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TOPIC | Mini-Update: Adventuring Party Menu

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The Not-Village



Dec 24, 2021 15:24:52
You will need to clear your cache

This update brings the party creation menu of adventuring to the site! Granted, you can't actually go on any adventures, but you can get ready for them! Please feel free to poke around on the new adventuring page. Take a look at your cats, look at their stats and skills, pick out classes, go wild.

I am working on an Adventuring Guide as we speak, but didn't want to keep the site down any longer, so some parts are incomplete. You can visit that here.

It is all subject to change depending on what does and doesn't work out when building.

Other Changes

- Some of the colors on dark theme have been tweaked slightly. Unfortunately, the adventuring icons don't look very good on dark theme at the moment (they're too bright). I plan to overhaul these at some point so your eyes aren't blinded by the white dice.

Status of Adventuring
  • Backend database implementation
  • Draw icons and image assets (need color palette changes)
  • Draw maps, backgrounds, and monsters (roughly 80% done)
  • Prepare for adventuring (set up cats, party, backpack, etc.)
  • Between encounter options
  • Skill challenge encounters
  • Battle encounters
  • Loot, experience, and leveling
  • Ascension

What's next?

- Adventuring

- Catmint Tea and Heart of Nestor specialty items

- Sales and Trades

- Home Lodge where you can buy more scenes with paper notes and give cats leadership positions that don't contribute to your population cap.
-- Last edited on Dec 24, 2021 15:25:06
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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