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TOPIC | Crafting Database & New Items

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The Not-Village



May 21, 2022 14:38:15
craftings, silks, patterned decor banner

This update brings a simple crafting database, an assortment of other bug fixes and small changes, and some exciting new items!

Read more about this update
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



May 21, 2022 14:51:00
Crafting Database and Item Database Changes

A simple crafting database has been added to the sandbox. It doesn't have a ton of searches/features yet, but I wanted to roll out at least something so that people could start making use of it! I figure a simple crafting database is better than no crafting database.

You can search the crafting database by item name as well as by a resource that it requires.

Corresponding links on the Item Database entries now also will link to the relevant crafting database entry. For example, searching up Paper Bark in the Item Database will give you a crafting database search for that item.

Other Changes

- You can now change your birthday in account settings. Gone are the days of Squid having to fix a vast quantity of birthday typos every opening via email!

- A regularly occuring server clean-up of stuffs around the site is now scheduled to go off every couple of days. Relevant to users - Notifications (whether deleted or not) will now automatically purge after 120 days. Other back-end records will also be cleaning out after anywhere from 7-90 days depending on the record.

- Most of the other changes are my end, but rest assured I did a lot to make admin/mod life easier.

Peppa Decor Expansion

Peppa's matching decor set has finally arrived!

decorRed Geometric Ruffle Curtains
decorRed Geometric Seat Cushion
decorRed Geometric Pillow
decorBlue Geometric Ruffle Curtains
decorBlue Geometric Seat Cushion
decorBlue Geometric Pillow
decorGrey Geometric Ruffle Curtains
decorGrey Geometric Seat Cushion
decorGrey Geometric Pillow
decorBlue Polkadot Ruffle Curtains
decorBlue Polkadot Seat Cushion
decorBlue Polkadot Pillow
decorRed Polkadot Ruffle Curtains
decorRed Polkadot Seat Cushion
decorRed Polkadot Pillow
decorPink Polkadot Ruffle Curtains
decorPink Polkadot Seat Cushion
decorPink Polkadot Pillow
decorYellow Heart Ruffle Curtains
decorYellow Heart Seat Cushion
decorYellow Heart Pillow
decorBurgundy Heart Ruffle Curtains
decorBurgundy Heart Seat Cushion
decorBurgundy Heart Pillow
decorGreen Floral Ruffle Curtains
decorGreen Floral Seat Cushion
decorGreen Floral Pillow
decorLavender Floral Ruffle Curtains
decorLavender Floral Seat Cushion
decorLavender Floral Pillow
decorTan Floral Ruffle Curtains
decorTan Floral Seat Cushion
decorTan Floral Pillow
decorBlue Striped Ruffle Curtains
decorBlue Striped Seat Cushion
decorBlue Striped Pillow
decorBlack Striped Ruffle Curtains
decorBlack Striped Seat Cushion
decorBlack Striped Pillow
decorPastel Tie-Dye Ruffle Curtains
decorPastel Tie-Dye Seat Cushion
decorPastel Tie-Dye Pillow
decorCamo Tie-Dye Ruffle Curtains
decorCamo Tie-Dye Seat Cushion
decorCamo Tie-Dye Pillow

decorRed Geometric Table Linens
decorRed Geometric Kitty Doll
decorBlue Geometric Table Linens
decorBlue Geometric Kitty Doll
decorGrey Geometric Table Linens
decorGrey Geometric Kitty Doll
decorBlue Polkadot Table Linens
decorBlue Polkadot Kitty Doll
decorRed Polkadot Table Linens
decorRed Polkadot Kitty Doll
decorPink Polkadot Table Linens
decorPink Polkadot Kitty Doll
decorYellow Heart Table Linens
decorYellow Heart Kitty Doll
decorBurgundy Heart Table Linens
decorBurgundy Heart Kitty Doll
decorGreen Floral Table Linens
decorGreen Floral Kitty Doll
decorLavender Floral Table Linens
decorLavender Floral Kitty Doll
decorTan Floral Table Linens
decorTan Floral Kitty Doll
decorBlue Striped Table Linens
decorBlue Striped Kitty Doll
decorBlack Striped Table Linens
decorBlack Striped Kitty Doll
decorPastel Tie-Dye Table Linens
decorPastel Tie-Dye Kitty Doll
decorCamo Tie-Dye Table Linens
decorCamo Tie-Dye Kitty Doll

