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TOPIC | Library & Scribes

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The Not-Village



Apr 25, 2021 10:47:48
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Cats everywhere have begun to build libraries to house all the notes and books and research they are building around Not-Earth. Villages can now craft the Library Building to unlock the Scribe occupation, which unlocks a whole host of new specialty items, trinkets, and decor.

Read more about this update
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0neutral eyesObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Apr 25, 2021 11:05:24
New Buildings

New library buildings and fences have been added to the Builder's section of crafting. Building a library for the first time now unlocks the Scribe occupation, which will transform graphite into black ink.

buildingsAutumn Library
buildingsHaunted Library
buildingsTall Wooden Fence
buildingsTall Stone Wall
buildingsTall Brick Wall

Craftable Specialty Items

It is now possible to craft items which, when applied to a cat, manually set a relationship type. If you have one of the following items, it can be used on the cat's profile.

specialLove Letter Collection
specialShared Scrapbook
specialFriendly Correspondence
specialFormal Complaint
specialLetter of New Beginnings

Additionally, the family tree item will reveal a cat's genetic sequence. Related to these new items, an explanation of a cat's genetic sequence and how to read it is now located in the Tutorials page on Physical Appearances. A new Tutorial page on Relationships has also been added.

specialFamily Tree

Craftable Trinkets

Scribes are now able to craft a large variety of trinket book items to increase the stats and influence the personalities of your cats!

Each of these require the Blank Book item, which can either be crafted or will appear rarely when doing the Scribe daily action.

resourcesEmpty Book

trinketsRomance Novel
trinketsBook of Music
trinketsAdventure Novel
trinketsHorror Novel
trinketsThe Not-Cat Almanac
trinketsPoetry Collection
trinketsLiterary Fiction Novel
trinketsFantasy Novel
trinketsCombat Strategy Guide
trinketsNestor's Wood Field Guide
trinketsMedicinal Herbs Guide
trinketsCraftscat's Collection
trinketsTheories of Math
trinketsMystery Novel
trinketsFolklore Collection

Craftable Decor

The following new decor items can be made at the Craftscat and Scribe stations.

decorAssorted Row of Books
decorMini Assorted Row of Books
decorRed Row of Books
decorMini Red Row of Books
decorTan Row of Books
decorMini Tan Row of Books
decorGold Row of Books
decorMini Gold Row of Books
decorGreen Row of Books
decorMini Green Row of Books
decorBlue Row of Books
decorMini Blue Row of Books
decorViolet Row of Books
decorMini Violet Row of Books
decorFaded Row of Books
decorMini Faded Row of Books
decorWall Text Poster
decorLeft Botanical Poster
decorRight Botanical Poster
decorFour Winds Poster
decorEssence Aspect Poster
decorFrost Aspect Poster
decorStone Aspect Poster
decorSun Aspect Poster
decorSky Aspect Poster
decorMagma Aspect Poster
decorFlora Aspect Poster
decorSea Aspect Poster
decorGrowth Aspect Poster
decorMoon Aspect Poster
decorScattered Notes
decorDark Scattered Notes
decorStack of Assorted Books
decorStack of Red Books
decorStack of Tan Books
decorStack of Gold Books
decorStack of Green Books
decorStack of Blue Books
decorStack of Violet Books
decorStack of Faded Books
decorTiny Note to Self
decorDark Tiny Note to Self
decorHardwood Desk
decorOldwood Desk
decorDarkwood Desk
decorLightwood Desk

Note about Crafts

These are not all added yet, and will slowly be added over the course of the next day or two.

Bean Preview Sandbox

It is now possible to head over to the Beans Sandbox to enter two cats and preview what their potential babies may look like! This is great fun, so feel free to play around with it. It can also provide a glimpse into the cat's recessive genes or genetic string, so clever users may be able to reverse-engineer their cat's genetic string with some skill and careful notes.

Small Changes

- The Sweet Cat-tato Pie recipe has been slightly altered.

Bug Fixes

Note that I still have not figured out the pronounenator problem.

- Prompt to accept cookies is no longer broken.

- Cats in scene decorate show up in a mysterious order only the database understands (fixed a while ago but never added to a list).

- Users should get logged out Slightly less often than before.

- Back-end fixes to the login page have been made.

What's next?

- There will be a very rare chance that an orphaned/abandoned kitten or bean may appear at the meeting grounds, which your existing not-cats may choose to adopt.

- The ability to name and re-arrange your scenes, as well as select which one is the default that shows when you first open your scenes.

- A world map!

- The ability to send your cats traveling to temporarily remove them from your village to make space. These traveling cats have a small chance each day to send letters back with gifts.
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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