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Nestor's Wood ★

shorthair grey pat classicwhiteness: 4content eyesDried Grass BackpackRed Dragonflies




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A village made by 'not-cats' from other worlds

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A long time ago, a group of dimension-travelers was formed. Species from all sorts of different worlds banded together to keep their homes safe.

In this modern age, a handful of these travellers came across a strange looking door one day. Entering it, they found themselves in a new world. To make things even more interesting, they had all taken the form of not-cats.

This small band of travellers decided to name their village after one of the dimensions they would frequently go to. Here, they explore, build, make new friends, and more. However, they all hope to eventually return to their homes. But until this day comes, they'll make the most out of their time here.

The 'Main' Travelers

shorthair ginger st spottedwhiteness: 2stern eyesHeavy Green Wool Scarf

longhair buff st brokenwhiteness: 6squint eyes
shorthair black st rosettewhiteness: 0danger eyesFallen Grass BackpackBrown Hunter's Scarf
shorthair grey pat classicwhiteness: 4content eyesDried Grass BackpackRed Dragonflies
shorthair beige tor mackerelwhiteness: 3sad eyes
shorthair grey pat spottedwhiteness: 1squint eyesFalling Spring LeavesSilver FirefliesRight Forget-me-not Headpiece
longhair grey st mackerelwhiteness: 0sad eyesBlack Cotton MantleUncut Diamond SpinesTrans Scarf

longhair brown st cloudpointwhiteness: 5uwu eyesWhite Wildflower CrownTasty White WildflowerScavenged Pendants

Aug 30, 2022 3:03:04
well my next goal is to befriend the person who has 420 lol
longhair aprico tor mackerelwhiteness: 4content eyesCamo Tie-Dye Waist WrapRound Yellow-Tinted GlassesWoven Grass HatLight Noodle ScarfYellow Wildflower CrownLight Noodle TailButtercup Bubbles

Aug 18, 2022 1:28:59
Just wanted to say hello since I noticed we have similar usernames! So, hi!! sparkleparty
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