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TOPIC | Snowmelt Coloring Contest Submissions

shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0neutral eyesObsidian SmokeaaaaaaaaaaWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



May 6, 2023 14:41:05
This thread is only for submissions. Questions, comments, or conversation related to the coloring contest should go in the discussion thread!

Anything posted in this thread that is not a completed submission will be removed.

flower2 Snowmelt Collectable Coloring Contest grass

The first ever Snowmelt will be taking place from June 4 - 10 and we are hosting a pixel art coloring contest for this year's exclusive event collectables. Eight winners will be chosen for each of two different linearts. These collectables will be available for the duration of the event and will "soft retire" at the end. (That is, they will become extraordinarily rare and obtaining them without buying them from other users will be highly improbable).

This year's collectable set is The Springshrew:

a shrew with plants on its back, holding an acorn a shrew with plants on its back, standing

Colored items must be posted in this thread by the deadline of June 1 at 9:00 server time.

exclamation Rules
  • The file must remain a .png file in the original size and must retain its original transparency.
  • The lineart in black must not be edited or recolored in any way (including the eyes).
  • A small amount of coloring outside the lines is allowed for atmospheric effects (such as sparkles), but you may not add new black lineart to the art.
  • When coloring your piece, please be sure to use a brush with hard edges (for example, a 1x1 pencil brush). This will prevent your piece from looking "fuzzy".
  • Each user can submit one entry for each of the linearts, but a single user can only win once in a single contest.

envelope How to Enter
  • Please host your images with your image host of choice and post your springshrews in the thread using the image bbcode tags.
  • Please give your springshrews a name. Names must include the word "springshrew" somewhere in them. For example, "Garden Springshrew", "Green Bantam Springshrew", and "Steve the Springshrew" are all valid names. Names can be a maximum of 32 characters.
  • If you are coloring both lineart types, please post both of your entries in the same post.

goldgift Prizes

Winners will each receive:
  • The prize basket of your choice (choose from: Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lavender, or Grey). Prize baskets contain one Squid Painting, one Squid Plushie, and one Silly Squid Hat.
    specialBlue Prize Basket
    specialPink Prize Basket
    specialOrange Prize Basket
    specialYellow Prize Basket
    specialGreen Prize Basket
    specialLavender Prize Basket
    specialGrey Prize Basket

    decorBlue Squid Plushie
    decorPink Squid Plushie
    decorOrange Squid Plushie
    decorYellow Squid Plushie
    decorGreen Squid Plushie
    decorLavender Squid Plushie
    decorGrey Squid Plushie

    decorBlue Squid Painting
    decorPink Squid Painting
    decorOrange Squid Painting
    decorYellow Squid Painting
    decorGreen Squid Painting
    decorLavender Squid Painting
    decorGrey Squid Painting

    clothingSilly Blue Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Pink Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Orange Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Yellow Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Green Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Lavender Squid Hat
    clothingSilly Grey Squid Hat

  • $20 in premium currency (200 essence fragments essencefragment)
  • Three free copies of your colored collectable

goldgift Sample Entry Post

User Submitted
a shrew with plants on its back, holding an acorn
Name: Steve the Springshrew

a shrew with plants on its back, standing
Name: Greg the Springshrew
-- Last edited on May 7, 2023 10:37:43
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
shorthair choco st classicwhiteness: 4content eyesGreen Cotton MantleRed Noodle ScarfSummer Leaf on Head


Opossum’s kin


user rank 5

May 7, 2023 13:52:05
Always exciting to colour in something!

alt text required
Name: Poppy Springshrew

alt text required
Name: Daisy Springshrew
shorthair snow st solidwhiteness: 3content eyesAce StreamersOldwood Sword




user rank 6

May 7, 2023 13:55:42
Cottoncandy Springshrew
alt text required
-- Last edited on May 7, 2023 13:56:57
Asexual flagnestor
longhair tan tor solidwhiteness: 4danger eyesDark Hunter's BootsBlack Striped ShawlHeavy Black Wool ScarfRound Sunglasses




user rank 6

May 7, 2023 14:05:24
A green striped shrew with flowers on its back

Flowering Springshrew

A green shrew with flowers on its back, standing on its hind legs, holding an acorn

Blossoming Springshrew
shorthair smoke st solidwhiteness: 4stern eyesRainbow SmokeDark Sheathed RapierShined Iron HelmetaaaaaaaaaaShined Iron Claws of ClawingAro ScarfEmerald Cloud of HeartsDark Sword


Pawtropica (Felicity)

(no pronouns)

user rank 5

May 7, 2023 14:08:33
thought id give it a try! hug

Melted Frost Springshrew
Name: Melted Frost Springshrew

Radiance Springshrew
Name: Radiance Springshrew
-- Last edited on May 7, 2023 21:09:45
shorthair cream st classicwhiteness: 5neutral eyesOrange Hunter's ScarfSquare Glasses


Trembling Lake


user rank 6

May 7, 2023 14:19:19
Soil Springshrew 1


Soil Springshrew 2

longhair ginger tor mackerelwhiteness: 5left eyesWoven Grass HatYellow Wildflower CrownYellow Wildflower Necklace




user rank 5

May 7, 2023 14:19:40
Stellar Springshrew
Stellar Springshrew

Genial Springshrew
Genial Springshrew
longhair choco st lynxpointwhiteness: 6squint eyesDark ScytheLight Right Eye ScarSquare Blue-Tinted GlassesSilver CrownHeavy Blue Wool ScarfBlue Butterfly SwarmRainbow MoustacheGenderfluid Streamers


The Convergence


user rank 6

May 7, 2023 14:24:29
Pastel Springshrew
alt text required

Painted Springshrew
alt text required
combat icon of jupiteralt text requiredPlease ping! Timezone: Pce+5alt text requiredalt text required
shorthair ginger pat cloudpointwhiteness: 0content eyesKnifeRainbow Moustache




user rank 5

May 7, 2023 14:36:34
Foraging Springshrew
alt text required

Rainy Springshrew
alt text required
alt text requiredhello my name is fire!! icon is by @baublebee!
shorthair ginger st lynxpointwhiteness: 0uwu eyesGreen Wool ScarfGreen Silk Tail BowLittle Green Silk Bow Right




user rank 6

May 7, 2023 14:37:46
Frost springshrew
Bloom springshrew
Topic is LOCKED

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