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TOPIC | Tanglefell Lore

Not-cat with a ginger classic shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings right eyes. Dark Sunflower Tail CorsageRight Tiger Lily Headpiece[Custom] Bread on HeadTiger Lily Petal WhirlOrange Silk Bowtie




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Jul 17, 2023 19:19:07
Thread for keeping occasional snippets of lore/official Clan/village history! I don't mind comments but this is mostly for personal use.



Summer 41- Zizia:ep and friends came to Not-Earth and founded Tanglefall
Winter, Y7 - The first kits arrived in Tanglefall, by care of Nestor

Spring 11 - The first litter born in Tanglefall, Lotus and Haze by Squirrel:re and Amber:twi
Spring 44 - First warrior ceremony, naming Rain:ri, Fox:twi, and Magnolia:kla
Summer 17 - Tanglefell constructs its Village Lodge, appointing Zizia:ep First Mayor
Autumn 12 - Warrior ceremony for Pea:eh, Lobelia:rn, and Balsa:ef; Slate:row and Fog:al's litter (Sycamore and Violet) born
Autumn 20 - Eel:how and Nutmeg:re's litter born (Lamprey, Scallop, Cardita). Tanglefell overwhelmingly elects Magnolia:kla second mayor; ae chooses as MC Armadillo:ks, as deputy Salmonleap.
Autumn 36 - All Village Lodge roles unlocked and assigned. Starball winners announced and awarded
Winter 6 - Warrior ceremony for Mint:ep, Cowrie:ak, Rivulus:is, Pumpkin:twi
Winter 13 - Hawk:tik and Fig'ar:tik's litter born - Licorice and Jasper
Winter 15 - Remella:sh and Lucullan:brm have completed the village library, with the help of Sanderidge
Winter 20 - Magnolia:kla and Rain:ri's litter born - Honeysuckle and Butternut. Magnolia:kla remains Mayor for a second term
Winter 21 - Brindle:is and Salmonleap's litter born - Liana and Philodendron
Winter 46 - Sycamore and Violet's apprentice ceremony

Accidental hiatus due to I was siiiiick
Spring 19 - Lamprey, Scallop, Cardita, Pipit's apprentice ceremony, dreamie fancat acquired!
Spring 34 - Sycamore, Violet, Lamprey, Scallop, and Cardita's warrior ceremonies
Spring 42 - Kiawe:sh elected third Mayor with 41 votes. Xe appoint Amber:twi Ambassador to Shelter-by-the-Lake and Ptarmigan:sh as the new postmaster
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Village Lore - Conlang Lore
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Not-cat with a ginger classic shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings right eyes. Dark Sunflower Tail CorsageRight Tiger Lily Headpiece[Custom] Bread on HeadTiger Lily Petal WhirlOrange Silk Bowtie




account age 7/9

Jul 17, 2023 20:11:07
Spring 44, Year 8

Zizia:ep took a deep, steadying breath before she leaped to the top of the boulder that more or less served as the focal point for Clan meetings. No one had specifically decided it worked that way, and it probably made more sense to have meetings in the library at this point, but this was just how it had worked out. In the beginning, they had all met here, all eight of them, to divide tasks for the day, before there were any structures in the village beyond a garden and a fire pit. The habit had stuck and become tradition.

Likewise, the first kits had been raised in as haphazard a manner as that by which they had appeared in the village - gifts of Nestor, lost souls in search of safety and succor, taken in by whomever thought they could step up and trained by whomever showed an interest. And now the last of that first cohort had reached adult age. They had grown into true Tanglefell cats, and Zizia wanted to do something to celebrate that, celebrate them and their contributions and their futures here.

She opened her mouth and yowled to the sky - not quite an alarm cry, but a loud long exclamation nonetheless. Hawk:tik and Fig'ar:tik, her foremost warriors, were first to respond, barreling in from the adventurer's camp with swords and claws ready. Confused at the sight of their leader (more or less) alone above them, they stumbled to a halt, tails lashing. Other trained adventurers ran after them in various states of battle readiness. Then the workers of the Clan began to filter in warily. At last, satisfied there was no danger, the kit-tenders and their charges ambled toward the boulder and squeezed in wherever there was sitting space left open.

Zizia:ep gazed down fondly at her Clan. So many not-cats! Thirty-four already, and many kits. It was so rare to see everyone together like this, outside of festivals and house-raisings. She smiled, warm and wide. "Tanglefell," she announced, both fond and solemn, "I thank you for responding to my call. I have something important I would like to say." Her Clan murmured and glanced around at each other, but not for long, returning their attention to her.

"It has been two seasons since the first of us came through Nestor's portal and tried to make something of our new world. In that time, I recognize that you have come to look to me as a leader of sorts. Your trust honors me, as does your patience as I learn alongside all of you. I have been considering for some time that perhaps we could benefit from some more formal rituals, something to bind us together as a village and Clan and to share honor among ourselves. Today I would like to start something new. Rain'ap, Fox'ap, and Magnolia'ap, would you join me up here, please?"

The trio of young not-cats met each other's gazes with questioning ones of their own, and made their way through the throng as a unit. They were close and knew each other well, though their adoptive parents had not been able to foster them to each other as formally recognized siblings. Zizia watched Magnolia'ap, her own foster kit, with pride sparking in her heart. Ae had grown so much since ae had been delivered into Zizia's fumbling paws. Fox'ap had finally grown into their ears, and Rain'ap, who had arrived shut down and terrified of anything unfamiliar, now walked with gentle confidence. They clambered up the boulder and fanned out beside her, and Zizia:ep purred.

