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TOPIC | Post Office & Blacksmith Part II

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The Not-Village



Sep 6, 2021 16:15:54
post office update banner

This update introduces the Post Office: where traveling cats can make friends and send home gifts and letters along the way. Snowflake collectables and the second half of the Blacksmith update are included as well.

Read more about this update
-- Last edited on Oct 28, 2021 11:19:14
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0neutral eyesObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Sep 6, 2021 16:21:41
Post Office

Visit the post office once a day for a chance at receiving letters, gifts, and other such things in the mail. Traveling cats can also make friends, best friends, and partners via letters.

You may need to clear your cache or hard refresh for this page to display accurately.

The post office also features a cute little bulletin board for announcements and flavortext. The more traveling cats you have, the more likely you are to get mail. However, even if you don't have any traveling cats, there is always a chance someone unusual and mysterious will send you mail you possibly don't want (spam mail, suspicious scams, and fictional advertisements).

This is the last daily activity that will be added before beta.

envelope 1envelope 2envelope 3envelope 4envelope 5envelope 6envelope 7envelope 8envelope 9

New Trinkets

New post-office exclusive trinkets are appearing:

trinketsThorny Vine
trinketsPalm branch
trinketsScalloped Seashell
trinketsTurquoise Gemstone
trinketsHanddrawn Map
trinketsHandmade Compass
trinketsBroken Artifact
trinketsPine Cone
trinketsConcert Tickets
trinketsJar of Beach Sand
trinketsRusted Gear
trinketsCrumpled Paper Ball
trinketsSuspicious Scam Letter
trinketsBlue Advertisement
trinketsRed Advertisement
trinketsFree Toiletry Samples

It is possible your adblocker may block the advertisement trinkets. I will have to think about this one if it's common lol

New Collectables

You can now get snowflake collectables in gathering and in daily scenarios:

collectablesCompass Snowflake
collectablesBranches Snowflake
collectablesBubbles Snowflake
collectablesReaching Snowflake
collectablesDiamond Snowflake
collectablesShield Snowflake
collectablesRoots Snowflake
collectablesWheel Snowflake
collectablesWindow Snowflake
collectablesCrossbow Snowflake
collectablesFlower Snowflake
collectablesLattice Snowflake
collectablesLoops Snowflake
collectablesCrystal Snowflake
collectablesArrows Snowflake
collectablesMountain Snowflake
collectablesClock Snowflake
collectablesBlossom Snowflake
collectablesBridge Snowflake
collectablesLovers Snowflake

New Craftable Items

The following items will soon be able to be crafted. I have not yet input the recipes, but I will do so over the next week.

gearCrossbow Bolt
gearCloth Bandage
decorRack of Knives
decorMounted Sword
decorLight Mounted Sword
decorDark Mounted Sword
decorMounted Rapier
decorLight Mounted Rapier
decorDark Mounted Rapier
decorMounted Crossbow
decorLight Mounted Crossbow
decorDark Mounted Crossbow
decorRack of Spears
decorLeaning Shovel
decorLeaning Light Shovel
decorLeaning Dark Shovel
decorMounted Scythe
decorLight Mounted Scythe
decorDark Mounted Scythe
decorMounted Pickaxe
decorLight Mounted Pickaxe
decorDark Mounted Pickaxe
decorRack of Tools
decorLight Rack of Tools
decorDark Rack of Tools
decorGreen Glass Vase
decorGreen Glass Decorative Orb
decorGreen Glass Baubles
decorGreen Oil Lantern
decorGreen Glass Cups
decorBlue Glass Vase
decorBlue Glass Decorative Orb
decorBlue Glass Baubles
decorBlue Oil Lantern
decorBlue Glass Cups
decorYellow Glass Vase
decorYellow Glass Decorative Orb
decorYellow Glass Baubles
decorYellow Oil Lantern
decorYellow Glass Cups
decorWhite Glass Vase
decorWhite Glass Decorative Orb
decorWhite Glass Baubles
decorWhite Oil Lantern
decorWhite Glass Cups
decorViolet Glass Vase
decorViolet Glass Decorative Orb
decorViolet Glass Baubles
decorViolet Oil Lantern
decorViolet Glass Cups
decorRed Glass Vase
decorRed Glass Decorative Orb
decorRed Glass Baubles
decorRed Oil Lantern
decorRed Glass Cups
decorBlack Glass Vase
decorBlack Glass Decorative Orb
decorBlack Glass Baubles
decorBlack Oil Lantern
decorBlack Glass Cups
decorCopper Chalice
decorCopper Coffer
decorCopper Decorative Pumpkin
decorCopper Bowl
decorSilver Chalice
decorSilver Coffer
decorSilver Decorative Pumpkin
decorSilver Bowl
decorGold Chalice
decorGold Coffer
decorGold Decorative Pumpkin
decorGold Bowl

These first two items are in anticipation of adventuring and extras will also be rarely produced when doing daily gathering with your Craftscats and Clothiers.

Extra Decor Space

I've increased the maximum number of decorations you can put in a scene from 12 to 20. The file size for these images is tiny, often less than 1kb, so I feel pretty good about this not harming performance much.

Daily Scenarios Item Droprates

- I've completely rebalanced the item drop probabilities in Daily Scenarios. You should get more rare items from there now. (From 1 in 100 to 1 in 20).

What's next?

- Artist and Apothecary occupations

- Adventuring
-- Last edited on Oct 28, 2021 11:21:22
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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