 24, 2022 12:19:08
yay!! cats update
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Bumblebee Grove


account age 8/9

Apr 24, 2022 12:46:11
Yay a new update! Thanks for your hard work!!
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Mushroom Gorge


account age 8/9

Apr 24, 2022 13:27:02
All the new stuff looks super cool! Thank you!

My friend also says that u are the coolest because of the paintings @squid :)
-- Last edited on Apr 24, 2022 13:37:35
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Lune's Grotto


account age 8/9

Apr 24, 2022 14:21:43
thanks for the update!! sparkles
sparkles fern ; freelance illustrator ; feel free to dm! painting
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