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TOPIC | Responsive Site Layout

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The Not-Village



Jun 19, 2021 14:11:28
This week's update brings a massive layout re-design that may be less noticeable on desktop, but heavily noticeable on mobile. The site is now fully responsive to the size of your screen.

You will definitely need to clear your cache.

I've checked through it at a glance, but there is always the chance I missed a page when going through everything, or there are screen widths that are particularly weird, or there are features I just didn't get right.

There may also be a few things that are slightly funky still. For example, because of the ways scenes work and their size, I could not figure out a good work-around for very small screens like phones, so those pages will have a larger minimum width. It's kinda weird, but it will work until I can think of something better.

I will be steadily tweaking stuff that looks a little weird over the next week and into the future.

Additional Changes

- The site uses your browser's default font size as a basis for the site's font size. As a result, if you change your browser's default font size, the size of the font on the site will change as well. The font is larger because of this, but if you do not like large fonts, you can always change your browser's default. Most browsers default to 16px.

- The duration of the adolescent phase has been shortened to 4 weeks to match the other stages of growth.

Bug Fixes

- Family roles now assigning appropriately beyond parents

- Kitten should no longer attempt to interact with a ghost / non-cat

- Kittens no longer listed as unassigned on the cats page

- Capitalization of jobs fixed on job assignment page

- Trying to allow more than 2 cats to jointly adopt a kitten should no longer break things

- Cats can now be removed from scenes if there are 8 in the scene

- No longer is everything baby in the meeting grounds

- It is no longer possible to get an illegal sneak peek at your unborn cats from the rearrange page.

- Kittens with the Crafts Helper job shouldn't bring back nothing anymore.
-- Last edited on Jun 19, 2021 14:28:05
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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