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TOPIC | Mini-Update: Bank & Safekeeping

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The Not-Village



Aug 1, 2021 11:18:35
This week's update involves a significant update to the inventory system. You can now store items for safekeeping, where they cannot be accidentally used or sold until they are returned to your main inventory. There is also a bank where you can safely store extra currency.

You will probably need to clear your cache or hard refresh on the inventory pages.

Other Changes

- You will also notice that you now have a collections page, but there is nothing on it. The collectables system will be coming soon, so there being nothing there right now is intentional.

- A fix was made to the back-end of the pronoun-assignment system for newly generated cats and beans. It was not working with the distribution I intended, but should be fixed now. It is doubtful that any individual will notice this change, but it will affect bulk data.

- Some changes were made to the invite system for future invited users.

What's next?

- Collectables system.

- Permanently removing cats from the game by sending them to the city in exchange for a small gift.

- Traveling cats send letters home at the post office, some of which may contain special gifts or cause traveling cats to make friends with each other and/or your active cats.

- Blacksmith decor items.

- Apothecary and Artist occupations.

Special Note

Beginning tomorrow, I will no longer be working my irl full-time job from home more than maximum 2 days per week. This is sad for me, because it means I lose about an hour a day of time to work on the site to the commute void. It also means it is much more difficult for me to work on the site during my breaks at work. There may be some update interruptions as I try to figure out my new workflow.

I expect that the amount of time spent on bug fixes and small changes I can make to the live site will begin to outspeed core updates, which I can't really work on except from my home computer. Fortunately, I front-loaded most of the art tasks, since art is something that can only be done at home.
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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