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TOPIC | The First Leaf Day!

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The Not-Village



Oct 7, 2023 18:56:21
pinecone the cat and kittens working at the vegetable stall

Leaf Day will run from October 8 - October 14
The harvest season is here and cats have gathered around to celebrate food, friends, and all of the wonderful things they've done during the year. This event brings the coloring contest leafhogs, five seasonal vegetable sets, and other event-exclusive activities!

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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Oct 7, 2023 19:11:08
leafdaystampImportant Note: Leaf Day activities will become available at midnight.
This update was posted early (before the start of the event) as I do not typically stay up that late.

leaf3 Special Leaf Day Item Drops

Special Leaf Day-exclusive vegetable resources, clothing, decor, and snacks are dropping for this week in Gathering, Daily Scenarios, Adventuring, and the Post Office. These items will return every year.

resourcesKitty Squash
resourcesRainbow Pawcorn

decorTiny Light Orange Pumpkit
decorSmall Light Orange Pumpkit
decorMedium Light Orange Pumpkit
decorLarge Light Orange Pumpkit
decorTall Light Orange Pumpkit
decorHuge Light Orange Pumpkit
decorTiny Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorSmall Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorMedium Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorLarge Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorTall Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorHuge Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorYellow-Flowered Vine
decorWhite-Flowered Vine
decorTiny Kitty Squash
decorSmall Kitty Squash
decorMedium Kitty Squash
decorLarge Kitty Squash
decorHuge Kitty Squash
decorStalk of Pawcorn
decorPatch of Pawcorn
decorRed Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorRed Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Red Heartfruit
decorOrange Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorOrange Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Orange Heartfruit
decorGreen Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorGreen Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Green Heartfruit
decorGold Crispleaf Garland
decorGold Crispleaf Pile
decorLight Green Crispleaf Garland
decorLight Green Crispleaf Pile
decorGreen Crispleaf Garland
decorGreen Crispleaf Pile
decorCrate of Pumpkits
decorCrate of Kitty Squash
decorCrate of Pawcorn
decorBasket of Heartfruit
decorBasket of Crispleaves
clothingYellow-Flowered Vine Tangle
clothingWhite-Flowered Vine Tangle
clothingYellow-Flowered Vine Crown
clothingWhite-Flowered Vine Crown
clothingDark Orange Pumpkit on Head
clothingDark Orange Pumpkit Buddy
clothingLight Orange Pumpkit on Head
clothingLight Orange Pumpkit Buddy
clothingKitty Squash on Head
clothingKitty Squash Buddy
clothingPawcorn Necklace
clothingPawcorn Tassle Crown
clothingRed Heartfruit on Head
clothingRed Heartfruit Necklace
clothingOrange Heartfruit on Head
clothingOrange Heartfruit Necklace
clothingGreen Heartfruit on Head
clothingGreen Heartfruit Necklace
clothingGold Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Gold Crispleaves
clothingLight Green Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Light Green Crispleaves
clothingGreen Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Green Crispleaves

gearBig Pumpkit Tart
gearBig Heartfruit Tart
gearCrispleaf Sandwiches
gearPawcorn Balls
gearCrispleaf Canapés
gearStuffed Baby Kitty Squash
gearRoasted Heartfruit
gearStuffed Baby Pumpkins

leafdaystamp Leaf Day Stamp Mini-Currency

Get Leaf Day Stamps through your dailies, or by playing the Starball mini-game. Leaf Day Stamps can be redeemed for resources, collectables, and snacks at the Leaf Day Harvest Market.

specialLeaf Day Stamps

leaf2 Coloring Contest Winners

Judging the coloring contest was incredibly difficult and we spent hours narrowing down the submissions because there were so many amazing entries. Congratulations to the 16 winners!

collectablesCyberdream Leafhog
collectablesGlacier Leafhog
collectablesPotion-Brewing Leafhog
collectablesSky's Colors Leafhog
collectablesMidas Leafhog
collectablesFestive Moon Leafhog
collectablesFarmer’s Market Leafhog
collectablesCandycorn Leafhog
collectablesRainbow Leafhog
collectablesCinnamon Leafhog
collectablesSpore Spreader Leafhog
collectablesBlushing Sakura Leafhog
collectablesGilded Leafhog
collectablesWinterlight Leafhog
collectablesCaulimeower Leafhog
collectablesFlowering Bush Leafhog

