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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair black st classicwhiteness: 1neutral eyesSilver NecklaceSilver Tail RingsDark ScytheFloating Obsidian ShardsSilver Glitterdust




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User ID: 1230

Join Date: 2022-07-08

Birthday: unlisted

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A lineless pixel style gif in the shape of a horizontal oval. A black, striped not-cat sits with it's back to the viewer, overlooking Crescent Lake from a hill. A group of not-cats can just barely be seen down in a clearing below. The animation makes it look like wind is blowing the not-cat's fur and the grass around it.

sly | nonbinary | adult

idk how often i'll be here but i had to sign up for cute kitties

They awoke to a muffled, ringing-rumbling, though their vision was still dark.
A giant, gentle nose nuzzled where the tips of their ears were poking out of the ground, soft and loose from the rain.
They wiggled their paws and twitched their tails.
Their crystalline bones had grown to their full potential, and the breeze of the surface sang to their new souls.
They pushed themselves from the ground. Blinked in the soft, overcast light. Shook the dirt from their heads and crawled from the cracked remains of their stone incubators.
They all whistled and chirped to their fellow kind, excited to finally see who they had always felt with them in the earth.
It was the beginning of a new, beautiful creation.

They were alive.

aka my notcats are vaguely cat-shaped mineral constructs with fur
names are created in a similar method to how actual minerals and gemstones are named + an age-specific suffix
e.x: Nestorite'ult, an adult cat

*join date is technically 2022-07-10, my email provider was mean

longhair black pat brokenwhiteness: 3content eyesLight Left Eye ScarDark Tail ScarsDark Front Leg ScarsHardwood Bark Shield

Aug 24, 2022 10:05:36
Just wanted to say your sig is super cool!
longhair snow st solidwhiteness: 0sleepy eyesBrown Lakeweed Beard

Jul 14, 2022 21:06:49
oh heyyy another user with a pokemon name ! youre the first other one i’ve seen and i’m a little surprised! anyway hope your having a fun time here !
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