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shorthair aprico st classicwhiteness: 5content eyesSpring Leaf CloakDaisy NecklaceRight Daisy Headpiece
shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0uwu eyesLeft Snowdrop HeadpieceRight Red Carnation HeadpiecePeriwinkle Tail CorsageDaisy Petal WhirlSilver TiaraNot-Tasty Not-HollySilver GlitterdustSilver Cuffs
Button Moon
longhair choco st mackerelwhiteness: 3neutral eyesBlue Wildflower CrownFalling Spring LeavesBlue Lakeweed MantleRed Dragonflies
Saint's Crossing
shorthair snow st solidwhiteness: 3content eyesIridescent Beetle Shell NecklacePurple Butterfly SwarmPink Wildflower Crown
Rice Village

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