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TOPIC | Mini-Update: Private Trades

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The Not-Village



Feb 6, 2022 11:09:07
You will need to clear your cache for the new pages to display properly.

Private Trades and Gifts

You can now visit the Private Trades page to send gifts or initiate private trades with other users. As with the previous sales features, please keep counts of items you send before and after to ensure everything goes through properly.

Don't like receiving trades or gifts? You can head over to the Privacy page to set Trades and/or Gifts individually to Nobody, Friends Only, and Anyone.

Other Changes

- A large number of back-end systems have been cleaned up.

- The language/name filter has been remodeled entirely. Please test it out by trying to type bad words everywhere you can think to type bad words.

- The email system has been remodeled.

- The forum home page now says how many threads are in each category.

- You can no longer sell or trade your custom cat that you made when you joined the game.

Bug Fixes

- You can now clear the relationships of cats even when only one party is in your village.

- Images should work even if alt text is forgotten, to save from a great deal of confusion.

- You are no longer mysteriously unable to post on certain threads due to time-out. Threads still auto-lock after a certain time, but it should tell you this now. The time it takes for this to happen has been raised to 1.5 years.

- Some issues with spacing of links on cats' profiles have been fixed after the latest update broke them.

- The relationships boxes on cats' profiles now actually have a max-height before a scrollbar appears.

What's next?

fear The site may go down for an extensive amount of time this week as I upgrade the kind of server we are on and make an exit from shared hosting.

- Beta testing begins

- Clean-up of older features

- Continued work on adventuring
-- Last edited on Feb 6, 2022 11:19:57
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Feb 6, 2022 11:22:48
Not-cat with a almond colorpoint shorthair coatsmoke colorpoint trade markingslocket white markings content eyes. Uncut Sapphire AnkletsUncut Emerald CrownUncut Emerald NecklaceLeft Blue Fantail Pigeon FriendTasty Blue WildflowerEmerald Glitterdust




forum helper

Feb 6, 2022 16:13:00
Deep inhale

Not-cat with a grey mink shorthair coatowl mantle white markings stern eyes. Walnut Glittersilk ScarfPlain Glittersilk ScarfRound GlassesBlack Butterfly on HeadLight KnifeSilver Floating HeartWhite Periwinkle Petal WhirlSilver Glitterdust





Feb 6, 2022 19:15:22
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