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Nestor's Wood ★

shorthair brown tor classicwhiteness: 9right eyesRound GlassesaaaaaaaaaaViolet CrownPink Wildflower NecklacePastel Tie-Dye ShawlNonbinary ScarfBest Friend Orange Chicken


The Moss-stone Cairn


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Birthday: October 4

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an image of pastys, a folded pastry food. there are three on the plate, and there is steam rising from it.
shorthair snow st classicwhiteness: 6uwu eyesSunflower CrownCrown of ChamomileYellow Cotton MantleLight ScytheHeavy Yellow Wool ScarfRunestone PendantZebra Isopod BuddiesRight Forget-me-not Headpiece


friends william/saguaro | he/they | PCE -3rocks

huuuge WIP, pardon the dust flames

hello! you can find me as w1llyn1lly on flight rising, happy to chat here or there! cozy

(the cat on the left is the cat spotlight!)

looking for a cat born on Summer 12, Year 7 (preferably dark colors, absolute perfection if they're void) . please pm me if you have one!


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shorthair red st classicwhiteness: 2content eyesPink Cotton SocksPink Silk Tail BowPlain Silk BowtiePink Cotton MantlePink Wildflower CrownTasty Pink WildflowerPink Wildflower Necklace

Feb 2, 2023 14:43:37
I just wanna say thank you for both of the gorgeous cats hug
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