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Not-cat with a ginger rosette longhair coatbib & boots white markings neutral eyes. Blue Silk Bowtie




account age 5/9

Sep 10, 2023 13:57:30
The wheelchairs are so cool!!
Not-cat with a cream lynxpoint longhair coatalmond lynxpoint trade markingsno white markings content eyes. Buttercup GlitterdustLeft Sunflower HeadpieceSunflower Necklace


Sunshine Archipelago


account age 7/9

Sep 10, 2023 14:09:01
Oh this is so lovely!! I love the wheelchairs and I’m excited for Leaf Day!!

sunny / poe!! <3
ae/he/she pronouns, pce -3
Commission of Sunflower by Luxine #3321
Not-cat with a ginger cloudpoint shorthair coatorange cloudpoint trade markingstrue piebald white markings sleepy eyes. Buttercup GlitterdustUnnatural Orange CrownGold CuffsGold Tail RingsPlain Glittersilk Scarf


Wurm village


account age 6/9

Sep 10, 2023 14:17:21
Craftscat clothing! Finally! Oh, and LEAF DAY! leafhat I'm joining the coloring contest again (I'll make the files the right size this time, don't worry) I'm so excited ahhh
I will give up all of my life savings to sponsor your fluffy worm items (half-joking)
The unofficial PCE wiki
My lovely cat sales thread
Playing go fish!
alt text required
Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino / C10 white markings danger eyes. Uncut Quartz AnkletsUncut Quartz SpinesLight Left Eye ScarDark KnifeBest Friend White ChickenLight Ear ScarsWhite MoustacheLight Fantail Pigeon on Tail


New New New New York


account age 8/9

Sep 10, 2023 14:36:12
WHEELCHAIRS OMG THANK YOU SQUID!! This is a fantastic addition to the game hug
Not-cat with a beige lynxpoint longhair coatsnow lynxpoint trade markingsno white markings content eyes. Heavy Plain Wool ScarfFalling Winter LeavesAutumn Leaf on Head


sprout city


account age 5/9

Sep 10, 2023 15:06:05
oh yay i'm so excited :D leaf day sounds fun ..!
✫ awwww yeah kitty time
✫ i'm sorry my display pokemon isnt a lugia
✫ pce-1
he/him trans button
pokemon button
rustblood button
Not-cat with a almond broken shorthair coatright van white markings right eyes. Round Yellow-Tinted GlassesGold TiaraUncut Quartz PendantsYellow Silk Tail BowCopper AmuletWhite Lily Petal WhirlRuby Cloud of Heartsaaaaaaaaaa


The Tower


account age 6/9

Sep 10, 2023 15:26:11
a wonderful updates!!!! i got so excited about the leafhogs i ran to color them as soon as i saw hehe teehee

Marvin / Kolo
oc haver & enjoyer & art buyer

Not-cat with a ginger broken longhair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings sad eyes. Uncut Ruby Necklace


The Edge of Silence


account age 5/9

Sep 10, 2023 16:01:35
I'm going to cry?? At the inclusion of wheelchairs??? Thank you so so so much 😭
"A screenshot of Raptor from I Don't Want This Kind Of Hero. She is a cat girl with light skin and purple hair."
Hi! I'm Ainsley!
Autistic | They/Them
I'm okay with pings and friend requests!
"Art by chuuyagum on FR/Twitter featuring two of my not-cats. Honor (left) and Faith (right)".
Not-cat with a tan rosette shorthair coataprico rosette trade markingsscattered piebald white markings sleepy eyes. Pink Wildflower CrownBerry Glittersilk VeilRed Bead Tail BandLesbian ScarfKnife




account age 5/9

Sep 10, 2023 16:19:01
The wheelchairs are wonderful and I am so excited for my first event here! flowers
Not-cat with a aprico rosette longhair coattan rosette trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings neutral eyes. Yellow Shooting StarYellow Wildflower CrownFalling Green CrispleavesGreen WheelchairWoven Grass Scarf




account age 5/9

Sep 10, 2023 16:21:44
As a disabled player, the wheelchairs literally made my entire day. Thank you so much for adding them cryinghug Also, so excited for leaf day! hug
Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint longhair coatbib & boots white markings content eyes. Silver Spiked CrownWhite Butterfly SwarmPink Wildflower Crown



(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

Sep 10, 2023 16:59:49
Leafday approaches! Soon the autumn will overcomeflames
The wheelchairs are an absolute delight, thank you for the representationhug
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