"These first kits of the village have grown into fine young not-cats. Following the traditions of the Clans with which we lived before Nestor came to us, we have been calling them 'fl and 'ap, little kit and little paw. They have grown into themselves and found their individual paths to tread as they contribute to the village in their own unique ways. I propose now to bestow upon them their adult names, true warrior names." The young cats mrrped with surprise and excitement at this, and the eyes looking up at Zizia:ep shone brightly.

"Rain'ap, you are the oldest, so you will receive your name first. In the old world, it was the leader of the Clan that chose warrior names for their warriors, but this is a new world. I do not feel I have the right to name another so permanently. Therefore I ask you, young warrior, what would you like to be honored for? What would you have your Clan recognize you for?"

The solid gray cat opened its mouth slightly but hesitated. "I... I don't know, Zizia:ep. Buckeye'ak:mn has trained me to care for the livestock, to be gentle and understanding. She taught me how to become brave through kindness. But I don't think I want to take her suffix from her. Does that make sense?"

"It does," Zizia assured it. "Buckeye, what do you think your apprentice should be named for?"

The round brown not-cat uncurled herself from her comfy loaf and beamed at her apprentice. "Rain'ap, you are always the first to notice that one of the rabbits or chickens is acting oddly, and the best at finding eggs and lost chicks. I think your eyes bring you honor."

Rain'ap licked its chest quickly, overwhelmed by this praise.

"I agree," Zizia:ep meowed. "You have much to be proud of. From this moment on, you will be known as Rain:ri - Raineye in the old tongue. With your sharp eyes, we know the Clan is safe from the gaze of enemies."

Mews and purrs of celebration rose from the crowd below them. Rain:ri lifted its muzzle and blinked at the onrush of emotions. It had never been singled out like this in front of so many, but it was no longer afraid of its own shadow. It was Rain:ri, watcher of the flocks.

Zizia motioned Fox'ap forward next with a twitch of her tail. "Fox'ap, Saliana:brm taught you the patterns of the insects in the meadows and the forest. Have you learned all you can from them?" The big ginger not-cat grinned down at their mentor, who smirked back. Everyone had been surprised when Saliana, normally rather standoffish, had volunteered to train the mischievous kitten. They had soon become inseparable, bringing countless fireflies and crickets to the village from their wandering excursions.

"Sure hope I have!" Fox'ap replied jovially. "After all, I've learned from the best bug hunter this side of the portal, haven't I?" Saliana visibly rolled their eyes but did not object to this assertion.

"For your hunting prowess, I would like to give you the name Fox:twi, or Foxwhisker. Is that to your taste?"

"Sure is!" the ginger youth purred. "Thank you, Zizia:ep! Thank you Saliana:brm, and thank you too, Mom!" Brindle:is, sitting with her mates, blinked away tears of joy and pride.

Zizia felt her own heart swell too, for the only young not-cat remaining was her very own. The first to come to Tanglefell, and yet the youngest of the three. Ae had changed so much, and had changed the Clan forever by aer arrival. Zizia wanted to do aer justice and honor and, somehow, encapsulate how much she loved aem in this ceremony for which she was actively creating precedent.

"Magnolia'ap," she mewed, trying her utmost not to stutter. "My very own kitten. I have watched you grow strong under Noddy:ar's tutelage. We all honor you as the first kit in our new home. What name can we grant you?"

The tortoiseshell surveyed the entire village below aem, then looked directly into aer mother's eyes. "I can't imagine life anywhere else than in Tanglefell. Thank you, all of you, for making this my home. Noddy:ar has been a wonderful teacher, but I have also been given the chance to try many other jobs besides builder. I don't think I have a preference for any one in particular. I can and will do anything I can to help build my Clan. I'm not sure what kind of name that would be, so whatever you think works I will gladly accept."

Zizia blinked back her own tears. "My child, I honor your honesty and adaptability. In the old world, there was a suffix for cats that were both strong and agile, powerful and adaptable. I would like to name you Magnolia:kla, Magnoliafang, for your well-roundedness and your equanimity. Thank you, Magnolia:kla. We honor you as a full citizen of Tanglefell."

"Thank you, Mother," Magnolia:kla murmured, nuzzling Zizia under the chin and purring low in aer throat.

"Come on, everyone!" Kiawe:sh cried out from the middle of the crowd. "Three cheers for the new warriors! Rain:ri! Fox:twi! Magnolia:kla!"

"Rain:ri! Fox:twi! Magnolia:kla!" rang out all over the clearing, the village yowling and shouting in glee.

Fox:twi made a great show of somersaulting off the boulder into the adoring crowd, bouncing boisterously from the drop. Rain:ri and Magnolia:kla looked at each other and jumped together. Not-cats surrounded them in what evolved into a villagewide hug. Zizia allowed herself at last to free her tears. This was what she had wanted their new home to be like, loving and supportive and free from the struggles endemic to the old world. She had could finally admit she had succeeded.

Magnolia:kla stuck aer head up out of the furry pile and met her eyes. "Hey! Three cheers for Zizia:ep, too!" Aer words were met with general acclaim and further shouts of celebration.

Zizia:ep gave a bright meow and tumbled from the boulder to join her Clan, her village, her family.
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Village Lore - Conlang Lore
leaf1Leaves are lovely and leaves are smart, and now you have leaves in your hands and your heart.leaf2
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