@XCOM (Blushing Sakura Leafhog)
@halstrider (Cyberdream Leafhog)
@spaghettidoodle (Midas Leafhog)
@catz (Potion-Brewing Leafhog )
@WickedHeart (Spore Spreader Leafhog)
@ToastTub (Flowering Bush Leafhog)
@Hibiscus (Rainbow Leafhog)
@XHChyskk (Festive Moon Leafhog)
@Alcremie (Cinnamon Leafhog)
@Rurus (Glacier Leafhog)
@Sunnyy (Sky's Colors Leafhog)
@Nautilus (Caulimeower Leafhog)
@koel (Farmer’s Market Leafhog)
@triggerbolt (Gilded Leafhog)
@Limanya (Winterlight Leafhog)
@kiwistickers (Candycorn Leafhog)

Since choosing was so hard, we again chose an additional 12 "honorable mentions." We'll be sending a small number of essence fragments over to these users as a bonus treat! Special shoutout to these users!

@Kolo (Beachglass Leafhog)
@asterisms (Reverse Geode Leafhog)
@sonderfairy (Caramel Magic Leafhog)
@MyopicDinobird (Mossy Leafhog)
@moppy (Ascended Leafhog )
@Nika (Vibrant Magic Leafhog)
@Tundra (Vaporwave Leafhog)
@lugia (First Frost Leafhog )
@Datdamndog (Coral Leafhog)
@starbite (Quilted Leafhog)
@gamingcookie (Dessert Leafhog)

All of the users above will get a PM from me tomorrow (October 8th) with information about prizes.

Note: The leafhogs will be soft retired after this week. With "soft" retirement, items will be functionally retired after their corresponding event. However, in future years' events of the same kind, it will still be technically possible to obtain them, but they will be extraordinarily rare. (Think, they're still there but it's something like a 1 in 1000 chance of getting one). With odds this low, items are essentially retired and you'll pretty much have to buy them from other users if you want one. However, there's that tiny chance you "win the lottery" doing your event dailies and acquire something from a previous event.

tree2 Leaf Day-Themed Dailies

For this week only, many activities will have special flavortext and events.

- All cats have a 50% chance of bringing a Leaf Day item home during their day job. Additionally, the Garden-Group (Gardener, Herbalist, Farmer, & Garden Helper) day jobs will yield a x3 resource multiplier when returning items.

- There are 20 new Leaf Day-exclusive social scenarios which drop Leaf Day items.

- There are new Leaf Day-themed letters at the post office and users are guaranteed to get at least one Leaf Day-themed letter a day.

- A new crate event has been added to adventuring where Leaf Day items are dropping.

carrot New Super-Powered Luncheon Recipes

Eight new recipes have been added to the luncheon menu! Five of these are "super-powered" recipes that use the exclusive Leaf Day resources. Stock up on these resources and save them for a special day!

8 new recipes!

stick Event Hub Activities

There are two new activities over at the new Event Hub. Make sure to check them out!

beans2 Starball Mini-Game
Play a little game of starball with four of your cats to win lots of Leaf Day stamps and other items! Traveling Cats will participate too!

Starball uses the same animation and text settings as adventuring and costs 8 snack points to play (as it makes the cats very hungry!)

More information on how to play Starball is available in the Starball Tutorial!

leafdaystamp Leaf Day Harvest Market
RNG not cooperating? You can purchase all of the Leaf Day-exclusive items at the Leaf Day Harvest Market. Clothing and decor are available for notes. Resources, snacks, and collectables are available exclusively for Leaf Day Stamps.
-- Last edited on Oct 7, 2023 21:42:09
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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forum helper

Oct 7, 2023 20:39:30
Hehe first!
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account age 7/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:39:59

please ping!
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account age 6/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:41:46
my favorite time of the year!!! so excited for my first seasonal event feels leafdaystampleaf2
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Elk Grove


account age 7/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:42:25
yaay my leafhog got in!! dab i'm so excited for leaf daaaay

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alt text required
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Dust Hollow


account age 7/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:44:23
I'm Maple :]
Please ping me when replying
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account age 6/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:46:42
Congrats to the leafhog winners, they all look super cool!!!! And I’m super excited for leaf dayyyyyyy sparklescheer
Please ping me in forums if you are replying to me!! /// Feel free to PM me about anything
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Seasoning Ohio Japanifornia Tax Evasion


account age 9/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:46:47
leaf time
transcat zoru sparkles +0 cat time painting art shop cozy
A pixel button that says About with a black cat https://file.garden/ZRmugT_G0TetIdQ9/art/my_art/pce/moblineup.png
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ok i pull up


account age 7/9

Oct 7, 2023 20:50:45
leaf day REAL
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