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TOPIC | Mini-Update: Good News and Bad News

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Feb 12, 2022 13:41:22
Bad News panic

Let's start with getting the bad news out of the way first. As part of the server upgrade this week, the server changed IP addresses. I didn't notice, because the host was kind enough to leave the old server information up for 72 hours before deleting it. Unfortunately, this means that any changes made in the last 72 hours were more or less lost to the abyss as they pointed to an old server that I no longer am able to access. sigh

I've learned something here on this day folks. That thing being put the site into maintenance mode during server changes until the IP can get updated, so I don't end up with two branching copies of the site, one of which branches right into a big ol pit of lava. :') And also to check my spam folder because that is where all this information went straight to from my host rip,

Somehow a rollback / data loss has never happened before, and we will hope that it does not happen again. nervous I do keep daily backups. Unfortunately in this case, the information getting backed up did not in fact include anything happening later this week.

Good News

The Catmint Tea item has been implemented and is now operational. I've also increased the odds of Nestor giving you babies, because it does seem it was happening a little more infrequently than I'd prefer.

You and I? We can drown our sorrows in babies. cryingfeels

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug where traveling cats & cats in the city could take part in adoption

- ???? Bug fix data lost. Who knows!

Alpha Tester Info

Any alpha testers who are interested in one of the following roles as we move into beta, please let me know!

Forum Helpers -- Forum helpers can pin, lock, and move threads. Their primary job is just to keep an eye on the forums to make sure everyone is being nice and everything is organized. Forum helpers are encouraged to answer questions and be a friendly, welcoming presence.

Moderators -- Moderators are able to clear out inappropriate content all ove the site (usernames, cat names, profiles, etc.) and give users actual warnings / reminders in the case of rulebreaking. Most mod work will be done back-end, and will come from the team as a whole.
-- Last edited on Feb 12, 2022 13:48:44
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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