decorRed Geometric Bench Throw
decorRed Geometric Bed Throw
decorBlue Geometric Bench Throw
decorBlue Geometric Bed Throw
decorGrey Geometric Bench Throw
decorGrey Geometric Bed Throw
decorBlue Polkadot Bench Throw
decorBlue Polkadot Bed Throw
decorRed Polkadot Bench Throw
decorRed Polkadot Bed Throw
decorPink Polkadot Bench Throw
decorPink Polkadot Bed Throw
decorYellow Heart Bench Throw
decorYellow Heart Bed Throw
decorBurgundy Heart Bench Throw
decorBurgundy Heart Bed Throw
decorGreen Floral Bench Throw
decorGreen Floral Bed Throw
decorLavender Floral Bench Throw
decorLavender Floral Bed Throw
decorTan Floral Bench Throw
decorTan Floral Bed Throw
decorBlue Striped Bench Throw
decorBlue Striped Bed Throw
decorBlack Striped Bench Throw
decorBlack Striped Bed Throw
decorPastel Tie-Dye Bench Throw
decorPastel Tie-Dye Bed Throw
decorCamo Tie-Dye Bench Throw
decorCamo Tie-Dye Bed Throw

decorRed Geometric Wall Quilt
decorBlue Geometric Wall Quilt
decorGrey Geometric Wall Quilt
decorBlue Polkadot Wall Quilt
decorRed Polkadot Wall Quilt
decorPink Polkadot Wall Quilt
decorYellow Heart Wall Quilt
decorBurgundy Heart Wall Quilt
decorGreen Floral Wall Quilt
decorLavender Floral Wall Quilt
decorTan Floral Wall Quilt
decorBlue Striped Wall Quilt
decorBlack Striped Wall Quilt
decorPastel Tie-Dye Wall Quilt
decorCamo Tie-Dye Wall Quilt

New Clothier Craftables

The belated winter clothing set has finally arrived! The following new items can be crafted by the clothier with snowspider silks and scales.

clothingPlain Glittersilk Sashes
clothingPlain Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingPlain Glittersilk Veil
clothingPlain Glittersilk Scarf
clothingPlain Glittersilk Tail Silks
clothingBlue Glittersilk Sashes
clothingBlue Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingBlue Glittersilk Veil
clothingBlue Glittersilk Scarf
clothingBlue Glittersilk Tail Silks
clothingBerry Glittersilk Sashes
clothingBerry Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingBerry Glittersilk Veil
clothingBerry Glittersilk Scarf
clothingBerry Glittersilk Tail Silks
clothingMint Glittersilk Sashes
clothingMint Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingMint Glittersilk Veil
clothingMint Glittersilk Scarf
clothingMint Glittersilk Tail Silks
clothingLavender Glittersilk Sashes
clothingLavender Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingLavender Glittersilk Veil
clothingLavender Glittersilk Scarf
clothingLavender Glittersilk Tail Silks
clothingWalnut Glittersilk Sashes
clothingWalnut Glittersilk Leg Silks
clothingWalnut Glittersilk Veil
clothingWalnut Glittersilk Scarf
clothingWalnut Glittersilk Tail Silks

Bug Fixes

- Trade wind cats standing on the right no longer are incapable of producing beans.

- Nestor cats with an NN (No whitepatterning) gene set will no longer automatically generate with a 0 white spotting.

- Using catmint tea on a non-eligible cat no longer eats your tea while doing nothing.

- Cats that are returned from traveling early due to trade/sale can no longer gather to prevent a potential friend-shuffle exploit. Traveling cats purchased who are still on their cooldowns will show with a message that they are "too tired to work" on the day you receive them.

- Major art oops with Tan Solid Watercolor and Tortoiseshell has been corrected (note: this fix occurred prior to the recent open weekend, so don't worry)

- Password reset / login is no longer broken if you try to use an email

- Logins expire less often, so you shouldn't be getting logged out roughly once a month anymore

Brief Development Hiatus

This update is on a Saturday because, beginning tomorrow, I will be taking a break from working on the site. I haven't been able to see my partner in 2.5 years due to international travel restrictions and that is finally about to change. I do not plan to do anything while they're here (though I'll still fix major bugs and check my emails and of course play with my own kittycats during that time).

I plan to resume work on the site the weekend of June 11-12.
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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May 21, 2022 15:11:07
Thanks for the update!! Have a good few weeks off!! feels
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forum helper

May 21, 2022 15:12:18
New items eyes Thanks for all your hard work!
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Mewniversity of Gardenhome


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May 21, 2022 15:15:44
Nice update! Thanks for all your hard work, enjoy your time off ^-^
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The Shows


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May 21, 2022 15:20:36
oh NICE!! hope you have a good break!!
when the blorbos are from the shows [vineboom]
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account age 8/9

May 21, 2022 15:24:32
Enjoy your much-deserved break! Excited to see all the new items and check out what they can be used for.
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Firefly Ridge


account age 8/9

May 21, 2022 15:24:58
!!! i hope you have an awesome time with your partner, that's so exciting!! :D
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account age 8/9

May 21, 2022 15:25:59
And hope you enjoy your break! hug
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May 21, 2022 15:26:29
Thanks for the update! Don't forget to hydrate and take good care of yourself on your break!cheer
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