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TOPIC | August 11-13 Registration Weekend!

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The Not-Village



Aug 11, 2023 17:54:02
kitties painting a picture
Pixel Cat's End is now Open for Registration until Sunday August 13th at 18:00 Server Time. Head on over to the Registration page to sign up!

sparkles Introduce Yourself
An Introductions thread is pinned in the Off-Topic Forum, feel free to stop by and say hello!

cozy Have any questions?
If you have any questions at all, post in the Q&A Forum! There are many of us who would love to answer your questions and help you get oriented. There is also a robust assortment of guides in the Guides Forum. A quick assortment of FAQs is included in the next post of this thread.

rally Long Term Development Plan
If you'd like to learn more about the long term development plan, you can see an outline in the Dev Corner.

goldgift Free Stuff!
There are user-organized freebies and giveaways in the Raffles & Giveaways forum over the next week, so do check those out.

sunglasses "Advertisements"
It's okay to whitelist this site in your adblocker as we do not use an ad network. All "ads" at the bottom of the page are user-sponsored posts, featuring primarily pictures of users' pets and art projects! Visit the Promotions Policy article for more information on how to get your own image down there! The cost is $4 via ko-fi and is the primary method of funding the servers right now.

exclamation Please Note: There's a known issue with gmx addresses being unable to receive emails from the site. Please choose a different email when signing up for the site so you can get your confirmation code.

It's possible other addresses may also be affected (for example, mail.com). If you do not receive your sign-up email after a few hours or so, please send in a support ticket to indicate this and I'll make sure you get yours forwarded from a separate address.

-- Last edited on Aug 11, 2023 18:05:24
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Aug 11, 2023 17:55:35
Hello and welcome to Cat's End! This post will have some quick information to help get you oriented.

squid People!

I'm Squid (they/them) and I'm the artist/developer/etc. of the site. This game is a single-dev project, with pretty much just myself doing all of the art, writing, coding, and so on. I also work full time outside of this, so you may find that this means the pace and process is a little bit different from games that are built by full teams.

The other admin account is @Naja (he/vi). Naja's role comes down to basically "the mod-iest of mods."

And of course.... this is my kitty. Her name is Pilot and she is the perfectest cat in the world:

writing Beta

This site is currently in beta, which means that I'm still working on building the main features of the site (and some of them are a bit buggy). We are nearing the end of the beta plan now, with only a few things left on the list before we move from building remaining features to scaling up.

Unlike some betas, there will not be a data reset, so your cats are here to stay.

The next step in the beta process (aside from the always-present clean-ups and bug fixes) is the continued creation of the seasonal events and the custom clothing/decor system.

carrot Game Priorities!

- This game is a slow/casual pace, especially compared to a lot of pet sites. It is mostly a matter of checking in briefly once a day and slowly building up your village over the course of time. Although you can go on adventures whenever you'd like, it's not really possible to speedrun the game.

The game is intentionally designed like this to make it easier for people who are busy with work and school to keep pace without feeling burdened by the site. You can get by just fine even if you only check a few times a week or just do your 10 minute dailies once a day.

Historically I've used "3 months" as the estimate for a village to start feeling established, but with cats being more and more available, that time has gone down considerably.

- There's a big lore focus to this game, and as we round out the main features, updates will largely be tied to world plots and site events for everyone to participate in. The world has a story to it that will slowly progress collectively. I have plans to allow the userbase to steer the direction of said plots with occasional voted on decisions and so on!

beans2 Navigating the Site

- The entire site can be navigated via keyboard. You can use standard keyboard controls (tab, shift tab, etc.) in Adventuring as well. If you see pagination on any page, you can go between pages using the left and right arrow keys.

friends Cat Prices

Certain cats can be very valuable. Please be sure to check prices before making sales or trades with other users, or before listing on the cat recruitment board. Some of these can fetch upwards of 10k notes.

Some things to watch out for in particular include albino cats and solid-pattern black cats.

house City and Traveling

"Send Traveling" is essentially storage for excess cats and the rewards you get in the mail are not as good as what you would get from active cats doing your dailies. I highly recommend not sending cats traveling until you start to run out of space in your village.

"Send to the City" removes a cat permanently from the game. This can't be undone, so please use this feature with caution. The rewards you get are typically less than what you would get selling the cat to other users.

backpack Adventuring

I recommend checking out the official Adventuring Guide before diving in. Adventuring is not intended to be easy at first. Locations are designed so that they get progressively harder the deeper you go into them, so please don't hesitate to turn around early on a few times until your cats unlock the level 2 abilities and build up more gear, equipment, and friendships.

tea Blocking Images

The game does have light horror themes, so if there are certain items or monsters (such as spiders) that bother you, I highly recommend using an adblocker to block certain assets. There is information on how to do this in the Adventuring Update post.

If Nestor's eyes are an issue, you can turn them off in your Account Gameplay Settings. You can also enable icons on cats and toggle off adventuring animations there.

leaf3 Gathering

Gathering modifiers (bonuses and penalties) only apply to the bottom of the roll. This means that no matter how bad your cat is and how bad the weather is, your cat can always roll the maximum value. You're never locked out of getting the rare items, so do not be shy about putting your cats in jobs they are bad at if you need the resources that that job gives.

winking Terms of Service

Don't forget to follow the rules! For those who are just joining, here are a few reminders:

- You are limited to one account per person, so please do not make multiple. Accounts also can't be shared with others.

- We do not allow cross-site trading with other games.

- Funneling, or using one account solely for the benefit of another, is not allowed. For example, having a friend join just so that they can send you everything they get gathering each day.
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Aug 11, 2023 17:58:22
I have made an edit that may have fixed the long-standing gmx mail issue, but I wouldn't try it yet just in case it didn't actually work. blacksmith

Did not work, alas sigh
-- Last edited on Aug 12, 2023 14:52:40
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Seasoning Ohio Japanifornia Tax Evasion


account age 9/9

Aug 11, 2023 18:01:41
welcome all flames
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A pixel button that says About with a black cat https://file.garden/ZRmugT_G0TetIdQ9/art/my_art/pce/moblineup.png
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Aug 11, 2023 18:02:12
Welcome, new players!!
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Tomato Town


account age 9/9

Aug 11, 2023 18:03:46
Welcome welcome!
alt text required

★ Friege (previously Fortnite)
★ They/Them
★ PCE +6
Please do not use
tone indicators when
replying to me.
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Wurm village


account age 7/9

Aug 11, 2023 18:48:30
Welcome new players! uwusparkles
Selling a shorthair cream i9 kitty
mrrrrp. mroew?
Random cat from Wurm village (changes daily)
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account age 6/9

Aug 11, 2023 19:09:30
Welcome, new players! hi
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account age 7/9

Aug 11, 2023 22:43:00
Welcome, newcomers!! sparkleparty
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account age 6/9

Aug 11, 2023 22:49:46
I am so excited to be here! I found out about this site one day after the last registration window closed and kind of obsessively read everything I could see without actually having an account. This is the kind of game I wish existed a long time ago. Now that I've made my starter squad I'm even more excited! I'm very excited as a player and as a fellow solo gamedev trying to make my own pet game (single player and desktop, so different though!). Huge huge kudos for this, even just the first fifteen minutes on the site have been fantastic. It is clear how much love you've put into this!
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