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TOPIC | Blacksmith's Forge Part I

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The Not-Village



Jul 25, 2021 10:29:37
blacksmith update banner

The Blacksmith occupation can now be unlocked by building the Blacksmithing Forge with the Mason at Crafting. The first half of the Blacksmith craftables includes 136 new clothing items and 5 new rare mining drops.

Read more about this update
-- Last edited on Oct 28, 2021 11:25:27
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Jul 25, 2021 10:39:27
Blacksmith Forge

You can now craft the Blacksmithing Forge under Mason to unlock the blacksmith occupation.

buildingsBlacksmithing Forge

New Blacksmith Clothing Items

The following new clothing items will soon be craftable for those who have unlocked the blacksmith:

The blacksmith clothing crafting recipes will take some time to implement and will slowly appear over the course of the next couple of days.

clothingSheathed Knife
clothingSheathed Sword
clothingSheathed Rapier
clothingHeld Hammer
clothingHeld Pickaxe
clothingDark Knife
clothingDark Sheathed Knife
clothingDark Sword
clothingDark Sheathed Sword
clothingDark Rapier
clothingDark Sheathed Rapier
clothingDark Quiver
clothingDark Crossbow
clothingDark Spear
clothingDark Scythe
clothingDark Shovel
clothingDark Hammer
clothingDark Held Hammer
clothingDark Held Pickaxe
clothingLight Knife
clothingLight Sheathed Knife
clothingLight Sword
clothingLight Sheathed Sword
clothingLight Rapier
clothingLight Sheathed Rapier
clothingLight Quiver
clothingLight Crossbow
clothingLight Spear
clothingLight Scythe
clothingLight Shovel
clothingLight Hammer
clothingLight Held Hammer
clothingLight Held Pickaxe
clothingSquare Glasses
clothingSquare Sunglasses
clothingRound Glasses
clothingRound Sunglasses
clothingSquare Red-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound Red-Tinted Glasses
clothingSquare Blue-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound Blue-Tinted Glasses
clothingSquare Yellow-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound Yellow-Tinted Glasses
clothingSquare Green-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound Green-Tinted Glasses
clothingSquare Violet-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound Violet-Tinted Glasses
clothingSquare White-Tinted Glasses
clothingRound White-Tinted Glasses
clothingBlack Heart Pendant
clothingBlack Circle Pendant
clothingBlack Bead Necklace
clothingBlack Bead Anklets
clothingBlack Bead Tail Band
clothingBlack Bead Circlet
clothingWhite Heart Pendant
clothingWhite Circle Pendant
clothingWhite Bead Necklace
clothingWhite Bead Anklets
clothingWhite Bead Tail Band
clothingWhite Bead Circlet
clothingRed Heart Pendant
clothingRed Circle Pendant
clothingRed Bead Necklace
clothingRed Bead Anklets
clothingRed Bead Tail Band
clothingRed Bead Circlet
clothingBlue Heart Pendant
clothingBlue Circle Pendant
clothingBlue Bead Necklace
clothingBlue Bead Anklets
clothingBlue Bead Tail Band
clothingBlue Bead Circlet
clothingYellow Heart Pendant
clothingYellow Circle Pendant
clothingYellow Bead Necklace
clothingYellow Bead Anklets
clothingYellow Bead Tail Band
clothingYellow Bead Circlet
clothingGreen Heart Pendant
clothingGreen Circle Pendant
clothingGreen Bead Necklace
clothingGreen Bead Anklets
clothingGreen Bead Tail Band
clothingGreen Bead Circlet
clothingViolet Heart Pendant
clothingViolet Circle Pendant
clothingViolet Bead Necklace
clothingViolet Bead Anklets
clothingViolet Bead Tail Band
clothingViolet Bead Circlet
clothingIron Armor
clothingIron Helmet
clothingIron Claws of Slicing
clothingIron Kneepads
clothingWorn Iron Armor
clothingWorn Iron Helmet
clothingWorn Iron Claws of Dicing
clothingWorn Iron Kneepads
clothingShined Iron Armor
clothingShined Iron Helmet
clothingShined Iron Claws of Clawing
clothingShined Iron Kneepads
clothingGold Crown
clothingGold Tiara
clothingGold Spiked Crown
clothingGold Cuffs
clothingGold Tail Rings
clothingGold Belt
clothingGold Necklace
clothingGold Amulet
clothingSilver Crown
clothingSilver Tiara
clothingSilver Spiked Crown
clothingSilver Cuffs
clothingSilver Tail Rings
clothingSilver Belt
clothingSilver Necklace
clothingSilver Amulet
clothingCopper Crown
clothingCopper Tiara
clothingCopper Spiked Crown
clothingCopper Cuffs
clothingCopper Tail Rings
clothingCopper Belt
clothingCopper Necklace
clothingCopper Amulet

New Rare Mining items

The following new items are now appearing under the rare tier of mining:

resourcesCobalt Ore
resourcesNickel Ore

Unobtainable New Items for Upcoming Features

The following postcard collectables and openable chest item are in the database in preparation for traveling cats / cats sent to the city, but can't be acquired yet:

specialPackaged Gift
collectablesPines Postcard
collectablesVolcano Postcard
collectablesPeaks Postcard
collectablesBeach Postcard
collectablesGardenhome Postcard
collectablesFriends Postcard
collectablesFlowers Postcard
collectablesNestor Postcard
collectablesCanyon Postcard
collectablesNight Postcard
collectablesDunes Postcard
collectablesCave Postcard
collectablesThorns Postcard
collectablesArctic Postcard
collectablesLake Postcard
collectablesUnderwater Postcard
collectablesFalls Postcard
collectablesAutumn Postcard
collectablesIsland Storm Postcard

What's next?

- Permanently removing cats from the game by sending them to the city in exchange for a small gift.

- Traveling cats send letters home at the post office, some of which may contain special gifts or cause traveling cats to make friends with each other and/or your active cats.

- A place to store items and currency for safekeeping where they cannot be used or sold.

- Blacksmith decor items.

- Apothecary and Artist occupations.

- Collectables system.
-- Last edited on Jul 25, 2021 10:40:02
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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