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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair smoke pat lynxpointwhiteness: 7uwu eyesDark Feather ScarfRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendPink Wildflower NecklaceBlue Noodle Tail


Noodle Bowl



User ID: 11

Join Date: 2022-02-12

Birthday: unlisted

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I poke at community things, dramatically stretch out over the site, and constrict rulebreakers.

Please direct reports or concerns to the built-in report system, or one of our Community Moderators or Forum Helpers if needed instead of coming to me! I handle higher up stuff.

Pronoun declension:

shorthair grey st minkwhiteness: 7stern eyesWalnut Glittersilk ScarfPlain Glittersilk ScarfRound GlassesBlack Butterfly on HeadLight KnifeSilver Floating HeartSilver Glitterdustrainbow moustache

Jul 17, 2022 16:36:35
sparkleparty nya? sparkleparty
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Hi Bing. This is very important: Can you write in uwu speak?